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Women That Makes You Faint… Bubzbeauty & Jayesslee

I’ve just been bored at work after the meeting today (it was an ass-long meeting, 2.5 hours), so I’ve just been chasing down some videos to watch online. I also forgot to copy my music repository from my home-computer, so I don’t have much to listen to at work except for whatever I can get off the internet, notably Youtube, since I don’t exactly want to surf to illegal sites while on-work premises.

I try to avoid Youtube because I find once I watch one thing, it leads to 50,000 others and I also don’t like to subscribe too much to stuff because then it gives me “reasons” to hop onto Youtube, making hours disappear henceforth, therefore, I will only go there when I’m referred to by someone. However, there are 3 girls (although only 2 ‘groups’) who I can’t stand not-watching their stuff and they are Bubzbeauty and Jayesslee! I tend not to like being “fans” of people/groups, because I’m just not that type of person, but these 3 girls really appeal to me because of who they are and what they do… and the difference between them other than the outer-beauty, is the inner beauty which you feel through their genuineness and strive to make EVERYONE feel good about themselves.

JS – Mariah Carey – Hero (cover)

Romantic Soft Updo

You know, there’s a lot of guys who just love a nice pair of boobs or a nice firm bum – and that’s not to say that’s not something desirable, but what kills me the most on girls is that nice, GENUINE, sweet smile! Lindi, Janice and Sonia all have that killer-smile that makes you want to faint. Even though I know none of these girls in person and can’t attest to their personality, the personality that they surface to their fans show them as being compassionate, humble and holding much inner-beauty. There’s nothing that makes a person more UGLY than a bad personality, despite some peoples outer-appearance which they may have been blessed with. These 3 girls all show to their audience that even though they are popular and pretty, they don’t flaunt it as their only defining attribute and while they share their talent of doing makeup and singing in their beautiful voices, they empower those who listen to watch a “feel-good” feeling!

These girls have done charity and have reinforced to the community a positive spirit. Bubz often does lots of work on defining what inspires her, confidence and how to make one look beautiful. Many girls probably strive to look like Bubz, not only because she is outwardly beautiful, but also because she has that inner-heart of hers that radiate from a good role-model. She encourages guys and girls to look their best and not let their physical appearance be their “failure point” and assure us that we can be a great person, with or without natural-born physical beauty.

Jayesslee blesses their world with their beautiful words and amazing voice. While the do many covers, using other peoples lyrics, they sing with passion and with the intent of bringing joy through music. Rather than money being a core concentration of their talents, they share it with the world to enjoy. While it’s no doubt all good singer(s) want to make a career and earn money from it, they truly have brought me many hours of their songs repetition which touches the heart. These two beautiful Australian twins have not only taken the world with their voices and cuteness, but also through their angelic voices which God has blessed them with to share.

Beyond it all, all 3 of these girls have very striking talents and a face/body which men and women alike admire and adore. If I were a girl, I’d certainly love to look like one of these 3 as well (or a mixture of all 3, WOW, lol). Nevertheless, the reason why I even brought this topic up was not to point out that I’m infatuated with other girls other than bebe, BUT, I was coming to the point is that there’s something that bebe has in common with 3 of these girls… is that bebe has a dead gorgeous sweet smile  (when she wants to show it that is :lol:)… when I’ve seen that genuine, yet kind-of-shy smile from bebe, I thought it was heaven-on-earth. I love how sweet-sweet my bebe looks when she smiles, especially when there’s a bit of embarrassment tinge in it!!! I can’t rave enough about how awesome she is, haha, because she’s very much like these 3 girls with their smiles, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy and because you can feel they’re deeply genuine and not just one of those girls with a “nice” but “fake” smile!

Of course I can’t put up a picture of bebe and I and how sweet she looks when she has that beautiful smile on her face, but I can leave you with a picture of Lindi, Janice and Sonia 😀 Even with all 3 girls holding so much outer-beauty, they strive to make everyone in this world feel good about themselves and use their talents genuinely towards others and not to harm/hinder them by making “lesser” people feel bad about themselves!

Yummy girls eh? My bebe is my one-and-only yummy girl in my life 😀

Feminine Hygiene Products and Your Vagina is Repulsive. Period.

Hygiene Matters. Period.

Hygiene Matters. Period. (SCA)

Holy crap, before someone shoots me, that is not what I think – it just happens to be the topic of my entry and also the general sentiment within the media industry. Having a short discussion with one of my readers via comments on my blog, he brought up an excellent point – that because of culture and religion, menstruation is “viewed” very differently. I’m going to start to touch on this topic for 2 reasons. One, was because I was inspired by @campaignperiod showing me a video link and from that, I read up on the Hygiene Matters 2011 Report compiled by SCA. I realize I’m probably giving them free advertisement, but whatever… it was great having read this little report and yes, it IS little, only 43 pages and if you’ve read 300 page reports before, this is nothing, lol. I highly recommend those interested in personal well-being, whether male or female, to read it. If you are not interested in going through something that long (and it is NOT all about menstruation, it is about hygiene in general), please at least see this video.

The second reason was because as I was going through my MENinMenstruation YouTube account, I was “recommended” a video that caught my eye. Bebe once sent me a parody of how “strict” Malaysia TV broadcasting is when it comes to ‘revealing’ body parts. There are so many countries in the world and many cultures that have a particular view of menstruation, so you may wonder why I particularly selected that country and whether it had been influenced by bebe. In this case, it didn’t, because it showed up on my “suggested” videos to watch in which I read a very interesting quote:

6. Are there restrictions upon creative license in Malaysia?

Until very recently, sanitary napkins were not allowed to be shown on TV. Apart from that we could not show armpits or navels.

– Kancil Awards 2008 Chairperson Interview

I’m not interested in generating a debate over religion on my blog. As far as this entry is concerned, all people need to understand is that Malaysia’s official religion is Islam. According to Article 160 of the Malaysian Constitution, all ethnic Malays are considered Muslim, which approximately 60.4% of the Malaysian population practicing the Islam religion. Thus, you can see why broadcasting rules within Malaysia are so strict. I have a Muslim coworker and he is highly devoted and abides by the rules set forth by his religion closely. Although I knew about that showing of the armpits and navels on public TV in Malaysia violates broadcasting rules, I did not know that even sanitary napkin commercials were not allowed until I read the quote as stated above. For as long as I can remember, I always struggled in finding sanitary napkin commercials or even (Malaysian) manufacturer websites regarding sanitary napkins. All of this now makes sense as to why I had such difficulties!

Libresse Maxi Pads made by SCA. These are the same ones bebe gave me, but these are not mine and I did not take the picture!

Libresse Maxi Pads made by SCA. These are the same ones bebe gave me, but these are not mine and I did not take the picture!

Further digging revealed an article which was published fairly recently in October of 2010 by The Malaysian Insider author, Dina Zaman. There was a particular quote that almost made me choke on my coffee, not because I was disgusted by the thought of menstruation, but rather, how someone could have such a STARK view of menstruation…

“For example, commercials on sanitary pads are openly shown on TV and this could influence the young to get involved in social ills,” said Johor Bahru Puteri Umno member, urging the ministry to increase shows that teach good values and religious practices.

Umm.. excuse me, did I just read that seeing a commercial of sanitary pads would cause me to be involved in social ills? If that’s the case, I should have murdered a ton of people and raped many women by now according this member’s statement. Although I can’t say I’m the most normal of people in my interests such as menstruation, I’m definitely not socially dysfunction and I don’t pose harm to society or something. The likelihood is I’ve watch more sanitary pad commercials than probably all the females I know put together, so this member must hate my guts by now, lol. The author of the article then continues to write (regarding the above statement):

As a still menstruating woman, I have yet to witness how sanitary pads and their ads could lead one to sin. I have always thought that sanitary pads are a bane to women and frighten the hell out of men, especially bloody and wet ones.

The CMCF (The Communications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia) under Part 3 section 8.6 of their broadcasting standard dictates..

Sanitary Protection Products and Incontinent Pads For Adults
Advertisements in this product category is unusually sensitive and commercials for it can easily cause offence or embarrassment, even among people who have no objection in principle to its being advertised on television. Because it is often viewed in a family setting, television advertising needs to be treated with restraint and discretion. Anyone intending to produce a commercial for a sanitary protection product and incontinent pads for adults MUST abide by the following:-
Restriction on Times of Transmission Commercials portraying a sanitary protection product and incontinent pads for adults are permissible only after 10.00pm.
Visual Treatments and Product Descriptions Sanitary protection products and incontinent pads for adults – visual treatments must be done with taste and restraint, particular care is needed with shots of unwrapped towels, pads or tampons, whether actual or diagrammatic. Detailed references, whether in sound or vision, should avoid graphic descriptions which might offend or embarrass viewers.
Appeals To Insecurity Sanitary protection products and incontinent pads for adults – no commercial may contain anything which, either directly or by its implication, is likely to undermine an individual’s confidence in her own standards of personal hygiene. No implication of, or appeal to, sexual or social insecurity is acceptable. Commercials may not suggest, by whatever means, that menstruation is in any way unclean or shameful and variations of the word “clean” are unacceptable in advertising for this product category, as are other potentially offensive words such as “odour”. The same applies to the advertising of incontinence.
Taste and Offence All advertisements for the category of sanitary napkins and incontinent pads for adults must not offend against good taste or decency or be offensive to public feeling and should not prejudice respect for human dignity.

So within that section, they state that they do not want commercials suggesting that menstruation is unclean or shameful (insinuating an attempt to be positive). However, from my perception of the above conditions of a commercial they want to avoid embarrassment, offensiveness and requires “restraint” that they’re being completely contradictory. They want you to avoid making menstruation or related products sound negative, yet they’re clearly NOT comfortable with the idea of advertising such products. Furthermore, I wanted to cry when I read that, “…portraying a sanitary protection product and incontinent pads for adults are permissible only after 10.00pm.” Wow.. after 10PM… that’s when all the kids “should” be asleep.. imagine if they ever stayed up past 10PM, their eyes and brains would be tainted forever should they be SO unfortunate as to seeing a commercial which depicts a menstrual or incontinent product. Their childhoods would be forever ruined and those kids will probably have premarital sex, fail at school and kill their parents as a result 🙄 If I ever had to deal with the broadcasting industry, even in Canada, I’d get so infuriated with this that I’d ask to borrow one of my girls used pad or tampon and just chuck it at the camera.

Clearly someone has the same taste of pads as I do :P

Clearly someone has the same taste of pads as I do 😛

Let’s move back into “North America” for a bit… you know, the free world where we have “freedom” of everything. In this land where drugs, sex and violence is shown freely on TV, and where I could probably get away with saying, “I’m going to fucking shit on your head and piss on your mother” – yet, if I were to say the word vagina, oh my god, I’m sure it’d be bleeped out for sure! This is not new news, so sure, bitch at me if I’m digging up older topics, but it linked into this one so whatever. You can read up on a UK news/blog author’s (Richard Adams) post on the whole U by Kotex thing when it started. The article writes:

An executive for Kimberly-Clark, the owner of Kotex, notes that US TV networks have no such compunction about references to “erectile dysfunction” in prime-time ads for Viagra and Ciallis.

You know, back in the day when I still had cable TV, I felt really uncomfortable when that 40 year-old guy came on the screen and was talking about the “issues” he had… essentially he can’t get it up or goes ‘limp’ when he has sex… and that it is a common problem and there should be no embarrassment to asking the doctor for help in getting Viagra prescribed. Umm.. I found that this was much harder (and grosser) to watch when my parents were around, than a maxi pad or a tampon commercials. Let’s face it, if erectile dysfunction should not be embarrassing and is a common issue, then how is MENSTRUATION of all things “unnatural” and “should cause embarrassment”? Menstruation, unlike erectile dysfunction, is a natural bodily process and the use of menstrual protection products to manage it is the hygienic and proper thing to do. Me knowing that you can’t get hard makes me more uncomfortable than if you were to tell me you were having your period. Hey, maybe it is just me and the fact I like periods that makes it feel more normal, but I really don’t want to know that you can’t pump enough blood to your dick to make it hard. Furthermore, it is also “frowned upon” (as in, they won’t even broadcast your ad) in a commercial to use the proper anatomical reference, vagina on prime-time TV. The last time I saw menstrual fluid, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t blue as well.

Menstruation is still a stigma

Menstruation is still a stigma (Found in the SCA Hygiene Matters Report)

Aren’t those statistics crazy? I have made a blog entry before about how sanitary napkins (because they are the more “conservative” choice over tampons, which you have to *gasp* stick something in your vagina) are still the preferred choice of menstrual protection in Asia regions before, but it was shocking to see how uncomfortable the subject of periods are still to Chinese women. Oddly enough, most of the Asian girls I happen to know are quite open with me on the subject, but I suppose that perhaps bebe is part of that 87% (even though she’s not “from China” per se, she is “Chinese”). The good thing is that even if she’s not open about her period to others, as long as she is to ME, I don’t give a shit 😆 But anyways, even if you look at the U.S (closest to Canada I guess), the statistics still show that HALF of the population still experience social discomforts when they have their period. Clearly, “America” is FAR from reversing the many years of menstrual taboo and the denouement of it. I remember in high school, I had a Swedish girl in my class (boy was she hot, lol) and I remember one time I spotted a tampon in her backpack and I gave it an extra glance. Clearly she caught me looking and during high-school, I was still rather shy about my interest, so I never talked about it… but then after class, she said if I was interested in seeing what a tampon looked like, she said, “Here, you can have my tampon if you want to know what one looks like.” and just put it in my hands, smiled and walked away. I was completely dumbfounded. I mean obviously this one Swedish girl doesn’t represent the entire culture of people, but I get the feeling there’s a lot more openness to menstruation from other cultures than from Chinese culture.

So the moral of this entire post? Feminine Hygiene Products and Your Vagina is Repulsive in the eyes of the broadcasting industry.

Please make sure you check out Period. (@campaignperiod) on twitter, their Facebook at and oh… just as I was about to end this post, found something cool 😀

Innovative launch of Libresse Secure Fit in Malaysia


INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY | 2010 the Libresse secure fit platform was launched in Malaysia. This is unique in many ways, not only because it is the first Asian market entry for The Libresse secure fit but also because it was decided to launch with a price line, which is completely new in the feminine category in Malaysia.

Libresse secure fit launch in Malaysia - SCAIt means that all products have the same price. A pack of ten thick towels has the same price tag as a pack with eight thin towels. However price is not the main differentiator. It is the performance and properties of the product that are differentiating Libresse secure fit from its competitors.

My First Meaningful Valentine’s Day

You know, having been with a few girls over my years of life, I must say this has been one of the most touching Valentine’s day I’ve ever experienced – well, at least for now – I’m sure bebe will make me love her more and more every year! Nevertheless, it took me a bit of time to consider whether I’d actually say this because it would seem rather unfair to my ex’s. With me ex’s, I never want them to feel as if they were an unimportant part of my life, because they really are and all with the exception of one, I still keep in (relatively) close contact with. My ex’s have helped me develop my relationship aptitude and helped me explore and engage myself in ways I never thought possible. Each one has paved the path of who I am today and that lucky for bebe (HAHA), she will hopefully get to be my final recipient of my love. So when bebe and I get married one day, she owes the way I treat her to all my ex’s who’ve made me the person I am today XD

But anyways, lets set the whole unfairness thing aside, this valentines I truly “feel” it… and I guess perhaps this relationship has delved into more serious emotions and connections than ones before. My most recent ex was probably the most unfortunate one because it was pure lust and perhaps we both used each other to satisfy our “rebounding” feelings. Having been with L for quite a few years, it took me a long time before I could even be with another girl… It wasn’t until 3-4 years later when my heart could even consider another person. L and I had some pretty good Valentines day and we certainly made it special for each other, whether nearby or afar, however, this Valentines with bebe so far away, I still feel super close to her, as if she was sitting right next to me with her head on my shoulders.

Then of course, many years ago, those teenage relationships you never expected to go real far. High-school relationships were either, 1) for pleasure, 2) for status quo and mostly, 3) experimentation. Unfortunately I never dated a girl for #1 which I’m not sure if I regret or not 😆 HAH! For #2 I thought was absolutely useless because a person should not rely on “a partner” to have a specific status within school and so of course I dated for #3. Back then, girls were just someone you’d hang out with after-school, do things with when you’re bored or just someone you could confide in private with… but really, I don’t think at that point a person can truly appreciate what true, lasting relationships are about… people come together and people fall apart in a whim, without repercussion. “Easy come, easy go” was a serious reality. I always thought to myself how disgusting it would be if I were to sleep with a girl who I know every one of my best friends have slept with or “been inside” with – urg, the thought is sickening.

I think it’s very common now that people adapted to the whole, “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy – if you’re with someone, it’s best you don’t know about their relationship-past or sexual-history. To be honest, I would think 4-5 years ago that I expected any girl that I’d be with to be a virgin (and by virgin, I mean REALLY virgin, as in no sex of ANY type, whether oral, anal or vaginal), but truly, I don’t expect any of the girls I know to be virgins anymore 😀 lol – it’s just not realistic. Bebe has always been interested in my past relationships, as she was always curious in knowing why my previous relationships failed. For me, I probably prefer not to know how many guys she’s been with, what they have done together and I just pretend that there was no one before me, haha, it’s much more settling that way.

So I came to this realization that this valentine is probably one of the most heart-felt one was due to the fact I truly truly FELT COMPELLED to get something for bebe. I know that she’s not big on receiving gifts from me, she’s one of those modern “financially independent” type of girls, but she certainly didn’t reject it either. I actually gave her a few necklaces to choose from and go figure, from all the choices I gave her, she chose the diamond one 😛 how typical girl, haha. I don’t mind though because if I offered it, then obviously I already budgeted to buy it for her initially. It was just amusing that when I was at the jewelery store, all the girls there that I know quite well from buying there a lot, all agreed that bebe would likely pick the diamond one because you know, girls just LOVE diamonds 😆 They said, “A girl will always buy the most expensive one that their boyfriend offers” and I laughed – because bebe did indeed choose the most expensive one.

My gift is not actually in this box...

Getting this present was not without hardships though. When I asked bebe the first time, they actually had a 10% sale going on and by the time she responded, the sale was over. I was still going to buy it even for regular price, but I decided to go to the store to bug them like a typical Asian to see if they would honour the discount even though it was technically over. Luckily, they told me they were restarting the discount due to popular demand the next day, so I told them I’d go make the purchase then… however, I also found out the necklace that bebe wanted was also out of stock at the store I usually go to, BLAH!

I was like OMFG, lol. I was trying to figure out whether they’d get it in and they suggested me to go visit other stores. Alternately, I could order online, but I’m not big on buying something before I actually get to see it, ESPECIALLY, when it comes to expensive things or jewelery. If I’m paying this much for it, it better be the guaranteed quality, correct diamond and gold karat composition and be the exact style as shown in the picture. So I was frantic of course, HOLY SHIT, I started scrambling to every store around the area possible to find it and if I couldn’t find it here locally, I’d drive to nearby cities to get it if I had to. So finally I found a place that sold the exact one bebe picked up and I was so happy! I always watch those movies and think how nutty guys are to look high and low just to get a gift for their lover, but now I truly understand the feeling and reasoning behind it… it’s such a huge disappointment when you can’t get the thing you wanted for someone you care about – so you’ll do ANYTHING just to get your hands on it. So I ordered it and then picked it up just yesterday after work. I left work early so I could “beat the rush” as many guys and gals would be picking up there Valentine’s gift after work due to the discount.

So can you believe it? Today, my mom goes on to “casually ask me more” about bebe. Not only that, but she “advised” me that I should make sure I take [bebe’s full name] out for valentines lunch/dinner to make up for the fact she’s not in Canada now. I can’t believe it, my MOM actually told me I need to take bebe out (not that I didn’t plan to, lol).. but she made it very clear that I SHOULD, haha. Since when did my parents become that involved in girls I like? 😛 Not only that, but I’ve never had a girl in my life who my parents cared so much about whether we actually stayed together, lol. Other than L, my parents didn’t care much for these girls, haha… in fact, the last one I had they utterly hated XD – ok so I guess that proves they did care about the results of my last relationship because they didn’t want me to end up with that girl :lol:… on a totally AWESOME note is the fact my mom: a) wants to get to know bebe more, b) actually remembers her name, c) seems to approve of her, and d) interested in helping me keep bebe and have a future with her … and of course not many people who read this blog know my parents, but if you did, you would realize that a, b, c, and d mean a lot given how little my parents have ever shown approval for a girl I got involved with. They did inquire (or I could say “blame”, hah) me for failing that relationship with L… and funny enough, even though my parents never met her, they seem to really like her. Who knows why… maybe it was ‘cuz she is SUPER PRETTY, haha. I still remember when I went out to Toronto to visit L one year, my dad was picking me up from the GO Train station and asked me why I didn’t try to kau (date/woo) L, but at that time, we had already broken up because she left me for a better looking guy 😦

In case anyone wonders what I got bebe… here it is! I’m actually quite proud of getting her something, not that I shouldn’t or something, but you know – I just feel good about myself and I don’t think there should be something “wrong” with that feeling. It makes me feel warm and tingly inside and even though she might not be quite ready to reciprocate my love for her, at least she acknowledges it, which is important 😀 I cut out the picture below so no one (unless you really like to backtrack links…) can find out where I bought it from and mainly that I’d get in so much shit for buying something so expensive for her, LOL… My friends were like, “You know.. most people only start buying diamonds for their girlfriend when they’re like… about to get married.. not just when you guys are starting out” – but hey, we’re not really ‘just starting’.. or well, the whole situation is complex, but at least we’ve “been seeing each other” for a good year and a half now, so it’s not like we’re total strangers or something and plus, bebe is such a good girl that she’s totally worth spoiling!

How bebe has somehow mesmerized my entire family into liking her, I have no idea, LOL. She’s managed to meet only two of my aunts plus my cousin and my whole family is all happy over her already. She only exchanged a few words with my aunts and maybe a few paragraphs with my cousin 😛 I mean, I know my family has a habit and talent of judging people quite quickly in even the smallest exchange of words and obviously, they all seem to think she’s an excellent girl for me to be with and that we’d make a great couple. I don’t mind them thinking that of course, because it gives me the support/encouragement, as well that I know she will be a great “fit” into my family since everyone’s already given her the “thumbs up” – and particular in Asian families or I should say my family, that approval is extremely hard to earn/obtain! Even my mom agrees that I should “put forth effort” towards bebe, so I can always claim that my own taste/judgments of girls can sometimes be questionable (à la my last relationship, lol), but so far, everyone I know really want to meet her and think we’re definitely relationship-material and I’d say if I couldn’t trust myself in my own feelings for bebe, I can definitely trust others who are normally quite demanding of girls I’m with! All in all, this is a great sign – or at least for the family part. I still have to of course, win bebe’s heart over 😛

I went to Niagara Falls today to enjoy a show and a dinner and it was a great day, but at times like these, I really wish bebe was around here with me. I know she’s having a wonderful time with her family back at home (in fact, even HOME home!), so I while I do miss her greatly, I have to hold back my greediness back and have to respect the fact she has her own family and there’s more to her life than just me. Nevertheless, even if she’s at least thought of me once a day, whether for a split-second or for minutes, I’d still feel really touched and special in her life anyways! There are still a lot of struggles for us in the coming days, weeks and months, particularly with getting her settled here and solving “geographical” issues. I really want this to be the last relationship I’m in… because I love bebe so much! Surely given that there are so many people who can clearly see and even feel how much I care about bebe, that soon bebe will truly feel that she means the world to me and stay by my side and let me love and care for her – forever and always.

and of course… I like when people ask me questions like what’s posed in this song, I can answer using a music video… HAH:

The Temptations – My Girl

And because EMI Publishing is a bunch of fucktards and won’t let people stream off WordPress but can off of Youtube, you have to go there directly to listen to it. When I have time, I’m going to find a way around that. And you wonder why people don’t buy music legally anymore? Why the shit should I buy music when music companies do stupid stuff like this? I hope everyone keeps downloading illegally and puts those idiots out of business until they start embracing the real world. When I see their CEO’s begging on the street for food, I’m going to shit on their heads.

Laurier Superguard Max 40cm (Super Heavy Flow/Night-Use) Review

So I finally mustered myself up and started grabbing all the notes on this to write this review. I must say, this pad although my favourite throughout my trip in Hong Kong, was the worst pictures ever. I guess at that point, I was still fiddling around with settings on it and trying to learn how to better utilize all the features, adjustments and gadgets of the camera – that I probably had some settings wrong and really messed up the quality of the picture. I’ve already used Picasa to adjust the pictures to some degree and that’s about as good as they’re going to get. However, without further ado, I present to you, Superguard Max 40cm Sanitary Napkin, designed for super heavy flow/night-use, by Laurier. The package comes with 3 pieces for HKD$13.90 – so you can see, it’s not one you’d want to use every day… well, unless you have a lot of money to spend.

For Leakage Prevention In Any Sleeping Position

Double-Powerful Absorbent Cushion
1) Centre Absorbent Cushion
Embraces body contours to prevent bunching and twisting. Quick absorbency of sudden flow to Absorbent Cushion core for extended protection even on extra-heavy nights.

2) Back Absorbent Cushion
Fits to hip shape and absorbs back flow quickly

Safety Fit Gather
With high T-shape fit to your body and prevent side leakage in any sleeping position

Laurier Superguard 40cm Night-Use - Front Pad Package

These are another one of those super-duper huge pads and if anything, Cherrie will be the first one to say, “How do people wear this? This pad is bigger than my underwear!” LOL. That is right, the pad is 40cm and it is definitely thick. I’m not even going to kid you that if you thought the Always Overnight Extra Heavy Flow pads were thick enough, these things are monstrous. As you can see, the package is fairly large and I think the picture may not justify itself when there’s nothing else of-size to compare it to, but as indicated in the corner, just three pads make up this entire package, meaning the contents within are sizable! The front of the pad package gives a quick overview of the 2 outstanding differences compared to other and even their own line of overnight pads, that they have not one, but TWO absorbent cores and also has a wider and longer back-end.

Laurier Superguard 40cm Night-Use - Side Pad Package

Sophia is probably going to freak out if she looks at the actual content of the pad as I was just ranting to her about gel-based pads the other day. While posting this picture up, I realized there’s a funny spelling mistake 😛 It’s so nice that Laurier has a Hong Kong location and availability – it’d be nice if they brought it to Canada as well! It’s of course important to remind users not to flush the pad and to be aware of any irritation or other maladies while using the pad that one should stop usage.

Laurier Superguard 40cm Night-Use - Top Pad Package

The “super guard” technology is not specific to night-use pads though and they do offer variations for regular day use. Super guard is one of the best pad technology I’ve seen as the heightened walls truly prevent side leaks unless there is massive overflow. Often, side leaks occur not as a result of the pad not being absorbent enough or overflowing, but rather, because the pad is not close enough to the body and where “gaps” are, menstrual fluid flow out of the coverage-area of the pad and thus, accidents occur. With super guard technology, it catches even “run offs” from skin and provides a seal redirecting any would-be-leak flow back onto the pad for absorption. While many pads and manufacturers use raised edges on their pads to replicate this effect, only the Laurier and Sofy “walls” provide one which is much taller than the usual side barriers or frilly edges.

Laurier Superguard 40cm Night-Use - Rear Pad Package

I found it kind of funny that the picture exaggerates the rear wings so much as it is actually quite small in comparison to other brands. However, with the design of the pad and the super guard edges, it does not need very large rear wings to provide the support to prevent rear leakage. I truly like the packaging in Hong Kong because it is written in both Chinese and English. Although I admit to my weak reading/written Chinese, the wording they use is so complex that it makes buying pads/tampons seem like buying parts for a space shuttle. The English is considerably easier to understand and even many Asian girls I know who have great command of Chinese prefer reading the English and get easily confused by Chinese terminology for sanitary napkins or tampons. Even bebe admits that there’s just “way too many words” when she walks down the feminine hygiene aisle in Hong Kong that it becomes confusing what the pad/tampon features.

Laurier Superguard 40cm Night-Use - Unopened Pad in Wrapper

You will however notice, that just like the Sofy Soft Body Fit pad I reviewed before, the package is very similar, including the cloth-type wrapper. In order to open the pad up completely, it is folded into 4 sections and again, akin to the Always Overnight Extra Heavy Flow pad. For convenience of the user, the pad wrapper has the length written on it so that if this was mixed with other pads, it would be easy to identify the pad immediately within say, a bin or purse.

Laurier Superguard 40cm Night-Use - Fully Opened Pad with Wrapper

You may wonder why I’m so sloppy with extending the pad to get a good picture of it, but it is because of the design of the pad to be “contoured” to conform to the body. The pad is actually impossible to get “flat” or “straight” without using something to hold both ends (which you really don’t want to do, since that destroys the natural curvature of the pad). At the “rear” of the pad (right side), you will notice the adhesive automatically detaches from the side wings and rear wings as you open the pad – quite ingenious and paper-saving. The pad is extremely comfortable and with two absorbent/raised cores, the material and design – it is as comfy as a pillow floating in heaven. Can you tell I’m a big fan of Laurier Super Guard? HAHA. Maybe I should not be writing this review with such positive bias!

Laurier Superguard 40cm Night-Use - Pad Closeup Front

I think by looks, the pad appears to be very lumpy when in fact, it is quite comfortable and it “fits” the body perfectly. The raised core provides great contact and coverage to prevent leaks. The pad cores are raised relatively high, which you can see have very deep grooves around the core, thus acting as a “drop zone” and channel flow deep into the pad. With this close up (you will have to click on the thumbnail), it gives you a better view of the “super guard” – or – the raised stretchy edges. These edges are pulled tightly and this is also the reason why the pad won’t go completely flat. Since the crotch area is similar to a “U” shape, the pad is also designed to imitate and follow the body’s natural formation. The wings in comparison to what you would expect for a overnight-designed pad are actually quite short, but also because of the tightness to wrap/hold to the side of underwear. Applying this pad requires more “pressure” and “power” than others because the pad was designed to be very elastic-like and while that’s great from a protection point-of-view, it requires more maneuvering and application of force to get it in the proper place.

Laurier Superguard 40cm Night-Use - Pad Closeup Rear

As you will note, the rear wings are actually not very prominent, although when the pad is fully applied to underwear, it automatically stretches out and provides considerable protection. The protection is not offered simply by size, but by the overall design of the entire pad, thus slightly obsoleting the rear width. Suffice to say, I think it is very obvious that this pad will likely interfere with most people sitting down. The length of the pad I think would overwhelm the size of most women and thus the recommendation of this pad is not even to consider it for day-use as it almost seems impractical, unless you have a very very heavy period.

Many pads often have a “thinner” rear compared to the thickness found in the front or middle of the pad – but with this pad, it is not the case and it maintains a consistent thickness throughout the pad (with exception of the raised portions).With the rear being JUST as thick, it eliminates almost any gap between the butt and pad. Poh Ching will absolutely love this if she could find it 😛 I actually do believe this version is sold in Malaysia, haha. The super guard portion does eventually taper off as it’d be impossible to extend the walls throughout the entire side of the pad as it would induce a lot of discomfort – or should I say – even further discomfort. Rest assured, with this pad on the job, leaks aren’t very likely!

When testing this pad, the pad held up against a wide range of movements without fail. Because of the elastic-like edges, the pad would easily “become” any shape and also “return” to its original form without issues. The pad itself does tend to restrict or make certain movements difficult and it is also very noticeable – it is hard not to be aware of the existence of this pad! The adhesives provide excellent security and is not overbearing like the “U by Kotex” pads where it practicality destroys fabric upon removal. However, because the stickiness of the adhesive does not run from the front to back of the pad, it may curl at the extremes of the pad if not secured properly in the first place, particularly with the natural tendencies of the pad to curl due to the design. This is NOT a problem if applied correctly and firmly at the start-of-use.

The deep channels in this pad truly allow fast and secure absorption of flow. The dampness of the pad does not surface until prolonged use and in which case, it should be changed anyways. While I would not say this pad has the best stays-dry feeling, it is definitely able to keep the top dry for a sufficient amount of time. However, through prolonged and heavy use, changing is required to keep things comfortable. This is more notable with this pad not perhaps because it is a failure, but rather, because the pad forms a seal around your body and the pad where air-flow is limited and thus, dampness accumulates or is more easily felt. Since this pad is designed for overnight use, the particular discomfort arising from dampness is not an issue as I would assume most change it in the morning. What is important is that upon waking up, there aren’t any stains on underwear or the sheets and the discomfort can be alleviated quickly upon pad removal. Speaking of removal, this pad is in no-way discrete when thrown away. After testing, I actually had to take it and throw it away directly into the building dumpster to avoid it being noticed in the washroom. When it is saturated however, it rolls up well (quite easily due to the natural elastic tension) and becomes quite soft.

Laurier Superguard 40cm Night-Use - Leftover Wrapper

I can’t say I was particularly happy with the wrapper in terms of re-usability for wrapping the old pad. This exhibited the same problem as Sofy pad wrappers where the used pad cannot be reliably secured when rolled up and risked dropping out the sides (urg, gross). Although, I guess this pad is a bit better because of the huge size, stickiness and general design that it would be much harder for it to fall out from the wrapper. Nevertheless, the smoothness of the wrapper internal and lack of stickiness of the wrapper-tab, it’d be much easier to wrap it in toilet paper or use an elastic band to secure the saturated/to-be-disposed pad. The pad does also have a tendency to open up since it has elastic edges which try to “force the pad” to return to the original “U” shape form. I’m sure not all-too-many people really want to see a bloody pad unfolding.

All in all, the pad has made leaps-and-bounds since the last time I tested a Laurier pad 2 years ago. Back then, the super guard already amazed me and now the 40cm version even has two cores, one front and one back. The absorbency speed is amazing and you never have the feeling that the pad has “left your body” because of the way it conforms and stays secure. I would dare say that the pad itself without wings would operate just as well!

If you have access to this pad and you have heavy periods that perhaps result in leaks, this is the pad just for you! You’ll be waddling around if you try using it for day time, but it’s not so bad at night when you just want to sleep peacefully and wake up knowing it won’t be a murder-scene.

Good Person Gone Bad – Karma Fails

Intriguing title, no?

On Friday, it was just an ordinary work-day, did a bit here and there, diddly-dallied with some coworkers and then had lunch with one of our temporary employees who was working his last day to return to school. It’s sad to see him go, but hopefully his next work placement, he will be back. Other than his thick Chinese accent when speaking English, he’s a very hard worker and a smart one. My dad and I were the first two Chinese people ever hired within our department. I remember my boss jokingly told me one time that, “If we hired 5 Chinese people, they could replace the entire department at the rate you guys work at!” and I laughed. I used to be just like that, at work early, work hard throughout the entire day and work later than everyone else.

Perhaps a cultural thing, but over 4-5 months of working there, I already adopted the same laziness as everyone else. Everyone thinks this is some conspiracy (jokingly) that they’re beginning to hire more Chinese people because we tend to put in the “extra effort” to get the job done and even the work-term student we got is Chinese. It’s not to say there aren’t people of different background and cultures who work equally, if not more, hard – but the reality is you will find that the general consensus is that we’re so used to pushing ourselves “back at home” that here in Canada, it is actually “above and beyond” what is expected.

Anyways, yes, so we went to eat Japanese Buffet (Sushi) and this is already the second time in the same week. I really didn’t want to because you know, you tend to try to get your monies worth at a buffet, so essentially you’re walking a path of unhealthiness. Suffice to say, we had a great time and the department is back to one Asian person – me 😆 Although I didn’t work directly with him or even talk to him a lot, it feels lonely when you’re the only person “of another culture” at work. You could say I work in a very white-oriented organization.

OK, so enough of that… let’s rewind to Thursday because I have no idea why I jumped ahead. I have a very disorganized brain. Thursday was a severely fucked up day. A few weeks ago I had asked my cousin whether she wanted me to pick up her from the airport and drop her off at her place in Toronto. I miss my cousin because we don’t see each other a lot, even if we’re only a mere 70km away from each other and if you’re not an Ontarian, you need to know 70km is not considered “far”. I thought if I picked her up at the airport, it’d be a nice way to spend a bit of time together before (her) school starts again.

Unfortunately she did not confirm that she wanted to have me pick her up and just the previous night before her return, she told me that she needed a ride. Ack, because on the same evening, I had committed myself to going to a friend’s birthday dinner. The good thing is that it was a guy’s birthday dinner, so it was easier for me to tell him I had to leave after an hour. It was great because we went to the same place I mentioned above, for Japanese food,  but dinner menu also offers my favourite, SASHIMI!! I only had an hour to stuff myself and it’s pretty painful to do that, but I also needed to get out to the airport. It takes an hour for me to get there and as luck would have it, there was a bit of heavy rainfall that slow traffic down a bit. However, I did get there on time and picked her up.

We had a nice chat on the ride back to her place in Toronto downtown. I hate driving in downtown because you have to contend with so much shit. Pedestrians, motorists nor bikers follow the laws of the road, they simply do as they see fit. I love Canada for all the amenities we have and that we protect human rights, but sometimes it’s just too much. I wish we’d adopt a bit of China’s rules when it comes to traffic. For instance, if you step out on the street when you’re not supposed to and someone hits you, you deserve it. The person who hit you should not have to pay you insurance because you violated the law and if you lost a leg – TOO FUCKING BAD. In China, if you get hit while crossing illegally, it’s your own damn fault. We give way too much credit to human rights here that people begin to abuse it. Back on track – so yes, I dislike driving in Toronto downtown because people are not careful and respectful of others needs. However, sometimes driving there is unavoidable. About 9ish, I arrived at my cousins place with her. All I have to say is her place is damn spiffy and times like these, I wish I were born into a rich family. 2 months of rent for her is about a year’s worth of property tax for me. I parked the car at her place because she had a parking spot. We walked over to a quaint little diner across the street and she got a waffle and I had a ice cream float. At first I thought the prices were a bit steep but once I saw the portion-size, my eyes exploded. Still being extremely full from eating a buffet dinner, obviously I could not even put anymore food in my body.

We departed and I began to drive home and here’s where the fucked up part begins. As I’m headed towards the highway exit, the left rear-side of my car gets hit by a fucking bus because the asshole probably didn’t bother checking his blind-spot on a lane change. As we weren’t moving very fast (luckily), the damage was minimal. I think he was very afraid because he pulled back in his lane and waited for me to flag him down to the side to exchange insurance information. I looked at my side mirror to check for visible damage – nothing. I looked in my rear mirror to check for trunk damage – nothing. I know the impact wasn’t very great because I’ve been rear-ended before and it was very similar, just a “tap” and probably traded a bit of paint.

Having something like that happened pissed me off because as I said, I hate driving in Toronto. When you’re a bus driver, you have more than just the life of yourself in your hands – ALL the passenger on it lie in your driving skills and how can you ignore something as basic as checking your blind spot. I thought about stopping since you’re supposed to, but I couldn’t be assed for several reasons. One was because the damage wasn’t severe and two was because I just turned 25 and my insurance went down, the last thing I want to do is to claim $50 of damage and have my premiums go up by a thousand. Screw it I thought – he’s probably shitting himself already and that’s enough vengeance as it stands. Had I not recently had an insurance premium drop as a result of my age, you sure as hell would expect me to make him stop and exchange information! Times like these I also wish we had a bit of United States within us where citizens could carry guns legally. I’d probably get out of my car and shot that bus or put a bullet through the drivers head for such blatant disregard of shitty lane-changing. Toronto downtown streets are tight and people just care about themselves and thus I avoid driving there. I didn’t bother stopping only because it was for the sake of myself – so this guy/girl should really consider him/herself REALLY REALLY lucky. Of course I know by law you should stop either way, but oh well. By the time I got home and got out of the car, it was only a long white streak and some cosmetic damage to the rear bumper.

Rather than telling my mom a bus hit me, I just told her someone bumped into my car in the parking lot at work. It was for the best and although I hate lying to my own mother, she’d be very worried if she found out I was in an accident. Also, people were already asking why my cousin didn’t just take the bus/taxi home instead of having me drive from one city to another to get her and drop her off and then having to go back home. Even my aunt who happened to talk to my mom on the phone in the evening when I was out asked the same question. I suppose you can say I spoil my cousin. A bit of the reason is because when I was younger, I had a massive crush on her, so I cannot deny that I might “do a bit more for her” as opposed to someone else. I’m a guy and I’m a sucker for girls – what can I say? LOL. Suffice to say, if I told my mom I got into an accident in Toronto as a result of going out unnecessarily, she’d probably freak and say, “I told you so!” Why bother? The most freaky thought was that even though this was already a very LUCKY incident that it was not anything huge… I thought to myself that bebe never even let me see her before she went back to Malaysia had that accident been something big and the bus crushed me to death or something. You may think I’m exaggerating, but anyone who’s been in a car accident knows it’s no laughing matter and that anything can happen. I hope when she comes back, she’ll start appreciating how short life is and start to take advantage of it. Things change fast in life, people come and people go – we should be making the best of it and to be a part of each other.

Anyways, you may think at this point what relevance my title has to do with this. The point is that almost daily, my mentality that being a good person has no reward is being proven. I’m not going to say I was some kind of “hero” by helping my cousin get home, even if it was out-of-the-way. I’m not saying I need to have a medal given to me for it, but I do believe it was a generous thing to do. However, getting hit by a bus, on the way home after doing something “good” just makes me fume. It’s not her fault she asked me to pick her up that this happened – it’s the idiot drivers fault. Yet I think to myself, how retarded it is for one to believe that doing good things lead to good fortune. I suppose if doing something good ends up causing my car to get hit by a bus, then perhaps shooting someone in the head will result in me winning the lottery. Am I too much of a nice guy? Does bebe not feel strongly for me as I do for her because I’m too nice? Do girls really like “the bad boys?” I’m nice to her because I love her and I think that’s a very normal thing. Just like I care about my cousin, I’m willing to do something out-of-the-way for her. However, I’m proven time and time again in life that not ONLY does doing good things not result in good karma happening, it results in even WORSE things happening.

To sum it up, here’s a lesson of life:

Do good things ≠ Good things happening to you
Do bad things ≠ Bad things happening to you

Do good things = More likely bad things happening to you
Do bad things = More likely good things happening to you

2 weeks already that bebe’s been in Malaysia… hasn’t bothered saying a word to me and telling me how she’s doing. I’m not only getting frustrated now, I’m getting annoyed. Are these actions even defensible? Can one truly justify treating someone like shit? I can understand a person wanting to hurt another if you’ve done something bad for them – but to do something like that to someone who has shown so much love and affection? I cannot understand, perhaps my brain is too small or I think life is too simple. I’m not asking her to immediately love me back because that will take time – I’m asking to be treated like a self-dignified human being.

You would think that her being so far would make me lose feelings for her, but it hasn’t. My feelings for her are still indescribably strong. I still have passionate dreams about her and it’s hard for me to find perfection in other girls, other than her. I think about her and worry for her. What is she doing? Who is she with? Is she in a safe environment? Is she in good company? Is she healthy and well? Is she happy and relaxed?  – I continue to wish for her well-being because she’s a very important person to me. Her brother will be starting university soon – I am excited and proud of him – just as if he was my own brother. I hope I get to call him brother-in-law one day! I miss bebe and I want to hold her tight right now. Love is supposed to be a strong, wonderful and positively-live changing feeling. Why is it at times that my love for bebe is bringing the worst out in me, frustrating, anger and vengeance, instead of tender, loving care? What kind of person have I become – why is this monster within me coming out? I need to harness my affection of her to feel more positive and vibrant!

The easiest way I can see her now and give her a sweet kiss is in my dreams… and given it is 11:05PM – I may as well go do that right now! ♥

Weekend Shopping and Updates

Hi Everyone,

Thought I’d relax this weekend without a period post, but I did manage to get some shots of “period-related” things for those who come to my blog for the flow-lovers value rather than actually caring about my life 😛 Don’t feel guilty! Everyone visits sites for certain values and topics that they only care about while others are more interested in learning about the author as a whole!

This weekend was an interesting one and let me start on Friday. I received an email from an uncle telling me that a friend of his will be arriving from Hong Kong to help his son get organized for the upcoming school semester as an international student in Canada. Since I had helped arrange these things and for residence at a local host family, his parents really wanted to take me out for dinner as thanks and to meet me, since other than by phone and email, we have never formally met. I really enjoy the love of helping people when it’s within my means and don’t expect gains other than goodwill and appreciation. When we met, they also happened to bring along a friend who had a daughter (I can already see some people grinning as they read this) who happened to live in the same city and will watch over their son while he’s here.

Everyone talked over the course of dinner and my mom invited them over to our house just to have some tea, sit and chat. I enjoyed showing them my computer and gun collection and of course with all but the one girl, the rest were boys who tuned right in to the idea of being able to shoot a firearm. The girl was very shy but eventually joined us. She screamed the first time she fired off a shot, just like my mom – lol, it was kind of funny to watch. Apparently while all the “kids” were downstairs, the adults talked upstairs about random things. Most notably, I think especially Chinese people like to involve relationships in their conversations because I swear we have nothing else to talk about. Her mom grilled my mom on how old I was, what kind of education I had, the type of guy I am, whether I had a girlfriend or not and how my career is going and such. At the end of the night, her mom was very pleased with me (which is kind of scary… and you’ll find out why later on) and determined me to be a “very good guy.” It’s always interesting because I think over the past while, I’ve come to realize that I’m the type of guy that “girls” my age don’t like, but I’m totally the type of guy that mothers like for their daughters 😆

This is not the first scenario of the case above and happened again on Saturday. The acupuncturist that I go to has a daughter and yes, she is quite pretty – considering the fact I think most Chinese-mainlander girls are ick. I’ve had several opportunities to talk to her informally before, about school, life, sports and other general interest things and have found her to be quite intelligent – or at the very least – appears to be able to hold an intellectual conversation. Aside from the awkwardness of her translating “erection” for her mom (the acupuncturist) to English for me, we have a pretty good time talking when she’s there on the weekend helping out with receptionist work. I figured that especially with “doctors” they would generally not want their own son/daughter interested in a paitient since they know all the “dirty details” about you, like what things are wrong with your body, that you’re overweight or whatever – because in general, you don’t see doctors for good things. Suffice to say, my mom was saying how the doctor was asking about my age, whether I was single, commenting that her daughter was single, what I do for a living, whereabouts I live, whether I was “interested” in girls and that I was a “very good boy” because I’m always chauffeuring my mom around, I have a good relationship with her and I pay for everything. I think from the viewpoint of most “moms” – I appear to be a guy they would definitely want for their daughter knowing I’d treat them well (based on what they know about me).

The awkwardness of most situations is that these girls that their moms want to set me up with are all horribly not within my age range. One of these girls and I won’t mention which one, would actually be illegal. Now I know that Canadian law does not dictate any “age requirements” for dating, but obviously they do have age enforcement for sexual relationships. I’m not saying that when I date a girl, all I ever think about is getting in her pants, but obviously if you want the relationship to progress healthily, that is obviously one of the things that will come up. So yes, one of these moms wanted to practically set me up with her underage daughter. The second mom at the very least, tried to “inquire” about me on behalf of her daughter and at the very least, the girl just turned 18 so at least for legal standards, she would not make me act under a criminal capacity. I think about how immature most university-aged girls are nowadays, let alone consider a relationship with a girl who just turned 18. Speaking of which, I know that this would be a dream for almost any heterosexual male – those “fresh”, “barely legal” girls and I can understand that, but not so much for me if I’m looking for a real, working-relationship. I think that a lot of guys my age don’t want to settle either or care about commitment. A few guy-friends when hearing that bebe was going to be out-of-the-country for 6 months asked me whether I was going to “find another girl to bang” while she was away or a girl to “keep me company” (how you want to interpret that is up to you). It’s not going to happen – just because bebe’s not around doesn’t mean it gives me a right to mess around and don’t confuse that I say a girl is “pretty” or “beautiful” means I think I like them – it just means I can appreciate their beauty and doesn’t replace my love for bebe!

While shopping on Saturday, I finally took some pictures at T&T Supermarket in Mississauga in the pad section! I could inconspicuously bring my camera out since it’s attached to my phone and snap a few pictures. I’ll have to get them sometime when my girls go shopping with me. The Elis DX360 is $9.99 – geezzz, but has side-barriers like the Laurier Superguard – weehh! On the left edge of the shelf was some Laurier Thins and Center-In SaraSara pads… not exactly a big fan of thins, but I can’t be biased now can I? Only someone who’s in a tight pinch would ever buy “local” pads/tampons from a Chinese store because be prepared to have your wallet stripped of its money.

Sunday I got a call early in the morning… like shit-time early and my friend asked me what I was planning to do for the day. I was just aiming to relax a day and do a bit of gaming but asked me to join me at her place for a BBQ. Yes, that’s right – a girl doing BBQ, isn’t that just awesome? It’s already super-hot for girls who know how to prepare a proper meal, let alone one who can even work the barbecue, RAWR! She made a delicious meal and although I helped out here and there, it was pretty nice that she spoils me sometimes and we can just chat while she puts some wings, skewers and seafood on the grill! She had a couple of drinks, but I didn’t since I have to drive and Ontario alcohol laws are tighter-than-ever when it comes to enforcing drinking and driving laws. I stayed until about 9PM or so when we called it a night and I went home to get ready for sleep. Why would I sleep so early? Got a damn email telling me that I have an early-morning Monday meeting! UGH.

Anyways, that’s it for the weekend and I hope my fellow flow-lovers enjoy the pictures. I don’t have much on my mind right now so toodles for now!

I Think Too Much…

As if one who has read my blog probably has already concluded. A lot of people take being analytical as being a really good thing. I am extremely analytical and for all intesive purposes, someone could say something as sure, ok, no, yes, maybe and I would in my head, infer different meanings and thoughts that you may be having. There are times when such analysis comes in great uses, especially ones where I’m deciding whether I’m in a position of danger and such, but rarely do those happen and I find my constant “reading” into things an annoyance.

Trust me, when you begin to think of every angle of what a person could be feeling or “truly” saying when they say simple things, then it comes to the point of over-analysis. I think some of the arguments bebe and I get into is a result of my over-analysis. She will say something as simple as it may be I have already thought of 50 other things she might mean or subconsciously considering even when it is not the case.  I cannot pinpoint the exact English word, but the Chinese expression 多心 comes to mind when it goes to describing me – I think more than I really need to, especially for small situations.

I think a lot of my friends think that I sit there and hunch over bebe’s Facebook and read into what she does, who she talks to and what she thinks. The funny thing is I don’t, because I know when I do, my brain starts to wander. I remember a recent occasion where one of her friends and her were talking to each other and I totally got jealous at things they were talking about. I did not know whether she was serious or joking, but it led me to all sorts of crazy thoughts. I told myself that if I’m going to read her things, I should take everything from a NEUTRAL standpoint, I should not infer anything that her or her friends say, I should read, smile and put it down just like everything else and not take it to heart. Understandably, many of us say things without a second thought because it comes naturally or because we understand inside jokes. When other people read it, they might feel aghast. I can definitely say I let a different side show of me on Facebook rather than the person I am. Suffice to say, I’m not hiding who I am, I just tend to be a bit more wackier on Facebook or may say things I otherwise would not. Since all my Facebook “friends” are people I have actually taken the time to know (and hopefully vice-versa), I feel comfortable expressing myself.

Past 3-4 days I noticed another shedding cycle or so I think. Again, here’s the “think” again – because I really don’t know if it’s true. I always seems every once in a while, my hair goes into these shedding phases where I seem to lose more than usual. This morning I combed my hair and I think about 15 hair strands came out and I’m like HOLY FUCK. I know that stress is a factor of hair loss, but am I really that stressed out? I mean yes, I’m very unhappy over bebe’s departure for 6 months, but this is the least of things. I’ve been much more stressed in my life before than this. I find it almost ironic that as much as she wants hair on me, she’s also the one destroying most of my hair, LOL. All the stress and grief that arises seem to make me more prone to being stressed. When we were together happily, talking and my mood was always up, I was always calm and nice and even the worst of situations I’d just smile. Now I find myself what Cherrie would call “angsty” – the smallest things tip me off. I know in the back of my mind I keep thinking if worse comes to worse, I can just get a hair transplant but that doesn’t solve the ROOT of the problem, which is this unhappiness is just generated from the lack of companionship from bebe. Poh Ching and I always have serious talks about this, because she has a good connection of girls of her own culture, background and likely, similar upbringing. Also, she helps me shed light on things because she too, was the shy, first-relationship girl as well. Although there are times when I curse at myself for bothering with a girl who seems so resistant, I snap back and realize that love has no bounds and choices like these are made out of feelings, not simply logic.

Seems like most of my friends (particularly those who follow my blog) have told me it’s so easy to stay in touch these days – I easily can with bebe over Skype. I would hate to do webcam with her because I hate how I look already, especially over cam 😆 I wouldn’t mind being able to talk to her over voice and just to hear her beautiful voice. I should’ve recorded it while I had the chance >_> I’ve already been constantly checking my MSN to see if she’s finally done stabbing me by ignoring me on MSN and ready to talk to me again, but nope, still hasn’t even though she’s finally back in the comfort of her home. I sit there checking the servers to see if she’s lifted it and I think it’s almost becoming paranoia at that. I need to sit back and just wait for her rather than always checking.

I just want a normal life back, where bebe and I can play games together, smile in each others company, walk with each other to run errands, lie on the grass in the park and share heart-to-heart conversations. I just want her to stare in my eyes and see how much I care for her and can give her a life of happiness. I don’t want to become her show-off toy where she can bring me to her friends and be like, “My boyfriend looks better than your boyfriend,” and become her groomed pet. I want our existence to be our fulfillment of life and that we can start a great family-life together. Life is so short, we spend years growing up, years finding one we can love and only short years that we actually spend together. To think of how we’re wasting our lives away when both of us are made for each other brings sorrow to me – because life is so fragile we should take advantage of every moment.

But today, I realized I need to be a believer. I need to look myself in the mirror and with confidence, believe I can. I have renewed sense of hope, after seeing a guy who is on the large side, older, not one who everyone would consider attractive and not one who is rich and famous, in a relationship with an young and extremely beautiful girl. This couple may be the very testament that there is truth to love, that love allows us to see past those physical imperfections – that bebe could perhaps one day soon, see that I am a guy worthy of her love and that both of us strike passion with each other. Humans undoubtly make assumptions of a person upon appearance, but seeing old couples on the street who have MUCH lost their looks, yet in a loving and undeniable loyalty to each other make me smile and remind myself that when they came together, they knew that she wasn’t going to keep the 36-24-36 she had and that he wasn’t going to retain every strand of hair and that 12-pack of abs he once worked-in. I’m a believer today, because I have seen a relationship between a beautiful girl and a very average guy be together in happiness makes me believe that bebe and I can do the same. It is not that I am suggesting that I will let myself go and be some couch potato and not bother staying in shape, but I don’t believe we should be basing our relationship based on what we see from the exterior of each other. What if bebe in Malaysia gains 10 lbs before she comes back from all the good food and sleep-ins? I am still here for her and my heart will seek no other.

Today, I am a believer. Hope, love, faith.

Now… time to work on finding a shampoo for oily scalps so I can try to keep this hair on my head and get rid of these stupid sebum flakes!

Weekend Updates/Thoughts and Paying for Pain

Hiho Again,

Just wanted to update you on all my happenings this weekend – or well, at least a day of it. Yesterday, I went out to the TCM doctor again except I was unsuspecting to what she had in store for me. I’m sure everyone already read about my moaning and bitching over the pain of having my back scraped by a shark fin-shaped tool causing immense and long-lasting pain to my back. This week, the pain was even worse because of two things. 1 was because she used needles in different spots on the front along with using the electroshock machine and also because she kneaded/pinched fat. I will elaborate later on for those who do not understand the concept.

Traditionally (or maybe I should say in my past history), the acupuncturist only did electroshock on my back and not on the front. Electroshock depending on the intensity of the jolt along with the placement of the needle ranges from comfortable, sensational, to slightly painful. I can usually endure the pain quite well on my back, maybe the nerve endings just don’t pick up as much. In the front, I tend to be more noticable of the pain, although the recent times it has only been upon the insertion of the needle. This time however, even after the insertion it was still painful for a while. Also, adding the electroshock meant I felt it even more than normal. She also used many different insertion points this time, to target getting rid of my stomach fat.

Electroacupuncture - can be heaven and can be hell

Electroacupuncture - can be heaven and can be hell

One would think that being poked at the meaty parts of your body would mean less pain – clearly the opposite. It hurt… a lot, however, with a bit of soreness and pain for about 30 seconds, I could grunt, hold my breath a bit (because breathing caused the needles to move up/down within the skin) until my body was accustomed to the pain. Quite a few needles were inserted in my stomach and surrounding areas, including near my sides – which was scary since my kidneys and liver are there. Even more scary than that was when she began to undo my belt at put one approx 2 inches away from my penis. I don’t particularly like anything/anyone going near there, except for a girl with all-but-the-best intentions LOL. I was really hesitant about the insertion there, but given I’m completely weakened, I could hardly do anything about it. After lying there for 20 minutes barely being able to breathe, the horror was over and she began to withdraw each needle. It was a sham – because the worst was NOT over… and had yet to begin.

She proceeded to “warm her hands up” and put some type of grease on her hands. She does this quite often, so I was no alarmed thinking it was the “ending massage”… well I guess I had it partially right – it was a massage alright – one that according to my mom, seemed to make me scream more than the women from the maternity ward. I had the procedure of “fat pinching” invoked on me. It is not pinching that you think that people use to “test” how much fat a person has, but literally, grabbing fat on your body, kneading it and pinching it as hard as possible. I have read many “western” medical documentation on how there is no such proof that such things work – but looking at many celebrities who have this performed as an assistive method to fat-reduction. I say assistive only because it’s not meant to replace healthy eating and exercise, but “helps in addition to” conventional methods. This is a well-known method done in places like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and other Asian nations. I assure you that given the recollection of my entire life, this has been the most painful thing done to me thus far. By the time she finished which was a mere minute at most, I was gasping for air – I seriously could not breathe because I was in so much pain. My eyes were blurry from tears and I was clenched over in a fetal position trying to endure the pain.

I assure you - it was painful

I assure you - it was painful

It took me about 3 minutes of rapid breathing until part of the pain subsided. As I got up, my mom had to hold me because she was so worried I was going to pass out from the pain. She looked equally pained, only because it’s a common expression in Chinese that for one’s parents to see their own child in pain, the hearts of one’s parents hurts even more. It’s amazing what celebrities go through just to keep their figures as they get this done every day until they have dissipated the fat. I do not look forward to my next visit if she’s doing this again. As of today, a full 24-hours since it happened, my sides are both in pain. I can only do shallow breathing as doing deep-breathes causes my stomach and sides to cramp up (well well, aren’t I starting to feel like more of a woman eh?) and this searing pain shoots up my body. Some of the punctures by the needles also hurt probably as a result of the pain from the already-sore-locations. Last night, I did not get very good rest nor was I able to roll over on my sides.

According to the doctor, the more fatty areas of our body is actually more suspectible to pain. I would had thought on my neck, where there is less meat would mean needle insertions would hurt more (or at least I’d feel more). I find that needle insertions, usually 3-4 don’t hurt on my neck at all. On the other hand, when she did it on my stomach and sides, it hurt like a bitch. She explained that a lot of “fat” is also a result of built-up toxins. A degree of fat is required for the body to function of course, but excess fat is considered “negative” fat which actually hurts more than natural-fat. All I can say is that out of all the things I’ve gone through since I started this regiment has been only “current-day pain” and has rarely carried over to the next day. This on the other hand, I have a feel I’ll be feeling it for the rest of the week. Damn, I hope bebe appreciates all the effort I go into getting that beautiful figure she wants from a guy 😆 Ok ok, fine.. I’m doing it for myself either… but mainly for her XD

The rest of the afternoon and evening, we celebrated my friend’s birthday and also coincidentally a “goodbye party” for a friend who’s leaving to San Francisco for his MBA. Although him and I aren’t particularly close (as in we’ll call each other to hang-out regularly), his presence will still be missed at gatherings and such. He also runs a charity which I help out with, so his leadership will be missed by the organization. We had 3 cakes there… and almost a 4th had we not notified the other attendees not to bring one. The party was a potluck and wasn’t as well-organized as usual… we had a lot of “repeat food” and such – but nevertheless, it was a fun party… the big fun was towards the end of the night where we played our very own “family feud”!

This picture will make sense once you read on... I wish I was born in Malaysia =\ - Stolen from Cherrie

This picture will make sense once you read on... I wish I was born in Malaysia =( Pic stolen from Cherrie =P Maybe I ought to start taking up soccer or something.... LOL! I suppose part of the prerequisite of attending university in Malaysia is to be pretty.... geezz.

By the time we finished, it was 11PM and we all called it a night. Before heading back home, I dropped by the T&T in Mississauga before it closed to pick up “late-night deals”. T&T is well-known for their deep discount to foods and perishable items towards closing hours. I have seen sushi platters up to 50% by the end of the night! Although I did not get any sushi, I picked up some Asian junk-food and such (tsk tsk, I know). At this hour, shoppers tend to be the university students or the teenagers who are still up and wandering the streets. I honestly think I may be going through one of two phases, 1) I’m transitioning to becoming a homosexual or, 2) I’m deeply-madly in love. I would vote the latter because I no longer find that same attraction to women as I once did – or rather, I only find attraction to a woman now. T&T at night is like a sea of hot Chinese girls which a year ago, I would’ve been thinking which ones I’d want in my bed tonight. 1, 2, 3.. 10?!! Give them all to me! Now.. I look at girls and while I can appreciate their beauty, nice smiles and curvy body, I cannot find myself to think, “I want to sleep with her tonight, she’s so awesome!” Yes, I am either nuts over bebe or I am turning gay – take your pick. I guess P.C is going to laugh at me now because she said that’s a sure sign of when you know you have no more question about your commitment and loyalty is when all of a sudden, every other girl/boy seems to have no effect on you anymore. When we left the store, my friend was all hyped up, “Hey, weren’t those girls great?!! Find any that you’d want to bang?” .. my answer was like, “Uhh.. no, not really.” and he just stopped walking in the middle of the parking lot. He was like, “WHAT?!!!” and just to not cause a scene, I just said, “Well, a few were ok, that’s all.” – I don’t think he believed me, but at least he started walking towards the car again. After dropping him off at his house,  I proceeded to head home. Given it was almost midnight, the traffic was quite heavy – especially given I live in a smaller city.

Sometime throughout the night, I thought how stupid it was for me to be “paying money to suffer pain” a la acupuncture/fat pinching and back-scraping. There is a Chinese saying that pretty much equates to, “give money to endure hardship” pretty much made me question my own stupidity, lol… if I’m paying money to lose weight, shouldn’t it be less painful and more convenient? 😀 lol… clearly not the case. Oh well… I mean, I have the right to decline going any more, but I figured I’d finish my 2-month treatment first. It’s undeniable that there are results, just expensive ones and quite painful. I’ll have to ask her to modify it again because I’m not sure how much I want to fat pinched anymore, because the intention is the “spread the fat around” so it’s more easily burnt off and reduces the “visibility” of it – but god… I can tolerate pain – just not like this weekly. I’ll leave you guys with a funny Facebook status update I’ve been meaning to post up for a week or so already but forgot… amusing, especially if you understand French (but the explanation is there too)! My friends always end up getting themselves into awkward situations like this…

"You're a virgin? I love virgins! In fact, I almost always wind up dating virgins. My dad is a virgin too." - LOL!

"You're a virgin? I love virgins! In fact, I almost always wind up dating virgins. My dad is a virgin too." - LOL!

Almost one month of the summer-break gone already… shiiiittt…





The following is a complete machine translation by Google Translate and may or may not completely represent the wording and expressions used in the above writing. However, I did it for those who cannot read Chinese characters. I’m not going to bother translating the above text myself only because every person will have a different “take” on what things mean. Think of it as a poem – to some, it means this… and to another, it means that.

Summer, this should be a matter of indulgence in the summer season of love.
Unfortunately, they come one after another around the feelings of annoyance.
Behind a different love story, the love that has waned, or a third party appeared
This is not right or wrong.

The end of the beginning
Start, end
Life is such coming and going, endless, endless.
Learned to let go, learn to recover naturally.
Give yourself time, little space
Think, think about an independent life.

Love the world in which there is no right or wrong
Only suitable and unsuitable.

This was written by my girl-friend Wing last night…. very cute, yet horribly depressing… I suppose this summer, both our lives are empty. She’s actually a very young girl and to compose something as touching and as mature as this makes me smile bittersweet. Apparently age has very little to do with maturity these days… Experiences really do count for something.

I know the period content has been lacking lately and I’m trying to get my head on straight is all. This blog was actually inspired by bebe after a few months of meeting her. The main reason I created this blog (other than the fact of sharing my menstrual-interest) was because I could see hesitation and reluctance in her accepting my interest and love of menstruation. I started this blog, because I wanted to open her eyes to my interest and as a way of letting her know that just because I have learned to appreciate menstruation, that I am just as normal as a regular guy. Loving menstruation doesn’t change the person who I am – if anything, only to better myself with the intention that this knowledge is because I love the female body so much.

My inspirations are wavering right now since she was the heart and soul of this blog. I will most certainly continue it as I have seen many positive feedback from regular readers and dropper-byers alike. Just for now, I think I need time to recover from my mental and psychological distress. I know myself well enough to say that I know when I need my own  “time out” because I can get really snitchy with people when I’m not happy. Better that I have my time alone and to release all my pent up energy before I return “back to the world.”

Alianya – Imitation Chinese Version of Avatar

LOL…. wow, this is just incredible I had to post it! I take no credit for the content posted in the block-quotes as it’s an excerpt from Chinasmack. Clearly there is a lot of talent in China to be able to create something like this. Perhaps a bit of dedication as well to make something so detailed. My head would explode having to compose something that intricate!

Only read this if you have a lot of time, but I assure you it made me smile and hope it will make you smile as well 😛


“Alianya”: Chinese Shanzhai Version Of “Avatar”

by terroir on Monday, June 21, 2010


This is a photostory posted on the Tianya BBS that “borrows inspiration” from the recent 3D CGI blockbuster “Avatar” to tell a similar story of  “man vs nature”. It appears to be an advertisement for tourists to come to Xishuangbanna, China as this certain locale is touted to have served as an actual inspiration for Avatar as well as having been the one place in China that looks the most similar to Pandora, the fictional moon paradise where the 10 tall blue-skinned Na’vi live.

This use of the movie Avatar to promote tourism in China is not new.  In fact, the BBC had reported that the Southern Sky Column in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province, had changed its name to the Avatar Hallelujah Mountain as a way to attract tourists (a claim reportably later denied by officials).

While it looks like a movie, the stills are so heavily Photoshopped and art directed that these are not likely to be movie stills.

Netizens are on the whole very supportive of this post, in no short part due to the insinuated nudity shown by the lead actress.

From Tianya:

Me and my friend’s made a shanzhai version of “Avatar”, raising pot lid

I’m always slumming it over at “lian2peng2” shooting the bull, but over here in the “Picture Section” I am a noobie and this will be my first time posting, so go easy on me.

Previously I have always been writing many ghost stories and horror novels. My friends have complained I have become more and more depressing, so I’ve decided to try something new.

Thus inspired, I have tried to write a different story than before. In collaboration with my good friend whom I’ve known since the fourth grade in primary school and a professional photographer, the two of us have put our combined results on the internet.

HOHO, I must tell you, my friend is a beautiful and intelligent single female photographer!

If you think this is at least a little interesting, then please give a hand and ding this post. If on the other hand you find the story and images all very boring, I also welcome bricks.

PS: This was originally a short story, but because of the photographs, it snowballed into more and more. As the pictures are finished we will be releasing them, so it will be within three or four days before that is done. If we’re not careful we will be serialized, and we’re really sorry about that.

First let me nervously raise my pot lid, and post an introductory movie poster we made.

Oh, I should tell you this pictorial story is named “Skygazer Tree – Alianya”

Alianya, a Chinese "shanzhai" Avatar pictoral story probably promoting a tourist location.

The pictorial story:

The story goes like this:

As a long time white collar office worker and burdened with the stress of living, life has made me more and more detached and numb. All day long I am distracted with running this endless corporate rat race against my competition just to pay for my apartment.

I am so tired, I just want to run away and hide. After one sudden impulsive outburst, I finally handed in my resignation and decided to throw all of my life’s pressure away to one side and take a long deserved vacation.

On the wall of my home is a map, and when I got back home I decided to try something: with my eyes blindfolded with a black cloth, I would randomly throw a dart. Wherever the dart landed would be my destination of my trip.

Chinese man throwing a dart at a map.Though these vacations are hard to come by, I’ll let a dart decide to which destination my trip will take.

According to where my dart landed, I have arrived at Sipsong Panna (or Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China).

Having gotten off the plane I immediately noticed the sun beating down on my shoulder, making me feel as though the warmth touched my soul.

Chinese man with camera in hand, airplane in background.I have come to the promised land, Sipsong Panna.

Leaving Jinghong International Airport in Yunnan and riding in a car for two hours, I finally arrived at the location as pointed out by the dart, Mengla county in Xishuangbanna Daizu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province.

A friend told me that the world’s most beautiful rainforests are located here in which the tallest trees poke at the sky. These types of trees, the tallest in China, are called Skygazer trees.

Alianya, road signs.Pursuing the gigantic trees with courage as wide as the sky.

After getting out of the car, however, I didn’t see a trace of the tropical rainforest. In front of me all I can see were flaky rubber trees and withered, dead tall trees.

These are the Skygazer trees, the soul of the rainforest, but all they could do now were to stretch their weak withered branches, somehow doing their best to stretch outwards almost as if they were wordlessly trying to give an account of something. Could it be that these rainforest trees are the same ones from my dream?

As the economic development grew, as could be seen in the great number of rubber trees planted, the area of the rain forest was quickly reduced. But what could I do to help the Skygazer trees survive?

A Chinese man looks at a tall tree in Yunnan, China.Shake! It’s as though these withered trees are crying next to the rubber trees.

I then approached a Hani village just nearby the rainforest, the local village people enthusiastically told me that I needed to embark on a speed boat to follow the water route; that way I could then reach the forest with the Skygazer trees.

Thus I shook off my wits and went down to the pier to disembark, but as I neared the pier a light flashed before my eyes.

Chinese man in front of women.In the village of the Hani people I heard that there were still a few surviving Skygazer trees.

Not far in front of me, a pretty girl suddenly looked back, her eyes tinged with a look of grief. I pitied her, and my heart was unable to avoid the wide waves of emotion she washed over me.

However, she quickly faced forward and sped off. On the pier she boarded a ship and headed for the forest with the Skygazer trees; coincidentally, just the place I too was headed!

Pretty Chinese girl in Alianya.This was the first time I saw her.

I sped up my footsteps to get on the same speed boat she was about to embark on, but by accident I let two local people, a boy and a girl, get in my way. They enthusiastically carried a bamboo cup full of some enchanting spirit and invited me to drink it.

This is the way of the local people; any time a stranger would visit the village of the Hani people, the villagers would invite him to drink a cup of this enchanting spirit. But through their enthusiasm, I lost out on my chance to board the same boat as the girl.

With a touch of concern for this beautiful woman, I hurriedly accepted the cup and drank heavily.

Chinese photographer drinking from a cup.The passionate village people used the enchanting spirit to block my path.

When I put down the elixir cup, the speed boat she was riding in had already left the pier. I boarded another speed boat when by a lucky coincidence the boy and girl who had just served me were also traveling in the same boat as I.

While the speed boat raced over the green waves and ripples of the Nanla River. I looked at the the uniformly kept rubber trees that passed by us on both banks in neat little rows. I nervously contracted my brow, and my heart refused to falter.

Images appeared in my mind of a hatchet come striking down, and then of a “Stargazer” tree lumbering down with a crash, and then of thousands of young rubber tree plant spouts replacing them. Each day a bit of rainforest disappears, but how many people actually know this fact?

I lifted up the camera in my hand and decided to record everything as realistically as possible.

Chinese photographer in a boat.On the Nanla River, where fragrant footsteps are everywhere without having to look for them.

Onwards the boat went. In less than a moment’s notice, the rubber trees all disappeared only to be replaced by a lush, virgin rainforest, one that has been untouched and undeveloped!

In the midst of my euphoria at marveling at the beautiful scenery of what appeared o be an Amazon River of the East, I let out a huge cheer! But then by accident, it appeared to me that the Hani local boy and girl were secretly spying and peeping at me – but maybe I was being too suspicious.

A beautiful river/lake in China.The charming and gentle scenery of the rain forest, but no trace of the speed boat that came before us.

After getting out of the boat I tried looking for the girl, but the Hani people took me to a secluded part of the rainforest.

After having madly passed through an overgrowth of strange plants, I saw row upon row of tall, towering trees, so tall they stuck right into the bottom of clouds!

They told me that these were the fabled Skygazer trees I had been searching for, and all I had to do was to climb to the peak of these trees and then I could turn to heaven and make a wish, one that would prove to be effectual and matchless without comparison.

The local people have tied ropes in the middle of these Skygazer tree to make a makeshift corridor. As the local girl made her way across it seemed like she disappeared in the middle of this treacherous passage.

“Do you dare cross it?” the Hani local boy asked me, sneeringly.

Trees and sky.At the horizontal corridor suspending in the middle of the sky, I mulled over my decision.

How can I let them look down upon me? However, when I was traversing this sky bridge I could really feel the rope beneath my feet tremble above this lofty perch…

The view below was of a endless sea of green foliage from the crown of trees, while above me the Skygazer trees loomed overhead. I could not help but feel giddy and dizzy.

At that time my heartbeat raced and I wanted so much to turn back, but then the local boy and girl turned back and quietly snickered at me.

I took a deep breath to measure my pace, and then finally in the middle of the Skygazer trees on that corridor, I made one step, and then another…

Chinese man crossing a suspension bridge.As the plank under my two feet trembled and swayed, I walked forward.

Only after had I taken a few steps out into the sky corridor did I discover that it was suspended thirty meters above the ground, and the crowns of other trees were under my feet.

From this other point of view, I could really see this previously unseen scenery.

In the wink of an eye, I forgot my fear and dread. I felt as though I had seemingly dissolved into the most majestic, large, natural landscape. In order to look at even more beautiful scenery, I lifted up my legs and without fear marched forward.

When I reached the summit of the Skygazer trees, I couldn’t refrain from letting out a huge cry. Only the bravest souls have the right to reach out and touch heaven.

A wooden plank bridge suspended amongst the trees in Yunnan, China.Among the Skygazer trees the wind whistled past.

At the highest point of the sky corridor, underneath the crown of a Skygazer tree, the Hani local girl waited for me with a bunch of sweet flowers in her hands.

According to the rules of the rainforest, once one has traversed the sky corridor one has attained the same level as Skygazer tree hero, and thus receive fresh flowers from a Hani native.

I received the flowers and closed my eyes and took a deep sniff, and an unusually refreshing and sweet smell overwhelmed me.

A Chinese photographer smelling flowers.Flowers given to congratulate my success, ones with an unusually sweet and pungent smell.

After smelling this unusually sweet fragrance, I suddenly felt the sky spin and the ground beneath me give out.

The sunlight streamed though the dense layers of Skygazer foliage and scattered all across the top of me; it felt both warm and foreign.

In the middle of a trance, it seemed as though I heard a song drift in from a distant place, a song with the urgent beating of drums.

Afterwards, I fainted beside a Skygazer tree.

A Chinese man fainted next to a tree in a forest.I fainted next to the tree.

Heaven knows how long I was out for, but after what seemed a long time I stirred awake.

I opened my eyes and saw the sky had already turned dark, but through the darkness I saw that the inconceivable had somehow found a way to come true.

As I stood next to a Skygazer tree, I discovered that my hands, my face, in fact my entire skin had unexpectedly turned blue. Also, on my head was a long, thick, black braid that wasn’t there before.

What had happened? I could simply not believe my own eyes.

Chinese photographer wakes up as a Navi from Pandora.The inconceivable has happened!

If it wasn’t me that has gone insane, then it was the world that had gone insane.

I madly looked all around me and saw on a grassy bank near the Skygazer tree lay my cell phone; it’s signal was still strong.

This surely had to be a hallucination. I picked up the cellphone and wanted to verify if I was normal or not by calling someone.

Suddenly a blue arm reached out from behind the Skygazer tree and stole my cell phone.

A mobile phone on the forest floor.The cell phone was the same as before, but the world had already changed.

I raised my eyes and saw now a beautiful girl with skin color completely identical to mine. On her forehead she had a strange tattoo.

She stood beneath the Skygazer tree and directed a small giggle at me.

Who is she? Why does she also have this kind of blue skin?

I felt uncertain about this, but then I saw this mysterious girl open her red lips and softly say a word: “ALIANYA?”

Asian Navi girl.A mysterious girl in blue from head to toe appeared before my side.

I did not know what she was talking about; all I could do was nod my head.

The mysterious girl’s face immediately brightened up, and then brought together her lips to issue a shrill ear-piercing whistle.

In the blink of an eye, I heard several disturbing rustling noises scattered all around me. As my eyes following my ears, I saw two people who were likewise covered in blue skin, a man and a woman, coming out from behind an enormously tall Skygazer tree and stood right before me.

Who are they? I was completely confused. Why are all the people here blue?

Through all this vagueness, I suddenly had a bizarre feeling. I felt as though I had seen their faces before in those of the Hani local young boy and girl; they were one and the same.

Alianya, shanzhi Avatar.The Alianya tribe people ran towards me.

“ALIANYA?” the blue-skinned boy and girl asked using strange sounds to repeat the same three words the mysterious girl had said.

The mysterious girl nodded her head, and the boy eyed with with a strange look. He stood underneath the Skygazer tree, unceasingly changing his expression.

I could see that he was full of suspicion and would not easily trust me.

Alianya, inspired by Avatar.They stared at me, their expressions strange.

The young man suddenly pushed aside the mysterious girl and whisked out a crossbow that was hidden behind him. He raised it to a ready position cocked with a feather arrow and aimed it at me.

I only knew too well; all he had to do was to loosen the trigger and an arrow dipped in poison would be shot into my chest.

What does he want? All I am is an average rainforest seeking tourist, why is he so full of hostility towards me?

Underneath the shadow of the Skygazer crown of foliage, I had no possible escape!

A blue-skinned young boy holding a bow.These youngsters raised their crossbows and aimed them at me.

In the midst of having these youngsters vehemently aim their crossbows at me, the sky suddenly became full of seeds of pure white fluff that floated in. In front of me they spiraled and lingered upon my person, and little by little they settled upon my shoulders.

Such beautiful seeds! I couldn’t refrain from loudly calling out in wonderment!

As well, the faces of the blue-skinned youngsters exploded with joy. They put down their crossbows and unconsciously the hostility in their faces disappeared.

Strange seeds floating down from the sky.Bizarre seeds that dropped from the sky.

Once the mysterious girl saw the sky was full of floating bizarre seeds, she unexpectedly turned and madly ran off to the most distant part of the rain forest.

Her shadow disappeared underneath the enormously tall Skygazer trees.

Where did she go? Could it be that she is deliberately trying to escape me? I could not help but let loose a high cry.

Alianya, a Chinese Avatar story.Where am I? Who am I?

I turned one eye towards the blue-skinned youths and they revealed an understanding smile. Even though they have not yet said a word to me, I still felt as though they were encouraging me.

I lifted my head in the direction of the vanished mysterious girl, and once I collected myself, I lifted my my foot in the direction of the Skygazer trees and began to run wildly.

I must find her!

Running in the rain forest.Running wildly in the rain forest.

Underneath the Skygazer trees and amidst the brush, I caught another glimpse of the mysterious girl. She stood underneath a wide broad leaf of a rainforest plant and with the corners of her mouth raised, faced me and smiled.

She put a few grotesque wild fruit on a leaf as a makeshift serving tray and offered it to me.

Is this for me to eat? Are these fruits edible?

I remember someone once told me, deep in the old forests of mountains it is not necessary to eat wild fruits. If they are edible, then they can be given to squirrels to eat instead of us.

It seemed as though the girl could see my meaning, and threw an encouraging glance my way.

I gathered my courage and took a fruit and put it to my mouth. It was sour and yet had a sweet flavor to it, and I never thought it could taste so good.

Afterwards, I couldn’t help but reach out into the tree above and pick a fruit myself.

Chinese Na'vi.Once again we meet.

After I had eaten the fruit the pure white fluffy seeds came back. They spiraled around the two of us and landed on our shoulders.

The mysterious girl spread out her two hands widely focused her gaze on a white fluffy seed that landed in the middle of her palm.

What is it? While I was feeling uncertain, a sweet fragrant gust of wind came and blew the white seed off her palm and could be seen spiraling again in the air, slowly drifting down.

My, such exquisite beauty!

After a short while she raised her head and placed her bright red lips next to my ear and lightly whispered: “You really are Alianya”.

Alianya? What is Alianya? I have already heard this word twice.

Alianya, shanzhai Avatar promoting tourist location.The bizarre seeds once again fall down from the sky on me.

It seemed as though the mysterious girl could see my bewilderment. She picked up a seed and said to me, “Only a hero with a pure heart and soul would have the tree’s spirit seeds come spiral around them.”

Tree spirit? A hero with a pure soul?

Well, I once had bravely crossed the Skygazer tree corridor which was mounted up in the sky; by doing so that had already proved my bravery. And now these white seeds have drifted down; does this mean I have a pure soul?

The mysterious woman nodded her head, and again spoke softly into my ear, “Yes, you are Alianya, the people’s hero as bestowed by Heaven itself! We need you, we need your help!”

Alianya, shanzhai Avatar.Spiraling in the air.

Need my help? Need what help?

I had too many questions, and I eagerly awaited her answers.

She paused a bit, and when she spoke her tone suddenly became imposing: “The rubber tree forest is encroaching on our rain forest at this very moment, with each rubber tree that is planted a Skygazer tree comes crashing down; with each passing day the total area of the rain forest continues to diminish. To make a complete recovery, we must let the gestating spirit of the rain forest return to Mother Earth.”

Spirit of the rain forest? This was the first time I had heard this phrase.

The eyes of the mysterious girl suddenly met mine; she said, staring directly at me: “The rain forest is pregnant and expecting to deliver a god, and that god is the spirit of the rain forest!”

AlianyaOnly the “spirit of the rain forest” has the ability to save the people from plunging into an abyss of misery and suffering.

However, the greedy and avaricious people of the Earth have always coveted the spirit of the rain forest and have wanted to capture it.

Once they are able to capture the god-fetus inside the pregnant rain forest, these people will be able to dominate the rain forest. The ultimate fantasy of these people is to transform the rain forest into an paradise of rubber plant trees!

It seems as though some people have helped these evil people in already determining the exact location of the gestating god of the rain forest. Through scamming and exploitation they have made use of a bulldozer and are cutting down trees, and are closing in step by step towards the deepest part of the Skygazer trees.

The mysterious girl and her similarly blue-skinned companions are the spirited and plucky guardians of the rainforest, the following the same role as those before them had done previously and then passed down through the generations: to always protect the impregnated rain forest and the earth bank containing the unborn god.

They call themselves “Alianya”. In the words of these local people these three words mean “the forest with the trees”.

Chinese man standing in forest.Humanity’s greed threatens the “spirit of the rain forest”.

The Alianya protect the spirit of the rain forest, and I am their newest recruit.

In order to resist against foreign intruders, I need to learn each of the skills the Alianya use to survive in the rain forest.

The mysterious girl took out a bow and some arrows and gave them to me. She pouted her lips as if to say to me, “Do you know how to use this?”

Pffft! How hard can this be? Back in the city, my favorite hobby was throwing darts.

I took the bow and with indifference I pulled back the string; however, in doing so I neglected to put an arrow in it.

The girl suppressed a giggle; naturally, she wasn’t that type of person to ridicule or jeer at someone. However, I became so shy that I felt ashamed to show my face–Heaven knows if a blue face still allowed someone to blush and feel embarrassed. Why shouldn’t I be skilled at hitting my target?

I picked a few wild fruits to use as targets from a neighboring tree, and, calming my heartbeat and aiming, I summoned all my skill to throw a dart. It squarely hit the target across from us.

Bam! By lucky coincidence, upon impact the fruit shattered upon impact.

“Ha ha ha!” Out of the girl a cheerful sound came out out.

Chinese "Na'vi" in Alianya, a shanzhai version of Avatar.“Alianya” are always on guard, expecting…

As the daylight faded, the mysterious girl took me down to the blue, undulating waves of the Nanla River.

She let me stand on a bamboo raft on my own. And then after having untied the rope and unhitched the raft, she kicked it out with her foot.

In an instant, the surface of the bamboo raft became slick as the waves of the Nanla River beat against my craft.

I suddenly began to panic; to extended my hand into the Nanla River to pick up a withered old tree branch; I wanted to row the bamboo raft back to shore.

But with such a slender branch, can I really smoothly guide the raft back?

She stood at the riverbank laughing heartily, and yet she kept repeatedly flashing hand signals towards me almost as if to say: “I am able to do this under my own power, I can operate this bamboo raft by myself.”

Rely on my own strength, my own power? Don’t rely on the tree branch?

Peace would not come to my heart as I lifted up the the tree branch in my hand and watched attentively to the river water spilling onto the raft.

At that time to my mind came an incomparable stillness; I discovered that I could feel the raft and I slowly but surely become one.

Alianya.I need to learn each survival skill of the rain forest.

I tried out this idea to marshal the bamboo raft under my command, and bade it to turn left. And, in fact, it did; slowly and unhurriedly it began to shift, drifting lazily towards the left.

A-hah! I really could rely on my own power and smoothly operate the bamboo raft.

With the Nanla River flat as a mirror, I could see my own blue reflection in it.

I was happy like a madman, I wanted to let the mysterious girl know of my joy. But as I looked over to the riverbank, I could not see her footprints anymore.

After a long while she finally returned. She told me she had gone into the rain forest to rest a bit.

I asked her where she rested, and she pointed beside a banana tree.

Although I couldn’t see with my own eyes exactly on which banana leaf she rested, but I could still guess the circumstances at that time.

A Na'vi lying in the midst of the forest.The beautiful Alianya below the Skygazer trees.

On the raft I played so happily that I just about forgot everything else; seemingly both the raft and I became as one, and together we went sight-seeing on the Nanla River.

Na'vi on river.The hero on the Nanla River.

I was indescribably excited, and I could not refrain myself from yelling out a loud cry.

I need to let everyone hear my roar!

Shanzhai Na'vi in Alianya.Who am I? I am “Alianya”!

Unconsciously, I began to feel a hunger in my belly. I steered the bamboo raft towards the riverbank. There, the mysterious girl smiled a smile and hopped aboard the raft.

She extended her arms and inserted them into the clear river water. When she retracted them she held in her hands a fresh, fat wriggling fish.

She picked up some dry firewood and by rubbing two sticks together she eventually made a fire.

With her bare hands she roasted the live fish. Although no condiments or seasonings were used, the cooked flavor was enjoyable beyond description.

Alianya.Enjoying what the rain forest has bestowed upon us; sharing the jungle’s happiness

While we were sharing the immensely enjoying feast, suddenly a shrill howling came from the bowels of the rain forest.

The mysterious girl’s expression changed abruptly. She stood up and grabbed the mat-awning we were sitting under, and started scanning the rain forest, her eyes full of anxiety.

What had happened in the rain forest? I would not let myself get nervous.

The mysterious girl lightly jumped up and then with light and graceful steps began to run wildly into the rain forest.

The place she was headed towards was the same place the shrill howl came from.

I followed behind her, and I unexpectedly discovered that the speed of my running had somehow increased from the time before I had entered the rain forest.

On the other hand, it really wasn’t so strange since I had already become one of the Alianya.

Just as we entered the rain forest, we saw the Alianya youths waiting fretfully for us.

Chinese Na'vi in the dark forest.A howl breaks the stillness of the rain forest.

What happened? Was the shriek we just heard made by them?

The Alianya youth didn’t say a word, but just silently turned his head. He faced the deep, secluded part of the rain forest; his face revealed he was deeply concerned about something.

Immediately, the mysterious girl became nervous.

What were they nervous about? I couldn’t help feeling apprehensive.

“Follow us!” The mysterious girl lead me by the hand and again we went deep into the heart of the forest running wildly.

少年似乎暗示着什么。It was as though the youths were suggesting something.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

Without turning her head back to answer, the mysterious girl said: “We are going to the secret location of the spirit of the rain forest’s birthing place!”

Oh, the spirit of the rain forest; this time I was on the verge of meeting the mythical unborn spirit of the rain forest.

However, how can that screech be explained? Could it be that the greedy hunters have already intruded into the rain forest?

After passing through a portion of the rain forest crammed with plants, we stopped in our tracks on a slope in front of a Skygazer tree.

The mysterious girl pointed at the leaning Skygazer tree and said: “Follow me as I climb up to the crown of the tree; we are going to check out whether or not the tree is secure.”

She took the initiative in climbing up the Skygazer tree; I followed behind her, quick and lithely.

攀向圣树之巅Climbing up to the peak of the holy tree.

The mysterious girl’s shadow disappeared amidst the overgrowth of the Skygazer leaves, but I could yet still see a dark figure.

Suddenly my path became obstructed.

It was a figure dressed in black and he had a bald head; in his hand he aimed a crossbow at me, and on his face appeared a dark, fierce, sarcastic smile.

“Alianya, tell me: where is the spirit of the rain forest?” he coldly asked.

雨林之敌突然现身对峙In confronting the enemy of the rain forest he reveals himself.

Suddenly, an edgy shrill whistle came from somewhere above my head.

I lifted my head but all I could see was a blue figure skim by me from the sky.

It was the blue-skinned Alianya youth; he was holding onto a vine and was swinging over to the leaning Skygazer tree.

阿莲雅少年呼啸着,从天而至The Alianya youth coming from out of the sky, screaming.

Following with a scream, Alianya placidly dropped down beside me, and then with one hand pushed me aside.

I let him push me down the tree. As he lifted up his head, he coldly stared at the bald-headed man in the black clothes.

I know; he pushed me down the tree in order to save me from harm.

The bald-headed black suited thug unconsciously retreated backwards several steps in a row. The imposing manner of the youth had scared him somewhat.

逼退雨林之敌Forcibly push back the enemies of the rain forest.

The young man held up his crossbow and held it up to aim with a cold eye. In a stern voice, he shouted to the bald man to immediately get out of the rain forest and to stop coveting the treasure that lay within.

However, the Alianya people are kind and honest. The youth had made an oath; he would never use arrows dipped in poison and steal the lives of other people, even if it were evil people who were attempting to steal the spirit.

Faced with an arrow, the bald-headed black suited man couldn’t refrain from showing his fear. He timidly jumped off the tree trunk and buried his head in his hands as he ran away fleeing deep into the rain forest.

So it turned out that the evil person was lacking in self-confidence and when faced with righteousness could only choose to flee.

We couldn’t help but clap and celebrate our victory.

誓死守护者片雨林净土Sworn protectors to the death of the Pure Land of the rain forest.

The feather arrow went through his chest and ripped open a seam of blood in it like a flower in bloom.

It was as though his heart was not willing; he couldn’t believe the world would go so far as to be this sinister.


The youth collapsed slowly onto the leaning Skygazer tree trunk.

There; that is the place where birds reside in their nests; nests in which birds use their beaks to carry back wild grass for their nests, and drop seeds inside holes in tree trunks.

If he is still able to grant himself good fortune, then into which next form will the Alianya youth reincarnate?

My heart could not help but be sad and cold.

神蕨绽放The god fern in bloom.

The youth’s companion held his bleeding chest, and soundlessly sobbed.

Deep in my heart I silently told myself that this was necessary in order for the people of the rain forest to come and go on the circle of life, because there must be those that need to be reborn.

Afterwards, underneath the leaning Skygazer tree I picked up the fallen Alianya youth’s crossbow and was determined to get revenge.

However, the rain forest is vast and endless; where would I go to root out this evil bald-headed man clad in black?

逝去的人,总会重生Those who have died, will ultimately be reborn.

As I was in the midst of all this haziness, the mysterious girl made her way gingerly next to me.

In a low voice she whispered to me: “To confront these evil people who will try in vain to destroy our rain forest, why don’t we use the power of the rain forest to destroy them?”

The power of the rain forest?

It was as if I had a kind of enlightened feeling.

自然之神,终会觉醒The God of nature, will ultimately awaken.

In a soft voice the mysterious girl said into my ear, “Let all the creatures of the rain forest come and punish these bad people. Come still your heart, and with great detail listen respectfully to these many creatures’ calling. You are a person of a pure soul and heart, you can melt harmoniously together with them as one…”

According to her instructions, I calmed my heartbeat and spread out my two arms and silently using my soul I communicated with all the many creatures of the rain forest.

Truthfully, I could indeed hear each and every distant and dark call of the many creatures of the rain forest, every last cry and roar and whimper.

万物有灵.All things have souls.

A portion of strong aura lingered within me. I felt as though I was floating in the air, and my whole body felt warm and foreign.

It seemed as though I knew what I had to do, thereupon I closed my eyes and concentrated. I silently prayed in my heart:

“All the creatures in the rain forest: you are to go punish these disgraceful wreckers!”

冥冥中有一种力量正在结集Somewhere, a kind of power was gathering.

The mysterious girl grasped my hand, and together we ran off together towards the secluded part of the jungle.

Beside a small creek, we saw that bald-headed man struggling in pain. It wasn’t clear how but he had somehow gotten rolled up in a banana leaf. We could see he was packed in there tightly and that he was slowly being constricted.

The top of the bald man’s head was oozing sweat and his expression was very pained, but I nevertheless felt I was unable to express my joy.

The bald-headed man fell to the ground and the banana leaf plant immediately went limp. As if it possessed life and moved around like this normally, the banana leaf again wrapped itself around his head.

On the mysterious girl face was written an expression of nervousness, just like before. What was she nervous about? Of course, she was concerned about the pregnant rain forest and the unborn spirit of the rain forest and whether or not it was still safe and unharmed.

他们终旧自食恶果They always get their comeuppance in the end.

She led me by the hand again to return back to the leaning Skygazer tree.

Following the trunk of the tree, we went right to the end. And then there, with our eyes dancing about we were suddenly enlightened.

Right in front of us there emerged a gigantic Skygazer tree, both perfectly straight and enormously tall.

I looked up but could only see the ends of the tree branches, all floating in a halo of light.

Within the halo we could just see the form of a maiden with a coiled figure; her two hands were clasped about her knees, and she was in a deep slumber.

This was the spirit of the rain forest!

The mysterious girl told me in a sincere tone that within the egg of the spirit of the rain forest this unborn spirit was its god and protector.

The pregnancy of the spirit of the rain forest requires a period of a thousand years until it can finally break the shell of its egg and hatch. Just recently, these couple of days have been the final portion of the pregnancy.

Once she hatches and emerges, the world and all its creatures will heal and recover.

The Alianya people have served as the quick and plucky protectors of the egg; each generation they have stood on guard nearby and prevented any evil doers to come close.

As the spirit of the rain forest has been gestating within the egg, it could only be pregnant in the closest spot possible.

But because the environment has deteriorated, the plucky egg has continually relied on the spirit of he rain forest and its idea to relocate; so a few years back it has come to the Xishuangbanna tropical rain forest.

But, a million years have come and the clever spirit hunters have come, greedy for the spirit of the rain forest.

The evil people have started up their bulldozer and have gradually been encroaching upon the original rain forest.

The Alianya have been searching for a hero with a pure heart, and they see that person in me. Letting me traverse the sky corridor was their way of testing my courage.

When I had fainted they had transformed me into an Alianya and taught me all the skills required to survive in the rain forest.

And right now they need me to squeeze out a drop of blood from my fingertip and sprinkle it upon the plucky egg.

According to her instructions, I made a slit upon my hand.

A drop of fresh blood dripped upon the plucky egg.

And then something magical appeared before my eyes…

望天树上的“雨林之魂” The spirit of the rain forest atop the Skygazer tree.

I had no way to describe it; at that moment all the words of the human language had their use forfeited in light of this phenomenon.

Right in front of my eyes was a lithe and graceful dancing spirit clad in white. She unhurriedly brandished her pure white wings.

She pursed her red lips to speak, and although the sound was low and delicate and she spoke a language I had never heard before, I nevertheless was still able to understand her without any problem.

轮回千年,重生大地 Every thousand years, the land is reborn.

She told us that if the shell of the spirit of the rain forest had been broken then all the creatures of the world would not recover completely.

All the people of the world need to alter their own notions and thoughts.

Wherever we lived we would ask for more; to that, it would retaliate all the more.

Although within these one thousand years the spirit of the rain forest had been inside the clever egg gestating, she still always had been paying close attention to the Earth.

Drought, mining disasters, earthquake, tsunamis, volcanic ash covering the sky and blocking out the sun, the hole in the ozone layer getting larger, global warming…

Whether or not the environment recovers or deteriorates all depends upon the hatching of the spirit of the rain forest; from a distance it is not enough.

We all need to let the “spirit of the rain forest” inside every person’s heart to awake and become aware!

雨林之魂环视众生The spirit of the rain forest looks around her and sees every living creature.

I don’t know when but only then did I realize that the mysterious Alianya girl had already vanished without a trace.

And when the spirit of the rain forest came out, I unexpectedly felt that her features when compared with the mysterious girl were exactly one and the same.

What was this? Could it be that while the spirit of the rain forest was gestating her spirit had already overflowed out of the egg and from dark and obscure depths had been guiding me all along?

朱唇轻启,开启天机Her red lips pursed and would open up the mysteries of nature.

The spirit drew her wings together and faced me. After a small laugh, she quiet watched me attentively.

Under her gaze, I seemed to understand something.

Oh, I know now, I too am one of people of the world.

And I need to wake up.

Here in the rain forest I had this chance encounter with the Alianya people. With my own two eyes I have witnessed the marvel of the birth of the spirit of the rain forest, and from her own mouth have heard about the mysteries of nature.

However, not every person on Earth can get the kind of opportunity I have gotten.

The spirit of the rain forest definitely wants to express through my own words to let the “spirit of the rain forest” in everyone’s heart to awaken and become aware.

I know what I have to do now.

Once I get back to normal civilization, I must not spare any effort in publicizing this message and protect the last of the rain forest.

只有每个人都觉醒Only when every person wakes up…

重新寻回对万物的爱与勇气…and finds their their love and courage towards all of creation…

“If there is no rain forest, then there is no water. If there is no water, then there are no crops. If there are no crops, then there would be no humanity.”

The spirit of the rain forest spoke slowly.

But although these were obviously simple words, my hearing them was like achieving enlightenment.

I couldn’t help but hop atop the leaning Skygazer tree and give a shout.

But in that instant, I suddenly felt my body tremble. Then, I fell down from the tree trunk and landed in some some underbrush and then just like before, I fainted…

世界才能重生Can the world be reborn.

I slowly stirred awake and I discovered I was cold right to the bone. In the air I heard the sound of someone singing a song. Opening my eyes, I discovered I was lying in an open public square of some sort. I was surrounded by many villagers who were singing and dancing as they made their way towards me.

So, isn’t this the public square next to that pier when I first came here?

我醒了I’ve awakened.

I was in the rain forest and I saw both the Alianya people as well as the spirit of the rain forest. Could it be that it was just a long and strange dream?

But why was this dream so real and life-life?

这是梦吗? Is this a dream?

Seeing that I had regained consciousness, the singing and dancing girls and boys crowded around me. I could hear that they were singing a song praying for rain to fall on their village.

“If there is no rain forest, there is no water. If there is no water, there are no crops. If there are no crops, then there would be no humanity.”

Aren’t these the same words the spirit of the rain forest said to me underneath the Skygazer tree?

I couldn’t help but feel unsure about something.

Already, I had no way to distinguish between reality and a dream.

还是现实?Or is this reality?

My body suddently started to shake for I saw standing in the middle of the beautiful girls someone I had just seen back in the rain forest; wasn’t that the “spirit of the rain forest”?

I wanted to stand up, but my two feet still lacked strength. I simply did not have the ability to move.

That beautiful girl could not help but smile.

Yes, I am confident; she is the mysterious girl of the Alianya people. Also, she is the “spirit of the rain forest,” just like in my dream!


What is this? A tribal emblem?

她是“阿莲雅”? Is she “Alianya”?

I suddenly discovered something right underneath my foot. Lowering my head, I saw that it was some kind of strange symbol.

I seem to remember the “Alianya” people wearing this exact symbol as a tattoo upon their foreheads.

Oh, I understand now; in fact, it was all not a dream.

图腾?A totem?

Once I raised my head again, I saw the public square had become lonely and barren.

The beautiful girl could not be seen anymore, as well as all the singing and dancing people; it was just as though they had never appeared.

Again, I couldn’t tell the difference between fact and fiction.

I really wanted to let myself encounter it again so I could tell my friends back in the city.

From the ground I picked up the cell phone; when I flipped open the top, I could see on the screen inside two blue fingerprints.

Oh, I remember now; back in the rain forest when I discovered I had turned into Alianya, I had picked up the cell phone that was lying on the ground, still as before; then the mysterious girl had extended her arm and snatched it, running away.

Could it be that these two fingerprints were left by her?

No, this wasn’t a dream, these two fingerprints could prove everything.

这是场梦吗?? Was this a dream??

However, unbeknownst to me, while I was staring at the fingerprints on the cell phone, from far away somebody was staring at me…

不,也许只是开始! No, maybe it has just begun!

Thank you everybody for your continuing to pay close attention to this story. This story is completely devoted to all of you, and after this there will be shown a short video. We are intensifying our efforts to complete it. At that time everybody can see an even more complete story. Thank you everybody for your support!

Alianya end.

At the pace of every two seconds in the tropical rainforest the equivalent of a soccer field disappears, and according to this rate within ten years all the rainforest on the planet will completely disappear…

And in China, unusual climate is also closely connected to the loss of forest vegetation …Do we continue sleeping, or do we wake up? Do we let things end? Or do we start something…?

End of story.

Oh yeah, also need to publicize our photography/film crew a bit, hehe…

Alianya credits.

This story and the images were posted part by part over one week between May 6 and May 13. Here are some “behind the scenes” photos that the poster included in between updates and after the completion of the story:

Alianya behind the scenes.

Alianya behind the scenes.

Alianya behind the scenes.

Alianya behind the scenes.

Alianya behind the scenes.

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