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TweetChat #PeriodTalk – All Things Menstrual & Donate to Lunapads!

I’ve been “into” the menstrual community for so long, yet I never even knew (or at least consciously paid attention ) of the existence of #PeriodTalk over Twitter hosted by @bpreparedperiod.

They’re having a chat on “All Things Menstrual” this coming Friday @

Join us for our next Tweet Chat!

OUR NEXT CHAT, Co-hosted with You ARE Loved:

October 14th, 2011 at 11am PST/2 pm ET

Topic: “Come & Talk” Session: All Things Menstrual

We want to hear from you! Please join us for an open discussion on “all things menstrual.” Anything from period humor to period concerns and everything in between.

You know what rocks? It’s the fact I can actually RE-READ all the chats I’ve missed via TweetChat transcripts which is posted up in PDF format by Be Prepared Period.

I’m extra enthusiastic about being able to join the upcoming TweetChat to see what it’s all about live and moreover, I was told by @youarelovedTSS that the chats are “male-participation friendly” – and fetishists, I’m sure that means you guys are expected to BEHAVE since this is a recorded (and perhaps, professional) chat, however, those with family-friendly attitudes about menstruation are definitely welcome to join! I’m sure I’ll be rather quiet just to gauge what my dialogue and what type of things are appropriate to speak about on the first few chats, but it’s great to see that these women are ‘accepting’ and ‘encouraging’ males in their chats. It’s a very warm welcome only because us menstrual fans get frowned upon by women, as men who are, “disgusting, perverts and not normal” when we show our interest in menstruation.

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of research on Lunapads – guess they’re my new trend for what I want to write about on MiM in the future! I missed on their last sale (of things I was interested in), so I guess I have to wait until they have an appealing sale next time. The shipping costs hurt for me (wish I lived in BC to do a store pickup), so that’s why I have to hunt for their clearances before I can get some to put them to the test! As for anyone who has used Lunapads and want to provide a review (which I’d give all credits to you for), please let me know! For those who have the time to spare ONE HOUR (I guess that doesn’t apply to everyone) of their paid work day, please consider donating to the Pads4Girls group via the Lunapads site located @ as….

$28 will provide a school girl in Africa (and beyond) with a Lunapads Pads4Girls Kit so she can stay in school while on her period. Each Kit contains 3 pairs of underwear, 12 absorbent cloths, 1 laundry bag, and 1 moistureproof carry purse.

See our blog for photos and stories about current and past Pads4Girls recipients.

Please Note: All pads for donation are cost-priced; Lunapads does not make any profit on them. The pads are sent directly to the recipients (the organization or individual distributing the pads), not the donors.

If you’ve ever wondered why someone who’s so into conventional maxi pads and tampons would love Lunapads so much, find out why here…

Don’t they ROCK? They’re environmentally friendly and do MUCH MORE than conventional pads and tampons ever could do!

Lots of Maxi Pads, Tampons and Pantiliners? Donate Them to Shelters!

Dear Valued Readers,

I have been inspired to write this post as a result of reading one in the previous weeks. The post itself was mostly centered around a man taking advantage of coupons and buying 39 packages of pantiliners. Suffice to say, this man had no use for so many pantiliners and many readers echoed my own thoughts… why not donate any extra maxi pads, tampons or pantiliners you have lying around? Having volunteered at shelter’s in the past (both genders), shelters often find themselves low on feminine hygiene products, especially if they have a larger intake of menstruating females (a la Women’s Shelter).

Women's Shelters needs your help! Please donate your NEW sanitary napkins and tampons to your local locations!

I will say though, for some odd reason, I find that many shelters but in their “needs list” that they request for sanitary pads (maxi or thin) but will omit tampons. I do not understand why, since both have their own merits, although I guess someone who uses strictly pads would not be comfortable using tampons, but those who use tampons at the very least will use pads. This never came to my mind, although if any of you work or have worked at a women’s shelter and know the “proper” answer to this, feel free to let me know!

I think when it comes to donating to shelters, sometimes these items tend to get overlooked. I know that when I volunteered (though they did not mention to the male-helpers) to female volunteers that if they could spare maxi pads to donate them. There are times when I have these great coupons that are “Save $5 on any 2 purchases of Stayfree, Carefree or O.B.” that if I catch a good sale at Shoppers Drug Mart, “$5.99 for any two Stayfree, Carefree or O.B.”  – I could actually get 2 items for only $0.99 (well plus tax and stuff) and then donate them to local shelters. I don’t live in a particular affluent city and I know there are many (although unknown to many) small shelters, particularly abused-women centers. I don’t want people to start thinking I’m a pervert or something just because I happen to know of even the “hidden” women’s shelter, but I have a lot of connections within my community who happen to sometimes have “less public” information.

Hospeco Sanitary Napkin and Tampon Dispenser

On a funny note, I found one particular shelter on the internet that requested for “maxi pads” and on several lines underneath, put in “Tampax”… I would hope to imagine they meant “tampon” since it’d be kind of strict to say they only want Tampax-brand products, LOL. Unfortunately, I have noticed that none of the women’s shelter needs-list I have looked at so far indicate the request of donation for any type of reusable products, but I would imagine that might be a bit too much work or too much discomfort to be used in a public shelter. I would think that if plausible, using something like Lunapads or Gladrags would help encourage re-usability of menstrual products since these women aren’t generally well-off enough to (sorry to those who may be offended by this) afford feminine hygiene products every month. Remember many of these women may be in shelters as a result of rape, physical/sexual abuse, emotional instability, homelessness, struggling single-mother’s, etc. who are in need of assistance and something as simple as those who live in a more luxurious environment take for granted, feminine hygiene products.

It dawned upon me that one time my friend was cleaning up his aunt’s house who passed away, he found a load of feminine hygiene products in her washroom. It did not cross our minds to donate them to charity to local shelters and instead, we gave them to his fellow family/friends. Now that I think about it, I’m sure that these would’ve been a lot better in the hands of those who are really needy. I don’t want to generalize that all women who show up in these shelters as being poor or anything like that, I simply know just from experience and listening around that shelters often lack feminine hygiene supplies because many people overlook donating such products.

The next time you happen to get free pads or tampons or even when there are good sales, don’t forget to get some extra and help the many women who are down-on-their-luck or under unfortunate circumstances, require our lending hand and products that we can spare. Don’t forget, if you’re one of those people who are considered in a decent financial position, you are a lot better off than many other! Take the time to donate to international and local charities. If you’re not in the habit of donating feminine hygiene supplies, everything from pots and dishes to monetary assistance is greatly appreciated by organizations and of course the recipients of it! With your help, we can lift at least one thing off a woman’s mind to help them concentrate on getting back up on their feet!

Although I am not affiliated with any particular charities, I can certainly thank you on their behalf.

GhanaGirls Program – Feminine Hygiene Donations

Wasn’t going to post anything tonight, but stumbled upon something before I go ZzzZZ…

Ceciyaa Foundation Introduces “GhanaGirls”, Feminine Hygiene and Menstruation Education for Ghana Teens (Read more on the site)

To combat this, Ceciyaa Foundation is introducing the GhanaGirls program. GhanaGirls will provide free feminine hygiene supplies and menstruation education to girls in rural areas. Here’s how you can help! We want you to donate a small bag for storing feminine hygiene supplies so that these young ladies will have a discreet way to store needed supplies while at school during that time of the month. If you sew, it would be great if you’d consider designing and making a bag or two from your left over material. If not, purchase a bag and donate it to us. We would also appreciate your donation of feminine hygiene supplies (pads, not tampons, feminine cleansing products, etc.). We have begun purchasing some supplies, but many more are needed.

Finally, if you can recommend a good resource for us to gather our educational materials, we would appreciate your suggestions. If you are interested in working with Ceciyaa Foundation’s GhanaGirls program send an email to for information on how you can get involved.

Too bad I don’t live in the U.S, or I’d definitely know where my leftover supplies are going 🙂 If you’re in the position to help these people, by all means!


On another note, a new WFP video I’ve been waiting for for so long!! Wooohoo:

It has English subtitles 🙂

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