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Are You a Whipped Man for Taking Care of Your Wife?

Awww... aren't those plush tampons cute? I gotta get some!

While reading another blog on the topic of guys (mainly, husbands) buying his wife’s feminine hygiene needs, I was met with this interesting comment:

Grown man? Your homework is teetering dangerously between grown man and whipped man. :-P For example, I don’t mind going out to shop for my wife’s feminine needs, but tell me why most people in the store, including women, look at me like I’m whipped. I think one guy even made the Chandler Bing “Whoopa” sound.

On this note, I think gender rights activists are going to be fuming, because the above is exactly the reason why even in today’s world there are some topics, such as menstruation, that cannot come out into the ‘open’ – because it is so attached to a specific gender. Yes, those born with female-sexual organs and reproductive systems will be the only ones who go through menstruation, but it does NOT mean that men should not partake in understanding and management of it.

Yes... these are REAL.. but no, I do not own a pair. (REAL MEN BUY TAMPONS) - and that they do!

Why is it that a man who does something graciously for his wife… screw it, it doesn’t even matter if it’s his wife – for any guy to do this for a LADY friend or family member is chastised or viewed in such a way that he appears whipped. What happened to being a gentleman? Perhaps the person above who I quoted was at a location with all single and childless men and women, I cannot see any reason why a man cannot buy his wife’s needs without being classified as “whipped.”What happened to it be a duty of a man (within a relationship) to take care of his significant other? Yes, perhaps I’m old fashion or maybe those who are more akin to a religious background are few who still follow such things (and not meant to be degrading as if girls can’t take care of themselves), but my mom and ex’s have purchased my undergarments before, so why is it that men/women find it “acceptable” for women to buy male-items but not for a male to buy female items?

I’m just thinking off the top of my head that at least the 11 different stores I have ever bought pads/tampons from, at different locations, different times and even across-town, I have never ran into a situation where I was faced with someone who made it blatently clear that they were giving me “a look” or made rude comment/gestures. In fact, if anything, when I run into another guy in that aisle, we both give each other reassuring male-looks, as we are proud and inquisitive. Likewise, when I’m met with women in that aisle, they give me a comforting smile to let me know that I’m “just as welcome here” as a woman would be and perhaps even in the back of their mind, might be thinking that they wish their dad/brother/boyfriend/husband or guy-friend would do the same thing for them.

People are in relationships, because they have built a love and a degree of dependance on each other. Why else would you be in one if you cannot love one another and depend on each other? Yes, I can foresee in my future that my wife will not be the type to regularly let me buy her feminine needs, but I would not hesitate if she asked me and I sure as hell would not feel like I’m whipped (even if she had me do it EVERY time). I’m a man who cares/loves his girlfriend/wife enough, that I will buy even her most intimate needs – Pregnancy tests, yeast infection kits, maxi pads, tampons, vaginal wipes – the aisle is mine to conquer, so rather than perhaps seeing the next guy buying these things, you should think about how responsible, unselfish and masculine he is, not him being submissive to his female partner. Our world is full of double standards because after quickly asking some of my sexually-active girl-friends, none of the 8 I asked have said they ever got weird looks or mocks for buying condoms and are (regular) condoms not strictly for male-use?

Girl buying male-condom

Buying these products are like buying anything else so why must we “label” these things? People often create grocery lists and then give them to their significant others for purchase. Hrm.. apples, crackers, noodles, rice, milk, eggs, bread, maxi pads… wait what, maxi pads? Why is it that we cannot see it just like the items previously listed – is it because there’s a GENDER assigned to the damn product? Is this world going to start being like, “beef is a male meat” and “chicken is a female meat” and then when I go to buy chicken, people are going to give me funny looks?

Maybe it’s just luck-of-the-draw or horribly uneducated people in the shop that this fellow happened to be in that would draw such gestures, mockery and criticism. I for one, even without a female-friend with me, have purchased feminine hygiene products without such encounters. Maybe you could call me lucky, but I think there’s a major issue when people think being a selfless man is considered being whipped. When your wife tells you to sit and you sit, to bark and you bark, and to pee and you pee… THAT’S when you’re whipped, not because you’re a man for loving her and fulfilling her menstrual needs.

To end this on a slightly amusing note…. Chinese guys should NEVER hit women 😛 (or well, any guy for that matter…) – there IS a moral to this video.. listen for the part where he describes “a real man” 😀 :

I am not endorsing the activity shown in the above video. Furthermore, this is not a representation of the type of person I am. This video has been posted strictly for laughs. You are not obligated to watch this movie if you are easily offended.

*A man should never hit a woman!*

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