Kotex – 高潔絲

Kotex Lightdays Regular Pantiliners:

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Weehh, the same favourite girl 😀 Pantiliners definitely aren’t as great as the tampons she was talking about 😛 Can’t blame me for lurving the Asian gals!

Kotex Soft and Smooth Pads:

by Jaqui

I have been Using Kotex pads more now than I was before. It all started when I have to make do with the money that I have and yes, my monthly period came unexpectedly. I have to rush to the convenient store and the cheapest I could find was the Kotex Pads. I got a Soft and Smooth, Ultra Thin (5pads in one package) pads for only a dollar. Other brands are much expensive, and the one I used to buy all the time is not available. The Soft and Smooth pads are not as smelling fresh as Modess Pads but it is okay. I used it at work and somehow forgot that I had one on until I was about to go home; The pad works in wonders because it was really absorbent, and the fact that it was ultra thin, I did not feel any bulge at all. The pads are yes, thin, I like thin pads but they absorbed everything, I did not even feel I had one on! It’s got wings too that helps keep it in place even when I have to stand and walk all the time. What I notice too was that since it was a thin pad, it did not bunch up all in the middle, or did not bunch up all at its back. The good thing about these pads is that even though it costs lesser than Whisper (It does even look like a whisper pad too) but it does not give you rashes. I have had rashes problems with Whisper pads before. For those who are in a tight budget, and are in need of nice comfortable pads right away, Kotex are available even in singles. They can be bought readily available in convenient stores too. They also have regular pads without wings, and some lengthy ones for overnight use.

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