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Always Radiant Infinity Overnight Pads – Mini Review

Always Infinity Radiant Overnight - Box Front

Always Infinity Radiant Overnight – Box Front

Hi Everyone,

A few weeks ago, I got my hands on the new Always Radiant series of pads at Walmart (they were only $2.97!!!). I haven’t had time to write much, but today I do, so I’m making a mini review. You may think, “Why a mini review? Is it in relation to the size of the pad?” … well no, it’s not, hah, but it’s mini because I’ve written an Always Infinity review here before and the pad itself has not changed considerably, therefore it’d be rather repetitive to write on things that haven’t changed… but rather, I’m going to concentrate on some of the stuff that has changed. I will of course have detailed pictures which may overlap with the previous review for your viewing pleasure. On the 3 insides of the box, they even included $5 worth of coupons for future purchase of Radiant-series products!

Always Infinity Radiant Overnight - Box Top

Always Infinity Radiant Overnight – Box Top (Damn those fingerprint smudges!)

Always Infinity has always been a “premium line” of their Always series products. Unless you catch them on a really good deal, they’re pretty hard to match in price when it comes to the number per box versus the traditional bag of Always pads. They haven’t really made the Radiant series anymore “premium” than their original Infinity line so it hasn’t added any additional excitement to the pad…. unless you’re particularly picky with decorations of the pad and box. What I’m happy about is they didn’t do pull a “downsizing” trick like Stayfree did when they went from the normal Stayfree line to the Thermocontrol line. The original Infinity line had 12 overnight sized pads and luckily, the radiant line still continues to have 12.

Always Infinity Radiant Overnight - Box Rear

Always Infinity Radiant Overnight – Box Rear

Here is the description of the pad from Always site for the Infinity Overnight:

Sleep easy with the absorbency of a pad like no other. Always Infinity is made with an incredibly absorbent material called Infinicel, which can hold 10x its weight. Which means it’s absorbent enough for your heavy nights and so thin, you might even forget you’re wearing a pad. Its revolutionary new wings are designed for secure protection and less mess on the sides. The microdots help channel fluid deep into the pad and away from you, helping you feel dry. And the form-fitting channels and soft cover sheet provide comfort and great leakage protection. Rest assured, this pad’s got you covered.

When I first heard the sudden announcement of the Radiant line, menstrual community members as well as myself were really trying to figure out what changes they have/will make to the pad. It seems like there were very few answers and when we did get an “official” answer, it was very lackluster as the changes were all non-performance related changes. For instance, making a prettier box or wrapper doesn’t make the pad any better. The only thing that made it ‘better’ (and not for everyone) was that they have added a light scent to the pad.

Here is the description of the pad from Always site for the new Radiant Infinity Overnight:

Longer than our Radiant Regular pads, NEW – Radiant Overnight Pads help keep your period invisible even while you sleep. Our unique technology allows Radiant Pads to conform to each individual and unique shape and with the premium protection and performance you expect from Always Infinity. With NEW fun,designer packaging and wrapper, Radiant is worthy of your unique stye. Radiant Pads also feature a new backsheet design for an extra feminine touch. And we’ve added a light, clean scent, to help you feel fresh.

Always Infinity Radiant Overnight - Box Left

Always Infinity Radiant Overnight – Box Left

Always Infinity Radiant Overnight - Box Right

Always Infinity Radiant Overnight – Box Right

What is a really awkward thing about the release of the Radiant series is that (SIGH ONCE AGAIN) the US seems to have more products available than Canada. I’m actually not sure who’s “fault” this is, whether it is Health Canada that prevents them from releasing certain products for sale or whether P&G decides not to make a particular product available here in Canada. In the US, there are 3 Radiant pad absorbency available in-line with the original Infinity series, Regular, Heavy, and Overnight. In Canada, for some reason they only offer the Regular and Overnight absorbency. What kind of crap is this? What now, the Canadian population for some reason only floats between either having a light flow or a super heavy flow?

Though I do lament about the fact there hasn’t been any major performance changes to the pad, one of the change is quite inviting (to the nose at least). I always doubt the “necessity” of scenting pads/tampons because of the chemicals used and being in such close contact with sensitive body parts. However, I loved opening the box and the pad to get a very nice orange-like smell. It’s quite pleasing and it does help reduce odour during/after use. Furthermore, when you store it with other things (pads, tampons or otherwise), it makes everything else smell good! I actually happen to store my stash in a musky old cabinet and it has greatly improved the smell of the cabinet 😆 I thought about in the future when I buy these for my girls, I’m going to have to take a “levy” and use it as air freshener!

Always Infinity Radiant Overnight - Pad Length

Always Infinity Radiant Overnight – Pad Length

It does not appear the pad dimensions or overall build has changed. The pad is still incredibly light, giving foreign pads like “Laurier F” a run for its money to build a pad that is even lighter than your typical ultra thins. Since the pad is not symmetrical and has a very unique design, it’s necessary to clearly differentiate the front and rear of the pad via the wings sticker.  The box design does have a shiny, attractive look. Instead of having a “fact and myth” section like the Kotex packaging does, Always has a “Let Your Style Shine” section which has recommendations on using crafts to make a fashion statement.

The back of the box has a new layout with an image of a pair of cute panties and the pad itself. Listed are also the “selling features” of the pad:

+ Made differently so it protects differently.
+ Absorbs 4x more than you may need.
+ Soft, seamless and flexible design to move with you
+ Light, clean scent so you feel fresh

Though I really do like the new scent they added and the pretty design of the box, it’s not enough to “win me over” per se for making it sound like this great new product. So far I haven’t quite seen whether they’re completely transitioning away from the original Infinity line, so we’ll find out in time. I still see both stocked on the shelf, but that may be short-lived if they’re actually phasing it out. Lucky for people who buy it, you’re not being short-changed by any reductions in the equivalent packages by downsizing the number of units per box. The “Radiant” series also extends to the Tampax Pearl line, Pantiliner and Wipes.

I hope you enjoy the scent as much as I did 😛 Unlike when Infinity first unveiled, there’s no need to scramble to your nearest store to buy it, there’s nothing amazingly special unfortunately.

*NEW* Always Infinity Pads @ Costco

*NEW* Always Infinity Pads @ Costco

*NEW* Always Infinity Pads @ Costco

For those who have Costco membership, Costco now stocks Always Infinity pads! According to their ad, the pad: “Made with a revolutionary material called Infinicel™, Always Infinity® provides non-stop absorbency for up to 8 hours.”

Most of the packs in regular retail stores usually only sell them in the extra-sized box of 30’s, but since Costco is all about jumbo-sizing of everything, these ones come in 60’s, essentially “two” double-packs. I haven’t went to Costco yet, so I’m not sure if they will be carrying all 3 absorbency of the pads: regular, heavy and overnight (the picture shows the green heavy ones).

If anyone happens to go to Costco and has further details, please feel free to let me know, especially the price! Seems like Costco’s website hasn’t quite updated with this new product yet, but it will be listed under #221208 when it’s available online, otherwise, it should be already on-the-shelf by now!

Weekly Sales #7

These deals are only applicable to select regions of Canada, Ontario. Please verify these sales against your local flyer or e-flyer before purchase!

Seems to be very few sales this week, good thing my girls or I need to buy any lately, or else this week would suck! Hopefully sales get better in the following weeks when we need to top-up stock 🙂

Wehehehe... HelloKitty pads are soooo cute!

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Always Infinity and Info on Vaginal Yeast Infections

For Amy and interested readers…. here’s the Always Infinity Heavy Flow Pads released August of last year in Canada.

Always Infinity Heavy Flow Pads (Box)

This is the box I got with S for the first time… actually, this one is the 32 edition, we only got the (smaller) 18 box since we didn’t know how good it’d be.

Always Infinity Heavy Flow Pads (Package)

The thinness of the pad is quite shocking…. like seriously, even I was impressed and that doesn’t happen easily, LOL!

Always Infinity Heavy Flow Pads (Opened with wings sticker)

One thing different about this particular pad is that there is a definitive difference of “front” and “back” – therefore, it is necessary to have the direction you should place the pad down on your panties on the sticker, otherwise the features of the pad might not be utilized properly.

Always Infinity Heavy Flow Pads (Opened with wings extended)

The wings are interesting with the appearance of  “2 flaps per wing” … the adhesives are extremely sticky, so you don’t want to make a mistake when placing it. Also, try not to get anything else stuck to the wings (owie?) or any sticky area of the pad unless you enjoy pain. The pad design is interesting, not like the usual symmetrical designs of other pads. The wetness is well distributed throughout the pad as you flow onto it. It does absorb quite fast, although if you have a sudden gush (like most pad failures), it tends to “pool at the top” giving a very gross feeling for a moment, but thereafter it goes back to being dry again (I know, wow eh). The amount of flow Infinity pads are able to absorb is deceiving by the thinness, lightness (feels like feathers… seriously) and the appearance that it won’t absorb much. The only gripe I have about the pad is probably the unusual smell of it, probably the infinicel technology (proprietary Always tech that makes it “Infinity”) they use. Also, once the pad has been saturated, the feeling of it changes to be a very “spongey and bouncy” feeling. I remember Poh Ching warned about using pads with gel in them (which absorbing gels were made by Always a while ago but quickly disappeared off the market… I guess now I know why) as they caused health issues. Nevertheless, although it feels like gel, apparently that it is not. The fast-acting properties of the infinicel is amazing such that when you look through the bottom of the pad after saturation, you can clearly see the saturation and how much it really absorbs while keeping the top layer against the skin dry.

All the point-to-point features of Always Infinity pads


Thought I’d also write something about vaginal yeast infections because apparently one of my readers think that might be the case for her 😛 Eep! I’ll simplify it for the guys anyways, so it doesn’t overload their brains (or grossness factor) of it!

Yeast is a fungus scientifically referred to as Candida. Yeast is generally present on normal human skin and in areas of moisture, such as the mouth and vagina. Between 20%-50% of healthy women normally carry yeast in the vaginal area. Vaginal yeast infections, the most common form of vaginitis, is medically referred to as Vaginal Candidiasis. Vaginitis is inflammation of the vagina and this infection occurs when new yeast is introduced into the vaginal area, or when there is a more-than-normal amount of yeast present in the vagina. A woman’s immunity level plays a large role in whether she is more resistant or susceptible to vaginal yeast infections. If a woman’s health is already in a compromised state or she is taking specific medication, it might kill off protective bacteria, thus allowing yeast to multiply and spread until vaginal tissue and lining are inflammed. As a note to the guys, although vaginal yeast infections are not considered a form of STD, if you engage in penile intercourse with an infected woman, it is possible you will encounter symptoms of skin irritation.

Since I’m not a doctor, I’m just going to quote some symptoms of vaginal yeast infections:

  • vaginal itching
  • vaginal burning
  • vaginal irritation
  • painful urination
  • painful sexual intercourse
  • odorless vaginal discharge (may be thick whitish-gray and cottage-cheese-like or may be watery in consistency)

As gross or as funny as some of those symptoms may sound, they are not as funny as one would imagine as it can cause mental distress, physical discomfort and possibly health complications if left untreated.

Tips to Prevent Yeast Infections

Always wear white cotton panties; avoid nylon and lycra as much as possible; never wear panty hose without wearing cotton panties underneath.

Post menopausal women and women who use oral contraceptives may find using a vaginal lubricant during sexual intercourse helpful in preventing vaginal discomfort and irritation.

Yeast is a normal inhabitant of the intestinal tract; always wipe from front to back after a bowel movement to prevent transferring yeast to the vaginal area; care must be taken during sexual intercourse to prevent vaginal infections from occurring due to contamination with organisms from the bowel or rectum.

Some women find eating one cup of yogurt a day when taking antibiotics is helpful to prevent the yeast infections that often follow antibiotic treatment; however yogurt alone will not cure vaginal yeast infections.

Avoid perfumed bath additives, as well as powders in the vaginal area. Douching is never a good idea since it washes away the natural protective mucous of the vagina and leaves women susceptible to vaginal infections.

Suffice to say a lot of variations in a woman’s life or changes in regular practices may make her susceptible to a yeast infection. However, these can easily be cured using over-the-counter medications or through the referral of a medical practitioner. It is quite common for a woman to have a vaginal yeast infection at least once in her life, so it is nothing to be ashamed of and most pharmacies, drug stores or even supermarkets will have products such as Monistat or Vagistat which can help reduce/remove the effects of a vaginal yeast infection. For the guys, think of a really bad jock-itch but for the girls and you will understand. Be a great boyfriend, husband or even just a great friend and help her pick-up a yeast infection curing kit – she will love you for it!

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