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Southern Ontario Cities Under Blizzard Warning

Wednesday’s “Groundhog Day Storm“ is almost guaranteed to be a major snow event in southern Ontario, with up to 40 cm forecast for some areas by mid-afternoon.

That, combined with strong northeast winds, has prompted Environment Canada to issue a blizzard warning for parts of the region, including Sarnia, London, St. Catharines and Hamilton.

This is the first widespread blizzard warning for southern Ontario since March 1993.

A winter storm warning is in effect for the rest of the region and stretches as far to the northeast as Ottawa.

The storm has prompted numerous closures and cancellations.

[…]Hundreds of flights from Toronto to the United States have already been cancelled due to severe weather conditions there.

Several airlines are encouraging travellers to check their flight information before heading to the airport.


People in some areas could wake up to 15 cm of snow already on the ground Wednesday, so officials are asking commuters to take caution.


and another scary note…

Blizzard Warning

Issued at 10:07 PM EST Tuesday 1 February 2011


Blizzard conditions expected tonight into Wednesday morning. The major storm which was born in Texas late Monday is moving northeast across Indiana accompanied by a huge shield of wintery precipitation. Heavy snow has arrived in Southwestern Ontario this evening and will quickly spread northeast to the west end of Lake Ontario by midnight. Widespread total snowfall amounts of 20 to 30 cm are likely before the snow begins to lighten up Wednesday morning. Locally higher amounts are possible in the Hamilton to St. Catharines corridor. In addition, strong northeast winds of 40 gusting to 60 or 70 km/h will accompany the snow..Creating blizzard conditions. Note that the blizzard warning criteria for Ontario was changed June 2010 to remove cold wind chill requirements. The new criteria requires a visibility of 400 metres or less in snow and blowing snow accompanied by sustained wind speeds of 40 km/h for at least four hours. This will likely mean more blizzard warnings will be issued in the future. This is the first widespread blizzard warning for Southern Ontario since March 1993..During the ‘storm of the century’. This is a warning that blizzard conditions are imminent or occurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements.


Motorists should be prepared to change plans accordingly to avoid unnecessary travel during the storm as conditions will be dangerous. If driving is necessary..Make sure you have an emergency kit..And if your car gets stuck..Remain calm and remain in your car. Environment Canada continues to monitor this dangerous winter storm and will issue further watches and warnings as necessary.

So… if I go missing, you will know why 😛

I hope my heater and internet/electronics continue to work — life will be ok with those, haha. If I die, someone please tell bebe that I love her… 😆 Given that I survive tonight, it looks like tomorrow’s not going to be much of a school/work day for most, lol.

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