I decided to make this page because I wanted a place to post random thoughts (seriously, I have lots of those….) and some random tidbits of myself. Don’t expect too many things in here to make sense and if you want to keep your sanity, you can always go back to my other pages 😛

  • Only started using Facebook in Jan/09 – sad eh?
  • I’m like a girl – I think a lot with my emotions
  • Hot girls are… well.. hot, but they don’t appeal to me. Cute girls on the other hand make me trip over my own feet
  • I enjoy playing sports, no matter how poor I am at it
  • I’m not a console-gamer… before Christmas of ’09, the only system I had was a SNES. I only recently bought a wii for exercising purposes
  • I love MMORPG’s way too much – give me a few months on them and I will surpass many players who have played for years
  • I am impatient, but understanding depending on the circumstances
  • I am the jealous type, you can ask my ex-ex girlfriend who I wanted to “remove the existence” of her new boyfriend – not proud, but it’s true
  • I have 4 monitors at work… do I need it? No. However, being able to watch a movie, chat, check my email and perform my work all on separate screens is wonderful
  • I enjoy recreational shooting and own 2 handguns and a rifle – don’t try to break in, I will shoot you
  • I get along with my ex’s better after we’ve broken up than when we were together
  • Although I have more male friends than female friends, I have more closer female-friends
  • It depresses me to grow old
  • I have watched people die in front of me before
  • Sometimes I let anger get the best of me, especially over small things like someone pulling into a parking spot when I was signaling for the past 10 minutes. Your car will have smashed window, will be keyed and on bad days, I might be the one to set fire to your car so piss off
  • I am sucker for girls, I’m super-duper-nice even if I don’t know them (or at least most of them, unless they prove otherwise)
  • I do not advocate violence, but I believe in the right to self-defense
  • I can probably change a pad or tampon as fast (if not faster) than a girl
  • I have never smoked or done drugs AT ALL
  • I drink only at special occasions and with moderation
  • I do not enjoy activities such as clubbing, going to the bars, hanging out at a strip club, etc.
  • I’m the type to laugh at everything and perhaps some people get annoyed when they don’t think I take them seriously
  • I am an only child, but have several god-sisters because I enjoy being able to coddle them
  • I still hold my high school record of being able to type 163wpm with 100% accuracy
  • I enjoy sniper rifling, although I do not have the credentials to own one
  • I am a hopeless romantic
  • I always seem to like the girls who don’t like me and perhaps out-of-my-league
  • I don’t seem to be satisfied with my self-image, I always want to lose more weight, look better and feel I’m never “good enough”
  • Other than physical appearance, I am self-confident in almost everything else
  • I hate public speaking, but after taking on a project management role I’ve had to force myself to get used to it – it seems a lot easier now!
  • Big guy, but afraid of small things.. like needles
  • I’ve fell on my nuts before on a chain – luckily my “manly parts” still work
  • I’m not afraid of seeing other people’s blood or even the most intense gore/bloody scene – but seeing myself bleed scares me
  • I was kicked in the nose before when playing in the gym, so my nose bleeds easily in dry environments
  • I have a clean criminal record and hopefully keep it that way (I pay people to do my dirty-work, blah!)
  • I hate people who take advantage of Canada’s generous social system unnecessarily
  • I am very persuasive and tend to easily change people’s mind or influence their decisions… sometimes by willingness, sometimes by force
  • I dislike unorganized areas and people
  • I do not understand how people can have poor time management skills, yet feel no desire to improve and it does not bother them
  • I probably spend too much time in front of the computer
  • I work for a pretty awesome company that pays for my $700 phone and my $120 monthly phone plan (sometimes even more)
  • I complain a lot about my job, but in all fairness, I have never thought of leaving because only 3 of my friends who graduated in the same course and doing the same line of work actually make more than me

Will update more as I come up with it.

Feb 3, 2010

  1. thanks for having such a random website. I found it by searching “quotes about menstration” bahahaha, i needed some laughs today mon!

  2. hellow every one i John Paul Sundeen am back for thepeople who do not know women and girls who have there periods have them because they, ovulated a egg the peiod is there to show a lady
    she ovulated but did not have that egg fertilized kinda like, a egg time as to say only not for cooking
    and these eggs ovulated, at age18+ of consent are ment to be ferilized there are upteen countless blessings for fallowing up all thoe there is the health beneifit of letting a lady menstrate helping the next set of babies be born ok for any Qand A please eamil me at JohnPSundeen@att.net
    Jesus loves you and i will be praying for you

  3. Randomness ftw…found this very entertaining blog by searching for information on whether or not men can trigger menstruation early in a woman’s cycle. Apparently it can happen, who knew -_-

  4. I just came across this blog by accident and was surprised to find others with a similar interest. Not sure if this is the place to post photos but as a transgender female I have experimented in creating a vagina to simulate inserting a tampon and having a period. Is there somewhere on this blog to post photos of the finished results?

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