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‘Always Me’ – New P&G Women’s Mobile Application

Lookie what I found today on the news 😛 Looks like I’m going to have to download it on my iPhone and see how good it is 😀 But… I’m too tired right now, so enjoy the article and I’ll update on it later with what neato (or non-neato) things I find! 😆 I’m telling you though, I still do rather like the customized calendar that I built for myself, haha. The below article is an excerpt of the original information from a website and I am not the author of it…

It’ll be pretty interesting to see what menstruating women think of this!

New P&G Women’s Mobile Application Turns Focus to ‘Always Me’

P&G Always® Brand Co-Creates Customized Period and Ovulation Application with the Help of Experts

PR Newswire

CINCINNATI, Nov. 9, 2010

CINCINNATI, Nov. 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Always, the leader in feminine protection, just launched its Always Me™ mobile application – a comprehensive and unique period and ovulation tracker. The application was designed with input from a select group of women-focused Web site editors, bloggers and female health experts to help satisfy a fundamental need for women.  Not just a standard period and ovulation tracker, the Always Me application is a personalized, on-the-go application that helps women manage their cycles and offers timely support and advice.

“A key motivator for us was the reality that while all women establish daily routines and different ways to manage their monthly cycles, they are also looking for solutions to help make their lives a little easier,” said Courtney Schuster, Always Global Brand Manager. “In an age where our phones connect us to our family, friends and on-demand content, we created the Always Me mobile app to help women stay connected with their bodies in a current, customizable way.”

Throughout life, a woman will inevitably have questions regarding her monthly cycle and want to have that information instantly at her fingertips. One of the unique features of Always Me is a personalized question and answer function to address any personal or intimate questions that she may have.  Consumers can submit a question related to their menstrual cycle, and a health professional will provide a timely answer within 24 hours.  Now available for free download in the Apple iTunes Store, Always Me features the following:

  • Comprehensive, interactive tracker and calendar to help manage a woman’s period/cycle
  • Personalized, expert Q&A function for users to submit private, personal questions
  • “Shop Always” button for discreet, immediate and direct online purchase of Always feminine hygiene products from one’s mobile device as well as a store locator
  • Reminder notifications for anticipated arrival of period or ovulation
  • Tips on topics ranging from how to better manage one’s cycle, health matters, exercise, etc.
  • Compatible with the iTouch™, iPad™ and iPhone™

As part of the co-creation process, P&G provided a preview of the application to key influencers, including OB/GYNs, female cycle experts, women’s media and bloggers.  Influencers reviewed the application to test functionality and provided comments on their user experience.

Looking ahead, P&G has plans to expand the mobile application to include a wide range of useful information and tips for various aspects of a woman’s life, including skin, hair and beauty care – areas that can be affected during a women’s monthly cycle. Always Me will continue to evolve as a resource for women, and consumer ratings and feedback will influence upgraded versions.

About Always

Always®, the world’s leader in feminine protection, offers a wide range of feminine pads, wipes and pantiliners designed to fit different body types, period flows and preferences.  The Always line of feminine products includes Always Infinity™, Always Ultra Thins, Always Maxis, Always Pantiliners and Always Feminine Wipes.  Please visit for more information.

Added 12/03/2010: WOW! I found an excellent review of the app, so I’m just going to direct everyone to such a wonderful write-up instead of writing my own! Drop by I’m very happy to have bumped into this blog and entry 😀

Stayfree Overnight Maxi Without Wings Review

So for those of you who actually read my ANNOUNCEMENTS section, you’ll know that I recently acquired the Stayfree Overnight Maxi Without Wings from a local Walmart. I’m trying to think and other than with my girls or god-sis’, I don’t recall every buying pads or tampons from Walmart – or rather, mainly because I’m not a Walmart fan and don’t shop there a lot other than being dragged in there. What got me there in the first place was because I was early for a meeting and decided to get a coffee from the in-Walmart McDonalds and because I also saw on the flyer there were Stayfree pads on sale for $1.99! The sale notice was quite deceiving, making you think there were several different types that were on-sale and only upon arrival, it was this SINGULAR slot on the shelf that was on sale and it was already all sold out. Judging from the size of the slot, it appeared to be ultra things anyways – bleh.

So I decided to browse around since I was there anyways. It was fairly early in the morning so there were only the senior couples shopping around at such ungodly hours… heck, even the stay-at-home moms or dads wouldn’t be shopping yet since they haven’t dropped off the kids at school. Given the older ladies, it is likely they are well past menopausal and would have little reason to wander down the feminine hygiene aisle, so I had some liberties of being able to refresh my knowledge on what’s on the shelf. There were two products that caught my eye, 1) Always Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi pads with Flexi Wings, and 2) Stayfree Overnight Maxi pads Without Wings. I had already done a previous review of #1, so I took some time to investigate into #2. In Canada, most places other than Walmart (probably due to their connections with American Walmarts), only offers up to their Stayfree Maxi Long Supers with or without wings. I knew the existence of the “Overnight Maxi” version only from knowledge off of the US Stayfree site. The only “overnight” version of Stayfree available in Canada in-mass is the ultra thin versions. I looked at the price, $6.57, ouch, but hey, my choices to ever get a hold of these were to buy it now or have them shipped from the US which would probably cost more (even with the CAD at par with USD), require shipping charges and potential customs fee.

Stayfree Maxi Overnight without Wings - Front English

Stayfree Maxi Overnight without Wings - Front English

As usual, all my pictures are set to a slightly smaller thumbnail mode so that it doesn’t explode anyone’s screen – you can click on them to get a larger picture. All the pictures of the package was taken using my iPhone, so don’t expect amazing quality. However, all the pictures taken of the pad itself was done using my beautiful new camera 🙂

The outside packaging doesn’t look far off the typical Stayfree, although in terms of size, the package is considerably larger than the Stayfree Supers that I normally get. I would say that the package is almost twice the size for non-jumbo packs. As you can see, Stayfree has always manufactured their packaging to show “Light”, “Moderate”, “Heavy”, and “Overnight” – but awkwardly enough, Maxi Supers are the only ones thus far offered widely in Canada… and why? I have no idea. On the front of the package, they describe their famous “3-features” – Cottony Dry Core, Anti-leak Core and Absorbency Pillows and also boasting 19 anti-leak channels. I did notice that the packaging was marked “New” so I wonder whether they’re really planning to start selling it widely in Canada or whether that “New” marking was just because the pads were imported for-sale by Walmart in Canada. For those who prefer the french-side… see below:

Stayfree Maxi Overnight without Wings - Rear French

Stayfree Maxi Overnight without Wings - Rear French

Stayfree Maxi Overnight without Wings - Top

Stayfree Maxi Overnight without Wings - Top

Just picking up the package alone, I could already smell the scent coming from within. For those who follow along with my blog, you’ll know my biggest gripe with Stayfree is their pungent scent and although admittedly great for covering up odour (or so we assume), the smell itself is so strong and throughout long-term contact with skin, even changes the natural skin/body aroma. I know we all like to smell fresh, guys and girls included, but I’m not a big fan of something that does so much as to even cover natural bodily smell – not just trying to mask the smell of exposed menstrual flow. The top of the package goes into slightly more details as to the benefits of the “Stayfree Triple Defense System” which was explains what each feature component does and how it enhances the pad’s ability to provide peace-of-mind to the user.

Stayfree Maxi Overnight without Wings - Side (Personal Protection Guide)

Stayfree Maxi Overnight without Wings - Side (Personal Protection Guide)

At the side of the package, there’s a product-line listing of all the different types of Stayfree pads, from Light to Overnight protection. I was really hoping to get the Stayfree Overnight Maxi with Wings, but for some odd reason, Walmart only seems to offer the non-winged version of this, or there may be import-implications. Nevertheless, the winged version does look a lot cooler, more comfortable and perhaps would allow me to review it a bit more in-depth than this one which is essentially a “longer” and “larger” version of the super. On the bottom of the package, it’s nice to see that Johnson and Johnson Inc. is based out of Markham, Ontario – but don’t like offering their Overnight Maxi’s in Canada… this almost cuases me to shrug my shoulders in confusion as much as the Always Extra Heavy Overnight’s that are made in Canada, but not sold in Canada, LOL! 😆 Hey, if you can find the logic… please let me know…!

Stayfree Maxi Overnight Without Wings - Bottom

Once the pad/wrapper is actually removed from the packaging, you’ll notice it’s pretty much your typical Stayfree pad, just slightly larger to hold. I don’t know, it almost seems like these pads were made for large male hands rather than girl-hands (which are generally smaller). I guess most women would just hold the pad from any of the corners/sides, rather than fully in their palms, but you’d think they would try to compact it a bit for easier handling! When the pad is completely folded within the wrapper, it measures 1.5″ or 3.8 cm high and 4.5″ or 11.5 cm wide.

Stayfree Maxi Overnight without Wings - In Wrapper

Stayfree Maxi Overnight without Wings - In Wrapper

The pad is folded up into 3 sections, resulting in 2 unfolds to get the pad completely deployed and ready-for-use. Unlike other pads, Stayfree makes their folds very obvious and doesn’t use any intricate technology. Although it is “less impressive” in that sense, it’s also the “least complex”, thus generating less overhead during the manufacturing process as well as avoiding any potential user-error or “oopsies” when the user is removing the pad from the package. As thick and long as this pad may be, it is still very light-weight in comparison to “maxi” sized products. Basically, to stick the pad onto undergarments, there is only the single adhesive strip to remove. In the picture below, the 3 folds are quite visible and while it may seem like the “lumps” created from it would be a disturbance, when worn, the pad resumes it’s body-curving state almost immediately after placement.

Stayfree Maxi Overnight without Wings - Adhesive Side

Stayfree Maxi Overnight without Wings - Adhesive Side

As I was posting these pictures, I seriously just noticed the fact I didn’t actually crop them – but no matter, you just get a new view of my wood desk! The pad out-of-the-wrapper measures 11″ or 28 cm long and is 1.5 cm or 15 mm thick. As I mentioned previously, this is literally just a “glorified” – longer, wider and thicker version of the “lighter” Stayfree maxi product line – however, there cotton on it seemed to be even softer than the others, even though logic would say the materials would need to be packed tighter in order to create a larger flow absorbency. The top cover was very smooth and comfortable against skin and the design of the pad is intended to hug the body well while maintaining a “relaxed” feel and allowing it to form to the curvatures of the body.

Stayfree Overnight Maxi without Wings - Top Sheet

Stayfree Maxi Overnight without Wings - Top Sheet

The pad itself has very visible channels and I must say, they do a fine job of distributing flow so that it doesn’t pool itself in one area. Suffice to say, any pooling of menstrual flow would result in 1 or both of the following, 1) uncomfortable feeling of wetness on the surface, and/or, 2) creating overflowing opportunities from the absorbent material at the bottom. Many of the Stayfree commercials center around the criss-cross design of their pads which help channel flow evenly amongst the absorbent material, creates a wall of protection and also maintain a comfortable feel against skin without chaffing. Stayfree has a “risen” design, similar to pads like Sofy which has a raised center and edges to help contain flow and create a “seal” between the vagina and the pad, thus preventing too much “gaps” between the body where flow could leak on undesirable areas (such as down the butt, legs or underwear). A zoom-in of the pad allows one to see the intricate designs of flow distribution, wall-like-protection and body-hugging features.

Stayfree Maxi Overnight without Wings - Core and Design

Stayfree Maxi Overnight without Wings - Core and Design

Through some testing, it appeared that the pad is almost capable of absorbing 1.5x the amount of flow as compared to the maxi super version. The top sheet under heavy saturation still felt dry enough to prevent discomfort, while it’s noticeable if touched. The pad contained the flow well, but the weakness came to the sides of the pad where leaking was prone as a result of no-wings or if there was poor sitting posture where a lot of pressure was placed on the center of the pad. Leaks would occur if the pad was “pinched” (such as rubbing of legs together while cross-legged sitting or tight walking) – however, this was only the case when the pad was reaching its saturation point.

The anti-leak core did an excellent job of retaining the flow once absorbed and it was very apparent when you went to dispose of the pad – it felt spongey and you could feel confident that the flow would not come back out as you rolled/folded it up for disposal. Under immense pressure (beyond what anyone would use to disposal of a pad), there would be some moisture that seeped out from the edges. I’m not sure this would be prevented or mitigated for the wings version and I won’t be able to say if/when I get access to it. The winged version of the overnight does seem to not follow suit with the general “simplistic and straight” design of the general Stayfree line and seems to be a bit more curvy – narrower at the front, wider in the back.

The general garbage generation from this pad is small. The wrapper is just enough to keep the pad wrapped and the adhesive is a single, thin strip. The wrapper itself is not the “discrete wrappers” that so many brands boast as it is very crinkly and noisy, almost the sound of crunching a small envelope in your hands. I’m not sure how to describe the material of the Stayfree wrappers, but they’re all very thin/light, possibly recycled material (which is fine anyways since you’re throwing it away) and does very little to conceal your wrapping/unwrapping of your pad. When I looked at the pad, it seemed so “fluffy” that I worried the top-sheet material may fall apart or be a catalyst for a leak – but that is not the case at all as the “fluffiness” of the pad creates a very soft and non-itchy feel, while maintaining the integrity of the pad/absorbency.

The stickiness of the pad and adhesive I would call “perfectly sufficient” to do its job. It isn’t weak like dollar-store pads and it isn’t so strong like U by Kotex where it shreds your underwear into bits. I would not call the disposal of the pad “hide-able” either as it’ll stick out in the garbage quite a bit. Of course compared to the Always Extra Heavy Overnights, it has a long way to go to catch up with the disposal-thickness of it, it takes quite some effort and skill to compact it enough to make it less visible when disposed. Because of the gel-like core, when the pad is saturated, the pad is easily manipulated into any given form whereas if the pad was less saturated, it’d be a much “stiffer” disposal. Nevertheless, one must take care not to greatly disturb the absorbed flow internally as it may create some icky accidents onto your hands as your rolling/folding it up.

I didn’t expect any less of Stayfree before reviewing this pad. I’ll still be on the hunt to find the wings version only because it’s very different than their general design of a simply-shaped pad. I guess sometimes simple designs that do the job are enough and that making a quality product doesn’t rely on fancy twist, curves and proprietary technology. Overall, I’m very happy with the comfort, absorbency and value of the Stayfree Overnight Maxi’s. I’m pretty sure it takes up a lot of space in a bag or purse, but it’s great for heavy days (unless every day IS a heavy day for you) and if you didn’t know, many of the super+ absorbency of pads is also created for a small degree of urinary incontinence protection, making it a great 2-in-1 product! At the price which I paid for it, you’re looking at around 23.46 cents per pad.

As much as I’m not a big fan of Walmart and this is the first time I’ve ever bought feminine hygiene products from Walmart on my own, this is so far the only large store I’ve seen in Canada (or more specifically, Ontario) that offers this product. Perhaps if you live in the larger cities, other stores may offer it, but being an avid shopper of these aisles, I have yet to see them elsewhere 😛 I hope my bebe will try this one day… err.. maybe post-pregnancy? LOL. Ya ya, just keep dreamin’ right? 😀

How To Use a Pad and Tampon (Youtube Videos)

Ok so for a while, I haven’t posted much period-related things. I did however, find about a month ago (ya, that’s how long it takes me to recall to post something) a couple of videos I found on Youtube by jdomakeup on some great information for girls and guys on how to use pads and tampons. I thought it was wonderful because there’s some good use of anatomical reference (she used the word vagina instead of some stupid alternative) and gave a good overview on how to effectively apply a pad or insert a tampon. To be honest, there’s not really too many informative videos out there like hers, usually they include girls doing stupid things like slapping pads on their foreheads or giggling while they demonstrate a tampon insertion into a bear.

I can understand that particularly for younger girls, talking about their periods and feminine hygiene isn’t the most comfortable of subjects, but it’s equally bad to see girls doing it and giggling like little schools girls. If you’re going to make an educational video about something, then let it at least be semi-professional. There were some things said in this video that I disagree with, but the video is pretty successful at communicating the basics of pads and tampons. I say disagree instead of wrong, only because it would be one opinion versus another – which everyone is entitled to. The big thing about this which appealed to me, or maybe I shouldn’t say appeal… but rather, impressed with is this is an Asian girl speaking about this. It’s not a matter of me acting as if Asian girls aren’t allowed to talk about their periods, but if you’ve followed my blog, you’ll know that menstruation particular to Asian culture is a extremely taboo thing and suffice to say, it is not spoken of, let alone broadcast on Youtube. I’m too shy to show my face on webcam, otherwise, I’d absolutely love to do something like this on tampons, pads and alterantive products as well! Perhaps one day when I can poke one of my sis’ or girl-friends to be the on-cam face and spokesperson, then I’ll write up a script and provide all the stuff for a demo, haha.

The reason why I singled out this author and her videos out of so many others, is that it’s truly practical information, that your “average girl” or “curious boy” would find of use. While maintaining a decent sense of humour, it doesn’t remove her creditability of the information. When there is too much laughing, you just can’t expect people to take your seriously – yet she is laid back and well composed. Furthermore, she takes care in thinking about the viewers and helping people understand the concept of usage by demonstrating the pad placement and wings usage on an actual pair of panties which gives a visual cue.

What always wins the most points with me is that a woman who’s comfortable with discussing her own body. In the videos, she does go into a bit of detail about when she started her period, how long she’s had it for, some of her opinions and reflections on anecdotal experiences. I think it’s particularly important for viewers to feel the connection to the broadcaster before they can immerse themselves into what he/she says. I definitely don’t want to go into dissecting each portion of the video which I disagree with (hell, there’s probably stuff on my blog that’s incorrect too), because really, this is a superb video with all-the-best-intentions. For guys who have read some of my previous guides on pads and tampons and still don’t understand the concept, the video will really help you out and the light-bulb will flash over your head!

A small portion of the video also goes over pantiliners, although not as in-depth as pads and tampons since those are the foundations of most feminine hygiene products out there. In the video, she uses Always Super Maxi Pads with Flexi Wings, Kotex Lightdays Pantiliner and Playtex Sports Regular Tampon. I actually haven’t seen a Kotex pantiliner in a while, ever since most of my girls either stopped using them or switched to Always. I try to ween most my girls off them because in all reality, I would assume most girls wash their panties anyways, so even if you get some gunk in them, it’ll come out in the wash! Now blood withstanding, a bit of arousal fluid and vaginal discharge won’t even be noticeable after the laundry is done. And even in the worst case scenario, there’d be a very limited number of people who would ever see those panties anyways!

Anyways, I’ll leave everyone with these 3 videos which I encourage you to watch, even if you already know how to use a pad and/or tampon! There’s just something awesome about an Asian girl talking about pads and tampons 😛 WOOT for her! Always/Tampax Samples, eBay Asia Pads and Always Maxi Pad Deal with Coupon

Found some things of interest for the girls and fellow flow-lovers… one of my favourite places to find amazing deals. Content between the following quote is all property of Smartcanucks and their wonderful community.

Looks like there’s availability to request for samples of Always Maxi Pads or Tampax Tampons again at for fellow Canadians! Please see below and this thread for more information.


This sample was available a while ago but they quickly ran out so quite a few Sc’ers didn’t get a chance to order. Mine came in with lots of samples and a few coupons, I was quite impressed.

Simply fill out the details below and get a sample pack from Always® and Tampax®!

To receive the Always® and Tampax® Kit, simply provide the information requested below and click submit.

*This offer is available for Canadian residents only. Limit one request per household while quantities are available. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

Sponsored by Always® and Tampax®.

Please note – One submitted entry per person and/or email address.This offer does not apply to current BeingGirl members.

Click here to sign up!

From what I heard, even if you fill it out and mark yourself as MALE (if that’s the case), they will still send you the samples without prejudice as long as you match the requirements for shipment.

Another great catch, not free, but available in stores is from No Frills if you happen to have a save $2 coupon lying around, you could get yourself some Always pads for only 97 cents! Please see this thread for more details.


In the No Frills (ON) Sept. 3-9, 2010 flyer, Always Maxi pads (12-24 ct.) are advertised for $2.97. If you have the Save $2 when you buy one Always Ultra or Maxi (24-48 ct.) from then you pay only $0.97 for the Maxi (24 ct.). The picture in the coupon is the Ultra kind, which is green, but those aren’t the ones on sale for $2.97. Make sure you pick up the Maxi kind (blue package, 24 ct.) pictured above, which is also covered by the coupon.

Click here to view the No Frills (ON) Sept. 3-9, 2010 flyer.

Thanks to cesme77 for posting the flyer for us!

Then the following is my own find on eBay for “Sanitary Pads for Night” which appear to be the Korean-version of Whisper pads. Of course if you have more information on this or can confirm/deny this, please feel free to let me know and you will be credited!

Korean Whisper Sanitary NapkinsThis seller is selling both the 32cm and 41cm versions of it and you can see more info in the pad absorbency chart he/she provides…

Korean Whisper Pad Absorbency OffersThe reason why I was so particular in posting this wasn’t because I’m affiliated with the seller, but because this is one of the few sellers who I’ve seen to have reasonable shipping prices on maxi pads/tampons exported from Asia. Normally, the shipping fees are ridiculous for Whisper, Sofy, Laurier, Kotex or Stayfree pads outside of the local vicinity. International flat-rate shipping on a pack of pads is only $2.00 USD! Although the pads themselves aren’t cheap and may be why they can offer such a low shipping rate, it is $6 a pack and only contains 8 pieces. However, I would reckon if they’re similar to the Whisper Overnights sold in HK – they may very well be of same quality! If anyone ever gets these, please let me know what you think of them. I believe the seller is only offering both overnight pads with wings and does not have ones without. Of course if you have any questions, please direct them to the eBay seller and not me since I don’t know anything more than what is posted!

That’s it for tonight – can’t think right now, too much on my mind!

Always Maxi Overnight Extra Heavy Flow with Wings Review is a Success!

For those who keep up with my blog and have recently read the recent review of Always Maxi Pads Overnight Extra Heavy Flow Review (yes, I’m aware my title above says the name differently – for a reason), I would like to thank you for your support and all the heartwarming feedback I have received. Several of my regular readers and even one-stop-shop ones have expressed to me that I should “consider doing more reviews” and have even taken  note that they find how accurate/detailed the reviews are, even for a non-menstruating male reviewing feminine hygiene. Seeing emails like this is what gives me the drive to continue my dedication towards my blog and readers!

For those who regularly post here, please continue to do so! For those who have not, you’re welcome to contribute at any time whether by post or by email as I’m always checking it (in fact, my emails all forward to my iPhone – yes, including MiM ones). I love keeping in touch with my readers, because they are really who inspire me with topics, opinions and make this community possible. Looking at my site statistics, I’m pleased with the hits received for the review and I’m even surprized to see I’m regularly getting hits for the one I did for U by Kotex All Nighter still with a regular influx of traffic. I think to myself all the revenue I could be generating by moving my site off from here onto my own servers where I can use things like AdSense and other money-generating schemes with all my readers – but oh well! Maybe I’ll create enough hype where Proctor & Gamble and Kimberly-Clark might want to start advertising their products on my site XD haha… ah dreams!

I just wanted to take this chance to read all my readers, whether you’re a first-timer or my regular group – your support is greatly appreciated and that the blog would not be a success without your visits! Cheers to all the individuals and groups who work to help shed positivity upon menstruation.

Always Maxi Pads Overnight Extra Heavy Flow Review (20ea)

*our best all night protection*
*notre meilleure protection pour toute la nuit*

“unique heavy nights design
conception unique pour les nuits de flux abondant

“Our Longest Pad (15 inches)”
“Notre serviette la plus longue (38 centimètres)”

“Raised core helps fit your body
“Le centre surélevé s’ajuste mieux à votre corps

Extra Wide Back for Night Protection”
Très grande couvrance à l’arrière pour une protection de nuit”

Holy, that’s one hell of a title eh (Ended up shortening it, full name below)? So here you have it folks, finally the long-awaited (or well I hope long-awaited) review of the Always Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pads with Flexi Wings (Name officially defined by P&G)! I should mention upfront to my Canadian readers that I have yet to find a local retailer who stocks this product, so you will have to import it from the U.S. just as I have. Even looking on the Always Canada site, you will not find this product mentioned as the highest absorbency which Always makes in Canada is the “Maximum Protection” (red wrapper) ones. I have always found the Maximum Protection one already quite amazing with the coverage area and absorbency rate, but could not fathom them making anything even thicker and longer. Suffice to say, I’ve only seen pads made in Asia have such excess length – guess Proctor & Gamble finally caught up with the times!

Of course you can’t hear it in my voice, but I’m absolutely ecstatic to have opened my package today (which arrived Friday and picked up yesterday) to find the entire order fulfilled properly and clearing customs with no extra changes as promised by the company/courier. What’s more amazing is the site of these packages that I’ve been researching for ages now since they hit-the-shelves in the U.S. but have never had the opportunity to explore beyond what I find on the internet 😦 Well, I can finally turn that frown upside-down into a 🙂 now!

As excited I am about these pads, they did come with a hefty price tag (or am I just a typical cheap-Asian?). For a pack of 20, these cost me (not including shipping/taxes) $7.45CAD each. The reason why I make note of the currency of CAD is that these products are originally in USD. Henceforth, all dollar values should be considered as CAD unless otherwise stated. For those who follow my blog, you will know that I consider it absolutely ridiculous to pay $7.45 for pads, especially when there are only 20 of them per pack. However, what kind of menstrual blogger would I be if I didn’t man-up sometimes and just bite-the-bullet and buy something expensive for the sake of my readers?

I bought 4 of them and you might ask me why I would waste more money than I already have. First, the shipping is a flat-rate, therefore whether I buy one pack or four, it costs the same amount. Second, I like to share pads/tampons I get with some of my girls so they can help me test them out and just to spoil them every once in a while with “something new.” Third, there was a $4 off coupon for a purchase of 4 or more Always products! I also got lucky and managed to find there was also an additional $1 off coupon for select Always products and this happened to be one of them! For the sake of calculation however, let’s disregard these coupons and do it at face-value. I understand this will be cheaper for those who reside in the U.S. (because of cheaper taxes, shipping and currency), especially if they buy it in-bulk and in local retailers versus us having to order internationally. Each package contains 20 pads and at the rate of $7.45 a package, each pad is 37 cents each. On one of my prior reviews on the U by Kotex – Overnight Pads “All Nighter” I already complained at the fact that they were 32 cents each, so you can imagine how long I contemplated before clicking on the [Confirm Order] button!

All the pictures in this post also link to the “full sized” version, although I took them at 12MP quality I scaled it down so that way it wouldn’t eat up my site’s space allocation or people’s bandwidth. The pictures have been scaled to an “acceptable” but “high quality” resolution for your viewing pleasure!

Packing List - Contains 4 packages of "Always Maxi Pads, Overnight with Flexwings, Heavy"

This box was shipped to my workplace, so you can imagine me rolling my eyes when I noticed the words “Flexiwings, Heavy” hanging visibly off the side of the packing slip. One would imagine they’d take a bit more care to ensure privacy of their customers – but obviously not. Either the mail-room lady didn’t notice or didn’t care, but luckily beforehand I did a bit of lying and told her I “have a shipment coming for my cousin” – LOL.. it’s a good thing I think ahead eh? I thought at least if my box ever had to be opened to be checked, at least it’d be a good alibi, harhar. Actually I don’t think it was a big deal only because the lady at work sees enough packages going through her she doesn’t even care. Some people might wonder why I’d send it to work given the “risk” – but it’s because there’s not someone home all the time to receive (while there is at work 24/7) and because having it delivered to my work is actually safer than to my own house. My mom has this habit of going through my stuff and being nosy, so I’m sure if I had to shipped to my house, she would have opened it 🙄

*Not an advertisement* This is where I got it from for guys n' girls who might be interested (

And then finally, after a long awaited weekend + 1 day, I finally got to open my box of treasures:

4 Packs of Always Extra Heavy Overnight pads arriving safe & sound

I think that package has a pretty nice design and suffice to say, it’s a very “feminine” type look – reminding women that purple is supposed to be a “girly” colour. Given that this particular package was targeted for the U.S., they writing appeared in English, French and Spanish. I must say that this is one of the nicer colours used by Always as it’s a nice cross of purple and lavender.

For vertical placement on shelving units

For vertical placement on shelving units

For horizontal placement on shelving units

For horizontal placement on shelving units

I must say the design of the package is pretty cool as it can be placed vertically and horizontally on shelves while maintaining a visible presence on the shelves. The above pictures aren’t a play-on-images but in fact, the pad package is designed for fittings of both arrangements which is fairly ingenious. Both methods of shelving placement allows the same information to be displayed towards the customer.

The picture starting from the left is the top-view of the pad package which displays some features of the pad along with a catchy slogan. On the side is a “plastic window” which allows you to see the contents of the package along with contact information and their self-promotion about their Protecting Futures campaign in Africa. On the opposite side there’s more information pertaining to the a “meter” of different absorbency, instructions on how to apply/dispose the product, manufacturer date and as well as the fact it’s “Made in Taiwan” (which is interesting). I should mention while almost all convention pads should not be flushed (obviously as indicated by the instructions), these pads are larger than normal ones so you’re almost setting yourself up to get a clog! The last picture is just the UPC code and branding.

Always Extra Heavy Overnight Pad in full wrapper format

Always Extra Heavy Overnight Pad in wrapper tab-side

This has been one of the smoothest wrappers that Always has made (that I have laid my hands on) and very similar to the Whisper ones I have found in Hong Kong. While it looks like the typical ones made by Always for the regular, super, overnight, it actually has more of a soft, powdery-type feel to it. When the pad is enclosed in the wrapper, it measures 10cm x 15cm and quite thick, although easily concealable within a bag/purse/pocket.

Always Extra Heavy Overnight Pad half opened Always Extra Heavy Overnight Pad fully opened

Most of the Always pads in the self-peeling wrappers take about 2 pulls to open with 3 folds total. However, with the Always Extra Heavy Overnight pad, it actually requires 3 pulls with 4 folds total, one tucked underneath the 3rd-fold. For some, it may be cumbersome to open, but the packaging method allows it to retain the same “form” as the pads in the same line of products and is what most women who use Always are familiar with. Furthermore, the thickness is not tremendously affected by the additional length and the extra fold and is a great way not to have to generate any additional waste to compensate for the greater length of the pad. The pad itself is a lengthy 38cm or 15 inches long!

The above pictures depict the wings of the pad being revealed by gently removing the top-side adhesive strip either towards the back or front of the pad (bi-directional removal). While I mentioned that it is possible for the removal of the strip in both directions, it’s naturally designed for removal from the “front-to-back” as shown in the left-hand picture. The second picture is simply a close-up of the wings revealed as a result of the removal of adhesive strip. The top-side adhesive strip when removed is 25cm long and 7cm wide.

In order to display the wings in a fully-extended fashion, I had to let the adhesive come in contact with the wrapper. Let’s just say the wings are great because it’ll adhere well to fabric! Removing the wings off the wrapper afterward was a pain, which means you can rest assured that the wings will help keep the pad secured to prevent bunching or shifting. The wings are a great size as well, plenty to wrap around the crotch of conventional panties or undergarment. The coverage area from the tip of one wing to another is 16.5cm and considered the “middle” of the pad (where the vaginal opening would be directly above if placed well). The raised core also helps conform to the shape of your body and reduce the gap between the pad and your body, thus, the flow will be intercepted quicker and prevent back-flow or side leaks (unless completely saturated). The design of the pad based on the channels are to prevent the bulk of the absorption in the middle (thickest area), with side-walls prevent leaks off the edges and to channel anything the middle can’t catch towards the back. I take it that the minute holes distributed also helps with absorption speed versus amount which the material underneath takes care of and allows a degree of air-flow for comfort.

What I also noticed was that it tackle odour excellently! Even upon great saturation the pad did not emit its own smell (the material) nor did it emit any other foul odour which may emanate from the pad. This is a big surprize as one would think a pad designed for such heavy flow would undoubtedly be unable to contain the smell – however, this was not the case! This is a big advantage for women who not only have heavy flows, but also flows that you rather not have everyone around you smelling. What added to my surprize over the odour-control was the fact the pad is unscented – so obviously the designers did a great job in that respects.

This is the front portion of the Always Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pad. The front at its greatest width measure 12cm. Having listened to some feedback, I have heard that given the entire size of the pad, the narrowness of the front was not tremendously accommodating, however, it does provide sufficient coverage, especially because menstrual flow tends to travel backwards (towards the butt) so large coverage area towards the front may not be as heavily required. However, this irked some people since the whole point of this pad was to be the “ultimate overnight protection.” Suffice to say, with the pad placed properly – aligning the winged/centre area directly underneath the vaginal opening will allow speedy and maximum absorption for menstrual flow. I found that flow when directly expelled on the raised-core area was absorbed extremely fast and kept the top of the pad dry. The wings were not a hindrance to the pad’s ability to keep the flow locked in the centre of the core.

To the right of this paragraph is the rear portion of the pad which boasts a one-of-a-kind flanged back coverage, which looks winged-like. The “rear wings” do have some capacity for adhesives and it’s necessary for them to be placed properly on panties/undergarment for maximum effect. I have mixed reviews about these rear wings because they may act as an irritant and also hard to get one, although once aligned and placed, it acts to further ensure the pad does not shift or bunch and will conform to body movement, particularly during night time. The widest part of the rear measures a hefty 17cm!

Always Extra Heavy Overnight Pad Thickness ~1cm

Always Extra Heavy Overnight Pad Thickness ~1cm

Given the thickness of the pad at approximately 1cm, it would be assumed that the pad is utterly uncomfortable. While the pad itself would not be considered “thin” by any means, I can certainly say that for such a high thickness level, it is not very noticeable. The picture itself does no justice since it doesn’t really represent it well, but serves only as an FYI or to satisfy an inquisitive mind as to how thick the pad really is and how could a review be complete without such information anyways? The sides of the pad are stitched well and I did not find any great flaws which may indicate poor quality or a potential leak hazard.

Always Extra Heavy Overnight remainder of the pad wrapper

Here lies the remainder of the pad wrapper, measuring a length of 44cm!! I must say, the overall review of this pad is fantastic, everything from the comfort to the protection it provides. Although the absorbency is comparable to that of the Always Infinity line, the texture of this pad is better than the Infinity. Where the Infinity had a paper-thin and Infinicel lock-in gel, this pad has a larger coverage area in-mind. Although I been accustomed to seeing the “cottony cover” design by Always (although it always feels plasticky), this pad had a very gracious feel against skin whether dry or wet. The absorbency was incredible as well for a “classic” pad line (non-Infinity) and would leave the top-cover dry almost immediately while providing comfortable air-flow. Furthermore, odour was contained well in the pad.

The length of this pad may be of concern for women (or flow-lovers) of smaller stature – however, it’s undoubtedly the leading pad in North/South America in terms of length and thickness (feel free to let me know if you find others) available. This pad other than for general overnight use is great for post-maternity. I can say I’m completely satisfied with my purchase, even though it came with a price tag that’d hurt most people’s wallet (or well, my credit card for the time being). The rear of this pad can be a bit of a bother if it’s not fully adhered to panties/ungarment as they tend to come up and may scratch against your bottom. Also, the pad takes a bit of getting used to since most people aren’t use to have something wrap all the way up (or at least half-way up) their butts either, unless you’re a frequent user of Sofy or Elis pads that go that far. Simply said for larger-sized women and those who experience tremendous amounts of flow during the night or day, this is a great product to try! If you’re looking for thin and discrete comfort, this is definitely not your pad – but if you’re looking for reliable and long-lasting protection, this is it!

The amount this pad is capable of absorbing before it even begins to show visible signs of saturation is huge. Even when saturated, it holds fluid in very well and keeps the top-cover cool and comfortable. At “later stages” of over-saturation though, my only concern would be the fact the material within the pad at the rear seems to move forward (towards the stomach) a bit, leaving the rear of the pad a bit dangly. This only happened under intense movement such as sports, rapid leg movements (fast-walk) and lots of sitting/standing. Nevertheless, even with all these movements pitted against the pad, there were not even signs of leaks. You don’t see many pads available which offer the rear flared protection like this pad does! Wetness barely even came above the surface under this instance, leaving a very positive overall impression.

The comfort level, albeit the length and thickness, is pristine and there is no abrasion caused by the top-cover of the pad. Like most pads, there are potentially people who may be allergic to the material and composition, but have not seem any cases at-large or experienced any rashing/itchiness through my experimentation. The weight of the pad is questionable for comfort, although if you look at the pad and actually pick it up to feel the weight, it’s considerably less than one might assume. For the size of the pad, I would definitely consider this “lightweight material” which is quite impressive. The wings easily said (both middle and rear) helps keep the pad in place and moves along with your body comfortably.

I can only smile and give me thumbs-up in approval of the Always Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pads with Flexi Wings. Don’t count on your boyfriend not being able to see that you’re having your period, but you can bet it’ll keep you safe throughout the night or on those really heavy days as I’ve seen reports of some women and even a woman I know who uses these regularly throughout her period. Obviously for some, practicality rules over the comfort of thin pads – but you can bet this one provides you with a sense of security, not only because of the thought itself, but the feeling of physical security knowing that something is there to catch almost anything you can throw at it! This is a great replacement pad as well for women who need to use multiple pads (at a time) during their period to get enough coverage or those who resorted to using incontinence pads large enough to absorb their flow. I understand many women going through menopause also suffer from sporadically heavy flows which this pad may alleviate the stress you endure from worries about leakage.

I hope potential users of this product (or maybe even current ones) have found this review to be useful and will help you make a well-informed decision on whether you want to try or continue using this product! Once again, this is a review for the Always Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pads with Flexi Wings purchased at shipped to Canada, getting the thumbs up from your friends & authors @ MEN in Menstruation!

Mystery Package Has Arrived!

Yay – so I know it has been a while since I’ve made a period-post, so you should all be happy to know that there will be coming up very soon. Today I went to pick up a package I ordered from a retailer in the U.S. Therein contains some very exciting packages! I’m sure it’s pretty obvious what I ordered – given the nature of this blog, but I have yet to tell anyone the actual contents of it! I’m all excited because the item that was shipped to me isn’t available in Canada (or at least not that I know of) so it’ll be a big surprize for the Canadians! I don’t see why they can’t release the same pads in Canada as they do in the U.S.!

I really did splurge quite some money acquiring this, but I’ll use the excuse, “for the sake of my readers and blog” that I’m doing this, lol.. it’ll make me feel a bit better with how much I paid to acquire this 😆 Nevertheless, I can’t say that I’m unhappy myself, just wish it was a bit cheaper 😛 I picked it up this afternoon from work and I have yet to crack open the box – I’m trying to create a bit of suspense even for myself – but the real reason is that I need to arrange a place for me to put these items discretely. I bought these because my god-sister was asking me to get them because she’s been telling me all these great reviews/stories she’s read about how amazing they are – so of course knowing me – how could I possibly turn down such an opportunity?

I’m hope to have a review up for this item once I test it soon! I already have my new camera out so that I can start capturing high-resolution images of them versus using my iPhone camera which did less-than-stellar pictures. I’m sure Cherrie might really like this item too because of the ones she likes ^__^ I’m sure she’ll have a couple of words to say once I get the pictures and review up, haha. I’m so excited and so is my friend Sonia who I promised to give her a few to try as well!

Today after 2 weeks of running, it’s the first day where my muscles have locked up. I’m lying in my bed right now because my legs hurt. The back of my calf feels like someone is constantly pulling on it. Damn running hurts! I must say, I’m quite surprized that it took 2 weeks before signs of pain started showing up – I would’ve expected sooner. I guess this is my body’s way of telling me to “take it easy and slow down” rather than trying to push myself over the limits. I suppose I should also run a lower-grade right now, but unfortunately this cheapo-treadmill only has a fixed ramp angle and can’t be changed. Alternately, I guess I could always run out on the street which is a more standard running angle. Oh well, we’ll see where this takes me anyways.

So I’m tired now and I’m going to sleep. Don’t think I’ll even bother watching my TVB series tonight because I’m pooped. Going to call it an early night so I can get up for work tomorrow. I can’t wait ’til tomorrow anyways so I can actually open the box! Oh – the funny thing is the packing slip on the front actually showed the contents within if someone really paid attention, LOL… hope the lady who does the mail at work didn’t notice (or didn’t care :P) .. they need to be more careful when packing my damn box, haha. I’ll take a picture of it from inside-out tomorrow in preparation for my review!

Toddles for now, hope you’re all as excited as me for this (unknown) maxi pad review!

Kotex Overnight and Pad Pictures

You know, I was just looking at my list of “blog topics” to write about and there’s 25 (twenty-five) of them of which 20 are period-related. However, can you imagine I still cannot bring myself to choose one to write about because I have so many “little thoughts” here and there that I want to write about all in a single post (and that’s just not plausible)! I suppose all this stuff in my head might be attributed to the craziness over the past 2 days as I’ve been sitting in my office all (work)day listening to staff bitch and moan about problems and RE-teach them small things that they should know already. Normally I’d just grab some work to do out of the office so I can sneak out, but since they’re out doing project implementation, I have to be at my desk to monitor every little thing that happens and manage the process. So…. who said an office job was good? 😆

I had taken some pictures a while ago when I found some Kotex Overnight Maxis on sale… and I didn’t know why I took them, lol… I’m sure it was to post up on here, but I don’t remember if I had an “objective” for them (i.e as part of a proper blog entry). But… since I can’t figure out if they “belong” to anything, I’ll just post them here for the flow-lovers to browse through 😛

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hey… maybe this was all an excuse for me to use the slideshow feature for once, haha.

And apparently I found this funny picture on my phone…

Was just walking by to leave my uncle's house when this box TOTALLY caught my eye... like seriously, I'm not sure why he'd even have a box like this. He should pick boxes more carefully... probably from Food Basics or something - LOL!

And the last picture I found on my phone (no idea where I got it from…) but very kawaii:

Awww... Kotex HelloKitty Pantiliners!! Aren't they shooooo cute? 😛

I wonder if they’re “really” branded properly 😀 Maybe one of those fake Chinese-ripoff brands… haha.

That’s all the menstrual or pad pictures I have today… if things free up a bit at work tomorrow, I’ll endeavour to get that new section up OR write a proper blog entry.

Toodles, night night 🙂

Weekly Sales #8

These deals are only applicable to select regions of Canada, Ontario. Please verify these sales against your local flyer or e-flyer before purchase!

Ya... 'cuz you know, women just have a happy period all the time 🙂

I’ve been hunting for (Original) Kotex sales for a while now… still only 2 so far and it isn’t really a “great deal”… I suppose 2.50/ea @ SDM is not too bad if I buy two. Guess I’ll check it out, see what they have and perhaps get some! The stock is running low, don’t want to let it hit rock-bottom 😛

Weekly Sales

Pharma Plus and Rexall Chains

Assorted Always Maxi Pads, Kotex Maxi Pads/Liners, Stayfree Maxi Pads, Carefree Liners, Tampax Tampons and O.B. Tampons 2 for $6.99

Assorted Playtex Gentle Glide (36’s) and Sports Tampons (36’s) for $8.49


Assorted Always Maxi Pads/Liners and Tampax Tampons for $6.99


Assorted “U” by Kotex Maxi Pads/Liners/Tampons Jumbo Boxes for $7.97

Fortinos/RCSS Chains

Assorted “U” by Kotex Maxi Pads (14-18’s)/Liners (50-60’s)/Tampons (18’s) for $4.29

Shoppers Drug Mart

Assorted Kotex Maxi Pads (14-24’s)/Liners (33-48’s) 2 for $5.00 [Limit 4, Sat/Sun/Mon .. or $3.29/ea for rest of the week]

Assorted Playtex Gentle Glide (18’s) and Sports Tampons (18’s) for $3.99

Assorted O.B. Tampons (40’s) and Stayfree Maxi Pads (28-48’s) for $7.99

Analysis: Flying Single or Flying Double?

With so many variety of adhesives out there, I have found two that are distinctly different, with several brands following the two different “types” of adhesives, mainly concerning the portion at the bottom of the pad and the wings. For this comparison, I have chosen to use Always Maxi Super w/ Wings (Green) and Stayfree Super w/ Wings. I chose these two only because I happen to have them handy, lol.. and the fact each of them show one of the “versions” of adhesives. This is strictly an analytical or expressive post and therefore, there is no “moral to the story” or any type of “conclusion” or point I’m trying to get at.

Always Super Pad in Original Form

Stayfree Super Pad in Original Form

To explain a bit before demoing the pictures, there are large differences in the way these two pads are removed from the wrapper and the paper-backing. For instance, Always pads are melded to an adhesive to a paper-backing that is affixed to the wrapper itself. After opening the wrapper, you simply pull up on either end of the pad which detaches the pad from the paper-backing, thereby revealing the sticky adhesive underneath (which consequently would attach on an undergarment). The adhesive on the wings are protected by another small piece of paper, which when removed, reveals the adhesives of BOTH wings. Stayfree pads on the other hand are completely separate of the wrapper. The paper-backings are “a part” of the pad which is then removed to reveal the adhesives, along with a tab for each wing. The following pictures will help you understand the explanations above.

Stayfree Pad Wrapper Half-Opened

Always Pad Wrapper Half-Opened

As you can see, the Always wrapper itself is quite intricate, designed to be opened in smooth movements and because of the way that the pad itself is “attached” to the wrapper, you won’t have instances of it falling on the ground as you take it out. On the other hand, the Stayfree pads, if mishandled, will fall out right after you open the first side. The white resealable sticky tab on the Always pads also makes for great disposal use after folding/rolling the used pad back into the wrapper.

Always Super pad when exposed completely from the wrapper and thus, can now be peeled off the paper-backing (the paper-backing stays attached to the wrapper). The wings are held together by a SINGLE piece of sticky-paper.

Out of curiosity in terms of waste-generation, I was interested in knowing whether it was more efficient for the adhesive of the wings to be “single” strip like the Always pad as shown above or whether it is better to have a per-strip basis for each wing like Stayfree shown below.

Stayfree Super pad removed from wrapper and flipped over. The pad is not "attached" to the wrapper and has a separate centre-strip, and each wing has its own adhesive tab which is removed individually.

After some brief measurements,the Always wing adhesive is 5 X 7 cm while Stayfree has TWO tabs measuring 2 X 7 cm each. I haven’t bothered doing any further calculations on the overall waste generation, since I would have to include the wrappers and any adhesive sheets/strips to really make an accurate judgment on which method is more efficient, but that’s not the point of this entry 😛

Always Super pad when completely detached from the paper-backing as well as having the wings tab lifted, revealing the sticky-wings.

Stayfree Super pad with the individual wings tab removed, revealing the sticky material to wrap around the crotch over undergarment

Each method of wings have its merits. For instance, having separate tabs means you can remove the centre strip, place the pad on the undergarment, remove one tab-sticky, wrap it on one side of the crotch and repeat with the other. While you have “extra pieces” to handle, you are also less likely to screw up on getting the wings to flap down. I’m sure we all know that things get stuck to adhesives sometimes… like your fingers or perhaps…. hair, URG – painful. With Always, you are a bit more prone to getting the wings not placed before it accidentally becomes stuck to something else or even getting stuck to itself and it’s quite annoying to try to separate things that are stuck together! Since by lifting the adhesive over the wings, you automatically expose both wings, and even I, as a professional pad-handler (LOLOLOL), I still screw up sometimes >_>

So there you have it, especially for those who have never seen the differences of different brands/sizes since not everyone likes to explore like us flow-lovers 😀

Here’s a pretty cool video I found while doing some content-searching… cheers to my Malaysian girls 🙂 I have a lot of regular visitors from there, so surely, I must show some kind of appreciation and tributes to you gals! 😛

Hey, maybe you can even learn a lesson or two from here! 😆

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