Unicharm Sofy – 蘇菲 ソフィ

Sofy Bodyfit Comfort Night Sanitary Napkins:

This is a rather unusual review but I really want to share my favourite night sanitary napkin – Sofy Bodyfit Night Sanitary Napkin. Before I discovered Sofy, I used to have a lot of trouble with leakages at night on my heavy days. My sleep used to be interrupted as I would sometimes even have to change sanitary pads halfway in the night.

However, since I discovered Sofy Bodyfit Comfort Night sanitary pad, my nights have been much more comfortable. I get better sleep, even on my heavy days as I no longer need to worry about leakages or staining my bed. The Sofy Bodyfit comes in 3 different lengths – 28cm, 35cm and 40.5cm. Their 40.5cm sanitary pad is the longest one in the market and is guaranteed to provide women with uninterrupted sleep and confidence, even on their heaviest days.

I have only tried the 35cm one and it’s excellent! What makes it unique and leak proof are the side gathers which make it a little like adult diapers! :P However, it does its job perfectly and since I started using it, I never suffered from leakages again. They have a wide back too which provides lots of security and confidence especially when I’m sleeping on fresh sheets! :)

Sofy Bodyfit Night sanitary napkins are easily found in any supermarket or mall. Do look out for their promotions sometimes which makes it very affordable!

Source: Excerpt Owner

  1. I used to buy the SOFY 40.5cm long napkin baody fit for myself at NTUC Supermarket but it seems missing or discontinue as I have been seaching but in vain.
    Please advise where in Singapore I can find this product?

    • Hi Candy,

      As I don’t like in Singapore and only have limited information about the locale, I would suggest you buying from online retailers in SG or even globally. I know SG, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan are places that have wide-distribution of Sofy pads, so you can look up distributors in surrounding areas. I understand many women become accustomed to what they enjoy using and is right for them, so even though it may cost a bit extra to acquire them, it’s in your interest!

      eBay is always a good resource for buying sanitary napkins of other countries/brands or discontinued products such as the 40.5cm Sofy Body Fit Napkin. Nevertheless, after I reviewed the Japanese Sofy website, it would appear that they’re only offering 40cm and 42cm sanitary napkins now. I also noticed that, depending on how close to you live to Malaysian borders, you may be able to shop from there and buy Laurier pads of similar length. I will admit I prefer Sofy over Laurier, but Laurier night pads have many similarities to Sofy ones which you may find acceptable.

      Thanks for dropping by although I could not completely answer your question, I hope it is helpful!

  2. Hi there I whould like to buy a couple of boxes of this wonderfull Sanitary Napkin (the 42cm one), but I am @ Argentina. Do you know if I can buy it online and receive it in my home? I’m very very intrested!. Thanks a lot

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