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U By Kotex @ Sobeys Canada (Samples/Coupons Within)

ZOMGWTFBBQ!!! They have arrived.

Just as I was complaining about how there were no Kotex sales this coming week, sure enough, I wake up in the morning to check the flyers and Sobeys is the first place I’ve seen the new “U by Kotex” hit local Canadian-shelves!! Although I won’t be picking some up (unless I can’t resist) until there are better prices or a coupon, I’m excited that they’re available. I’m not sure how many of my girls I will be able to talk into trying them out, although many are currently busy with their final exams and such.

I will have to say, $4.49 a package is pretty pricey, with only 14 pads in the smallest package and I was typing this at the very moment, I decided to check out the revamped Kotex site. Apparently, they do offer a coupon, so I just printed it out and now I have a save $1.50 for the next package I buy!! 😀 I have a Sobeys right by my work, so perhaps I’ll sneak over there during a break or something to do a bit of investigating!! I suppose given the do also have a 25-sobeys bonus points, it might be worth it 😆

The coupon is available to both Canadian and American residents, so please verify at the top of the page or use the CA or US links I have enclosed here! Unfortunately right now, I can’t send samples to any of my girls’ houses since they have either left campus or whatnot >_< or have even left back “home” to vacation! I’m also not risking having Kotex samples to my front door addressed to me, lol. However, for those who have the liberty of ordering and live within Canada/US, feel free to check out the free samples! Likewise, the following links for CA (English), CA (French), or US (English).

Suffice to say, I’m not a big ultra-thin lover or anything, but hey, I’ve been commenting a lot on the whole new designs and said features, so it’d be unfair of me to make judgments before actually try them. Unfortunately, only 2-3 of my girls actually use tampons, so I won’t be able to get a good review on those for a bit! It’s going to be rather hard to persuade my ex-ex to use something other than O.B., lol.

I’d just like to note for the guys, that having seen a review for the new U by Kotex at Kayo’s that Kimberly Clark (Kotex MFG) that they’re willing to send even to male sample-requestors, which is kinda nice and all of them! I’m sure that a good portion of the pad/tampon sales are actually to flow-lovers, lol, so they definitely would be smart to send to us too! 😛 I wish I had sisters that I can use as an excuse to have sent to my house, har har. I’ve tried send it to work too, but unfortunately, they will only send to households, so it never got there 😦

Now that I’ve spent some time researching this, I really want to run out to Sobeys right now and get a package, lol, damn, I should stop reading about this stuff. Maybe I’ll wait until the weekday since today I’m wrapping up some other errands and tomorrow is Rose’ birthday, so I don’t want to pack too much into my schedule. Looks like this is an interesting morning to wake up to and now I have to go pee, so I’m going to end my post, lol.

Toodles, I hope those who will take the time to test out any of the U by Kotex products, liners, pads and tampons alike will take the time to post their thoughts should you feel comfortable! If not, feel free to send me an email to let me know how it turns out for you! 🙂

eBay Snatches and Weekly Sales #6

I figured with the amount of work required to extract each picture from flyers, it is best to simply provide the sale information each week. Also, I will be merging eBay deals into the same post to conserve posting space.

These deals are only applicable to select regions of Canada, Ontario. Please verify these sales against your local flyer or e-flyer before purchase!

Weekly Sales

Shoppers Drug Mart

Assorted Kotex Maxi Pads (14-24’s) and Liners (33-48’s) for $1.99


Double-Pack Tampax Cardboard Applicator Tampons with 5-bonus Tampax Compak Tampons for $7.59

Double-Pack Always Maxi Pads Super or Overnights with 3-bonus Always Infinity Pads for $7.59


Assorted Tampax Pearl Tampons (36’s) or Always Infinity Pads (32’s) for $8.00

Pharma Plus and Rexall Chains

Assorted Always Maxi Pads (24-36’s) or Liners (68-120’s) or Tampax Tampons (40’s) for $6.99


Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons (36’s) for $8.99

Food Basics

Assorted Kotex Maxi Pads (14-24’s) and Liners (40-48’s) for $3.29

eBay Snatches

Lot of 13 New StayFree Maxi Regular *312* Pads Total
Current Price: $0.99 as of this posting

Current Price: $34.99 as of this posting


And also, found a great deal via thanks to Smartcanucks community @ Always and Tampax Samples

Samples provided by Beinggirl

Purchasing Feminine Hygiene Savvy

Thanks for letting me borrow your arm ^__^

Having been through many purchases of feminine hygiene products before, I can definitely relate to some of the discomforts of purchasing these things. Whether for a sister, girlfriend or wife, practice and doing it often is the only way to overcome discomforts and sometimes even embarrassment of making these purchases, especially when done as a “solo purchase” (with no other items). Nevertheless, practice makes perfect, whether it comes down to making sure you buy the right item or being able to look at the eyes of the cashier. It has been many years since I’ve made my first purchases and given all my cute little god-sisters, buying such items with or without them is a fairly regular routine. After a while, it no longer fazes you and just like shopping for fruits, vegetables or chips, it is even enjoyable with all the different brands and types.

I decided to make a post with a few thoughts that come to mind to help with the purchase of feminine hygiene products for the guys. This might also be some good tidbits for younger girls who have recently started her period. This is not a direct addition to my Men’s Guide to Feminine Hygiene as it may or may not contain some information provided before. If it confuses you, see this as a completely new and unrelated post. Sometimes I really have random thoughts… wish I wrote them down more often because I can’t remember them by the time I start typing things up. Here are some “savvy” things you could do to such as…

– Check your local stores, flyers or e-flyers for specials and sales… even though I hate media coverage of feminine products, pay attention to advertisements too

– Be a smart shopper, use coupons in flyers, print-outs or even mailed-to-you coupons from places like It is often elusive since stores might not advertise it, but they may even have walk-in coupons available in related aisles or at the entrances of the store (See picture)

Find coupon dispensers or "rippable" coupons near the products you are buying or at the entrances of the store

– Get to know your prices well, what is considered cheap, regular and expensive. Don’t forget to be aware that there are a variety of quantities for packs/boxes so don’t forget these factors when comparing prices

– Generally warehouses, pharmacies or chain supermarkets will sell pads/tampons cheaper than a convenience (gas station) or small store. Avoid shopping at places that offer “last minute” services as they will likely charge higher markups

– Take time to analyze your purchase… it may help you in the future to really get to know the product you are buying. Don’t hurriedly put the items in your basket or taking it to checkout before ensuring it is the right one as much as you may not want to be caught reading the package

– If you truly feel self-conscious when going to the checkout, pick self-service counters or lanes that are serviced by an older male or female, they are more likely to have experience dealing with such items and will think nothing of it. Younger cashiers are more likely to make a scene of things or make comments. Some pharmacies even have their personalized checkouts, consider using those if available and they are willing to register your items

– Show pride when making the purchase. Why should you not be? You probably have a loving sister, girlfriend or wife waiting for them 🙂 The more shy or uncomfortable you appear, the more attention you will likely attract to yourself, such as saying or doing something stupid

– Avoid staring at other girls making purchases in the feminine hygiene aisle; it just makes you look like a pervert, lol. Yes yes, I know for us flow-lovers that in the back of my mind we appreciate menstruating women and have all sorts of sexy and crazy thoughts, but fantasies and dreams are different than actually sizing a gal down… that is unless you know she’s into that sort-of-thing

– If you see another male in the feminine hygiene aisle, no worries, you are both likely to be in the same boat

– If you feel embarrassed upon every checkout, stock-up so you don’t have to “suffer” as many times… honestly though, get over yourself, you are not going to lose your job because you were caught buying pads and tampons

– Suggest reusable items to your female companion as they will reduce the frequency of you having to make purchases on her behalf… reusable cloth pads or cups are economical, environmentally-friendly and do not require regular purchases

– Another thing about purchasing comfort is that if you’re doing further shopping, bag your feminine hygiene items using reusable cloth bags… they’re generally non-transparent so no one can see what you’ve purchased

– Buying in bulk reduces not only reduces the frequency of your purchases, but also, you will likely get a better price-per-unit

– Take advantage of online communities or resources dedicated to finding “good deals” and stay up top of the newest products, free samples or upcoming discounts. Even sites such as eBay may connect you with sellers who are selling feminine hygiene products at reduced costs to get it out of their way

– Consider the usage  length of the product when comparing purchasing quantity/price ratio. For instance, if the product needs to only be changed once for every 2 of another item, you have already saved 50% of the usage of another product. When using higher absorbency products, for example, not only do you reduce the frequency of change and you’ve also prevented additional waste ending up in the landfills (even if larger absorbency products might be larger/thicker, it is not an entirely separate item itself)

Always, Tampax, Playtex, O.B., Kotex, Carefree, Stayfree & Generics – Rexall, Shoppers Drug Mart, Metro, No Frills, Zellers, Walmart, Sobeys and Fortinos

These deals are only applicable to select regions of Canada, Ontario. Please verify these sales against your local flyer or e-flyer before purchase!

There are a crap-load of sales this week, take the time to EVALUATE the quantity of each one before jumping in because I definitely see some “tricky prices.”


Assorted Exact Pads (12-24’s)/Liners (30-48’s)/Tampon (20’s) brand for $2.29/ea.

No Frills

Assorted Always Pads (12-24’s)/Liners (30-60’s) or Tampax Tampons (20’s) for $2.99/ea


All Playtex Gentle Glide/Sport Tampons (36’s) brand 2 for $15.00 (or multiples of 2’s)

Rexall/Pharma Plus Chains

Assorted Always Pads (Ultra, Clean or Infinity 24-36’s) or Tampax Pearl Tampons (36-40’s) brand for $8.49 w/ coupon
Assorted Stayfree Pads (16-24’s) or Carefree Pantiliners (46-60’s) or O.B. Tampons (18’s) brand for $3.49 w/ coupon
Assorted Playtex Tampons (18’s) brand for $4.49 w/ coupon
Assorted Always and Kotex Pads (24-36’s)/Liners (68-120’s) or Tampax Tampons (40’s) brand for $6.99

Shoppers Drug Mart

Assorted Always Pads (24-48’s)/Liners (68-120’s) and Tampax Tampons (40’s) brand for $6.99/ea


Assorted Always Pads (32-48’s)/Liners (68-80’s) and Tampax Tampons (32-40’s) brand for $7.49/ea


Assorted Always Pads/Liners and Tampax Tampons (12-60’s) brand for 2 for $6.00


Assorted Always Ultra Thin or Maxi Pads w/ Wings brand for $10.00/ea
Assorted Playtex Tampons (36’s) brand for $6.84/ea

Always, Tampax, O.B., Kotex, Carefree, Stayfree & Generics – Rexall, Shoppers Drug Mart, No Frills, Zellers and Fortinos

These deals are only applicable to select regions of Canada, Ontario. Please verify these sales against your local flyer or e-flyer before purchase!


Assorted Always Pads (32-48’s)/Liners (68-120’s) and Tampax Tampons (54’s) brand for $7.49/ea.

No Frills

Assorted Kotex Pads (14-24’s)/Liners (33-48’s) for $2.99/ea


Assorted Kotex Pads/Liners, Stayfree Pads and Carefree Liners brand 2 for $7.00

Rexall/Pharma Plus Chains

Rexall Pads (14-24’s)/Liners (36-48’s) brand for $2.49/ea
Assorted Always Pads/Liners, Kotex Pads/Liners, Stayfree Pads and O.B. Tampons brand for 2 for $6.99
Assorted Always Clean Ultra Pads/Infinity Pads (24-36’s) and Tampax Pearl Tampons (36-40’s) brand for $8.49/ea

Shoppers Drug Mart

Assorted Life Tampons (20’s) and Kotex Pads (14-24’s)/Liners (33-48’s) brand for $2.99/ea

Always, O.B., Tampax, Carefree, Stayfree & Generics – Rexall, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart and Fortinos

These deals are only applicable to select regions of Canada, Ontario. Please verify these sales against your local flyer or e-flyer before purchase!


Assorted Always Pads and Tampax Tampons brand for $6.47/ea.

Rexall/Pharma Plus Chains

Assorted Always Pads/Liners and Tampax Tampons brand for $6.99/ea.

Shoppers Drug Mart

Assorted Life Pads (18-20’s), O.B. Tampons (18’s), Stayfree Pads (14-24’s) and Carefree Liners (46-60’s) brand for $2.99/ea.


Assorted Always Pads (12-24’s)/Liners (30-60’s) and Tampax Tampons (20’s) brand for $2.99/ea.

I’m Floating on Air

It’s happy days like these I wish I could re-live over and over again. This morning, I went to the temple with a couple of friends who really really wanted to try their vegetarian meal there. Although they were strictly Catholic, they did not mind the idea of “eating at a temple” or even being in the presence of a Buddhist atmosphere. I’m not sure how that’d be looked upon, but I know my uncle/aunt who are strict Catholic won’t even STEP FOOT in a temple, near one or anything related to it. We got there around 11:30, just half an hour shy of the start of lunch so we showed them around, the library, miniature tea house, gift shop, etc. until it was time. Since the 1/2 hour did not provide us with a lot of time, we had to go back after. For those who don’t follow my blog or the (lack thereof) interesting life, I’ve had a lot of relationship problems within the past 6 months. I cannot even express the anguish of it, although anyone who has ever felt heartbroken and torn inside-out will know what I mean. Anyways, other than praying deeply for a year of good health, fortune and happiness, I asked hard to be blessed with guidance on how to be a better person and show the girl I truly care about how I felt. I wanted my relationship not to become a burden, but a source of happiness, satisfaction and compassion. I am a simple person, I do not expect monetary riches in life, I want my life to be filled with things you can’t buy in a store – happiness, love and family.

Generally I’m not a big vegetarian food lover – I’d fall apart without meat, lol, but when it comes to the food they make at the temple, it is amazing. They make things with so much flavour and vibrancy that it makes you want to eat it and feel satisfied! The problem I have with vegetarian food is the fact they taste bland and not fulfilling after you eat it, but not here, yummy! So we chatted and ate, I had seconds and I think almost everyone else did too! We went back upstairs and finished the rest of the “tour”…. I was glad to be upstairs again because the temple basement is extremely deep and it kills off any chance of you getting phone/internet reception down there. It was nice to be “in touch with civilization” again.. LOL.

Also, my friends brought a camera with them (obviously – what self respecting Asian doesn’t take a camera on a “t0ur”? haha.) and we took some pictures and even I took some of the decorations. Although we went and took some pics on CNY, it was packed with people that I didn’t even get to see (or COULD see) them but now, with less bodies around, I actually got to take in the beautiful decorations and design! After taking “a few” pictures, they also had a stand for a “wishing tree” where you could hang up your year’s wish for a few dollars and all the donations collected were going to Haiti, so why not? My mom and I bought one and so did our friends and we could choose a place on the tree to hang them up!

We didn’t do any grocery shopping today because everyone wanted to go home… and on the way home, I realized that I should’ve because my friend’s birthday party is coming up on Saturday and I was supposed to get her some “Chinese Beer” – urg… now I have to go to the Chinese stores near here just to see if they have it. When I got home, I started talking to one of my friends and as usual, we talked for an hour or two. She had to take a shower… good thing or else we would’ve never stopped, lol. She always cheers me up (not that it was a bad day or anything) – but what made it better is that BeBe and I are starting to talk again. Really – my life is so much better now, I don’t care whether this is “progress” or anything, just her talking to me made me head swirl with happiness, pure BLISS. Life is grand today – and hopefully “forever after” too…. I’m just so ecstatic right now this feeling is better than being high … not that I actually know what that feels like 😀

This weekend has been busy for me so I really lacked posting any “flow content”… so I’ll try to conjure something up in the next few days on-topic 🙂 Toodles everyone!


Found this before going to sleep.. I didn’t want to include it in my previous “sales” post because it’ll probably be missed:

@Costco …. $3 off on boxes of Always Pantiliners (Box of 160) – valid at participating Western/Eastern Canada Costco’s (Membership Req’d)

Always, O.B., Tampax, Kotex & Generics – Rexall, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart and Metro

Sorry for the lateness, I’m in a rush to head out! Hopefully I did not make any mistakes. These deals are only applicable to select regions of Canada, Ontario. Please verify these sales against your local flyer or e-flyer before purchase!


Assorted Always Pads/Liners and Tampax Tampons brand for $7.57/ea.

Rexall/Pharma Plus Chains

Always Ultra Thin Pads for $4.49/ea
Assorted Always Clean Ultra/Infinity Pads and Tampax Pearl Tampons brand for $8.49/ea
Assorted Always Pads/Liners and Tampax Tampons brand for $7.99/ea
Rexall Ultra Thin Pads for $2.49/ea

Shoppers Drug Mart

Assorted Kotex Pads (14-24’s)/Liners (33-48’s) for $2.99/ea
Assorted Life Tampons (40’s) brand for $5.99/ea
Assorted Life Pads (28-48’s)/Liners (84-96’s) brand for $5.99/ea


Assorted O.B. Tampons (40’s) for $10/2 boxes
Assorted Selection Pads (14-48’s) brand for $2.49/ea

Always, Kotex, Tampax, Stayfree and Carefree – Rexall, Shoppers Drug Mart, Fortinos and Zellers

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been spending today out of the office and will be out of the house for the evening. I won’t have any comprehensive updates or anything, but I will post up the deals of the week for feminine hygiene products. These deals are from Feb 13-19 (or see the fine print)… and these ones aren’t even as good as the one last week at SDM where it was 5.99 for 3 packages/boxes! These are only valid at selected locations in Canada, Ontario… and may vary on a per-city basis. Please check your local paper flyers or digital flyers to confirm the availability!

Fortinos or any Loblaws/RCSS Chain:

Your choice of Kotex Maxi Pads 14-24/Package or Kotex Pantiliners 33-48/Package or Tampax Tampons 20’s/Box

2 for $7 or any multiple of “2” packages or box


Your choice of assorted Kotex Maxi Pads or Kotex Pantiliners.

$5.97 for each package


Your choice of Kotex Maxi Pads 10’s/Package or Kotex Pantiliners or Stayfree Maxi Pads or Carefree Pantiliners

2 for $7 or any multiple of “2” packages or box

Pharma Plus or any Rexall Chain:

Your choice of assorted Always Maxi Pads or Always Pantiliners.

$4.49 for each package or box

Your choice of assorted Tena (Incontinence) Pads or Tena (Incontinence) Pantiliners.

Buy one get one free with savings of up to $7.99. See in-store flyer coupon book for more information.

O.B., Stayfree and Carefree Shoppers Drug Mart Sale!

INTERJECTION: Couldn’t help but get a kick out of this joke… especially after the funny morning (or well, her night) conversation that Poh Ching and I had for a few hours…

Condom says to Kotex, “When you work, I lose seven days of business.

Kotex replies, “If you fail to work once, my business stops for nine months!


Massive deal at Shoppers Drug Mart for the week of February 6, 2010 to February 12, 2010! However, the real sale is only on Sunday (7th) and Monday (8th). This is only applicable to select areas in Canada, Ontario so please check your location offerings accordingly! When I saw the “leaked” (lol, pun intended) version of the sales coming up this week, I thought 3 for 5.99 was a typo – but apparently not. If you’re lucky and your SDM allows printable coupons, you can even get a $2 off coupon here (top-right corner of the page) or use the P&G Brandsaver/Save.CA coupon that offers a buy 2 and get $5 off deal!

The flyer cut-out is in pretty poor resolution (hey, go complain to SDM, lol):

That’s right, your eyes aren’t fuzzy, that’s THREE (3) packages or boxes of your favourite pad/tampon/pantiliner for only $5.99!

Your choice of O.B. tampons 18-20/box, Stayfree maxi-pads 16-24/pack or Carefree pantiliners 34-60/pack or box!

Even at the weekly sale price, you are saving $1.48 if you buy 3 at a time. Normally they are 4.99-5.99 EACH, so this is definitely a good deal if you need to stock up! The awesome part of this deal is that you can mix-and-match, so you don’t have to buy all of the same kind! Whether thin or thick pad, pantiliner or tampon – as long as you get either mixture of any multiple of 3, you get the discount! Of course there’s a limit of 6, so you might want to bring a friend (for your heavy-flow’ers, lol) or just go to a different store, haha. Don’t wipe the shelves now boys and girls!

*NEW* Always Flexi-Style Pantiliner

Since I’m on the topic of “good deals”… there’s no better deal than FREE, yes free! The new Always Flexi-Style Pantiliner is being sampled out, so get it while it lasts! I haven’t checked whether it is being offered in the USA since it is sponsored by BeingGirl, but Americans are always welcome to check it out at your US website! Of course you’re not given the entire box of 100, but I do believe you get 50 pieces – not bad for something you haven’t paid a cent to get.

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