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Ovulatory Cycle Effects on Tip Earnings by Lap Dancers

Hi Everyone,
Can’t spare the time for a big update right now, especially because I have to sleep early as a result of going to my (soon ending) week-long conference! I’m so excited about this horrid week ending, although with one more caveat, a stupid teeth-cleaning on Monday. One would like to think this is a “good thing” – but I hate the pain of going to the stupid dentist. It’s not that I dislike his profession or the guy as a person, but more of what he “does” 😆 Once Tuesday of next week hits, I’ll be home-free and I’m happy! After that, it’ll be mommy’s birthday which I’ve already reserved tickets for us at the Fallsview Casino Theatre to watch  a nice show. I wish bebe was around, I’d love to take her to something like that… you know, the more “grown up” stuff – haha.

Although this week has been tough and tomorrow is the “big day” where we’re given 9 test systems, completely unknown and we have to break into them, it will provide to be an exciting challenge. I have been very lucky to be given permission to drive the 407 (Express Toll Route) which reduces my drive time to Mississauga by about 1.25-1.5 hours.. otherwise it’d probably take 2-3 hours. Also, the company is reimbursing us for our food as well and I must say, I’ve been spoiling myself on some good food and stuff 😛 although the pain of it all is that our lunch is an uncomfortable 1-hour long only…. so we’re rushing a lot while eating, especially if it’s not the fast-food type.

I was talking to my coworker who came with me and he mentioned his wife said that he’ll realize how lucky we are with our job after enduring this. Many people do this daily, do a 1-2 hour drive (pretty typical in Ontario) to work, work a FULL day (8+ hours) and do another 1-2 drive home. The 1-2 hour drive usually consists of stopping-and-going and lots of people cutting in-and-out. Although the drive itself is long, it much more comfortable when you’re in moving traffic – but that is not the case, it is very annoying to deal with rush-hour traffic. Getting down one street in Mississauga where I can SEE the highway on-ramp is like a solid 20 mins moving one car after another trying to sneak past the traffic light before it turns red. I must admit, going to our work now seems so easy, relaxing and we learned to appreciate the fact we get great hours, great benefits, great pension, decent pay and a nice drive – many of which, Ontarians or even Canadians as a whole don’t get such comparable working conditions! You know what? My workplace treats me pretty damn right!

On the first day there, I felt so out of place. After all, most of the people there were likely to be my seniors, people with 10, heck, maybe even 20 years of industry-related experience. I felt like the “odd one out” who couldn’t say I did “X job for ___ years” and worried they may look down on me. After about a day and we began to meet fellow attendees, it was such a relief. I was not with people who considered themselves ‘better’ than me, but I was amongst professionals and friends – people who did not consider themselves superior, but were here with one objective in mind – to learn. When we had breaks and went for lunch, everyone spoke to each other as if we had known each other all along.. I was with my peers. We shared information, some stuff that I know well and they shared what they knew well. It was an excellent exchange of information – showing that no matter how little or how much experience you have in your field, you will never know everything. My fears went away.

I will say, being the first time to attend a “prestigious” conference hosted in a hotel, I felt extra spectacular. There were an absence of paper towels in the washroom as they were replaced with nice, silky-smooth towels for drying your hands. Everything, minus the door, was all automated. When I we walked past the front desk, it was, “Good morning Mr. _____” – damn, it felt good! I must say, I dressed a bit nicer than my usual work attire, although still sans suit since no one else dressed that preppy. As the conference comes to an end, I’ll miss the opportunity to exchange knowledge with the attendees and speaker, but will cherish the short 5 days we had together (as grueling as it is). I will miss the luxuries of the hotel, the “management” lifestyle (expenses paid, talking to “high-level” people, everyone driving nice cars), being provided with unlimited (non-alcoholic) drinks throughout the day and just the feeling of pure professionalism. It’s no wonder people strive to move up within their careers, not only for money, but because of the prestige!

I know period content has been very little lately, but I found AND READ this amazing article and highly encourage everyone to read it… it’s essentially talking about the “power of menstruation” or rather more specifically, the menstrual cycle. The study did a comparison of lap-dancer’s nightly income based on where they were within their menstrual cycle, showing that they made the most in their most “fertile days.” It is interesting to note that there is potential that men are more 1) protective, and 2) attracted to women who are actively fertile. Furthermore, it shows that women who use the pill or similar contraceptive ‘make less’ as compared to their “naturally menstruating” females. To be honest, bebe has never dared share with me when we went on dates whether she was on her period, LOL, but I can say there were certain dates we’ve been on where I felt “closer” to her than others… not that I can claim I was ever felt “distant” either 😀 With ex’s though, there are times when I’ve felt unusually “excited” over them, hehe.

The article is entitled Ovulatory cycle effects on tip earnings by lap dancers:
economic evidence for human estrus?

Geoffrey Miller⁎, Joshua M. Tybur, Brent D. Jordan
Department of Psychology, University of New Mexico

It is a small-print, double-column, 7-page analysis.

Also, there’s a small excerpt by PopSciBlog regarding the results of this paper…

New Study: Fertile Strippers Make More Money

Stripper Extra! Extra! Scientists at the University of New Mexico say exotic dancers earn the best tips just before ovulating.

According to a story published this month in Psychology Today, UNM psychologist Geoffery Miller and his colleagues “tapped the talent at local gentlemen’s clubs” and counted the tips they made during various phases of their menstrual cycles. Dancers who weren’t on the pill made about $70 an hour during peak fertility, versus about $35 while menstruating and $50 in between. Girls who took birth control averaged about $37 an hour with no performance peak.

The researchers attribute the fluctuations in average hourly income to behavioral and physical changes that occur during a woman’s monthly cycle: ie., the strippers were more flirtatious and sexual during the times when they were most likely to conceive. Or, you know, maybe they were bloated and cranky and didn’t feel like dancing during the other times.

My favorite part of the article has got to be this quote:

“Birth control could lead to many thousands of dollars lost every year…. If you’re a woman in any service-industry job looking to maximize your tips, Miller suggests scheduling more shifts for the phase right before ovulation: ‘It might help to know about this so that you can exploit these effects.'”

But the true moral of this story, naturally, is to use your grant money wisely. Think of all the lap dances those research dollars could buy! —Megan Miller

Notice posted in the guy's washroom stall... I wonder if they posted it for "guys like us"... the whole "sanitary napkin" thing inside the MEN'S washoom seems out-of-place, lol.

So the other day I was at a place… not going to mention where and couldn’t help but take a picture of what I saw in the back of the washroom stall. This is NOT a co-ed bathroom, strictly male so I had no idea why they’d want to alert us to “wrap & put sanitary napkin […] into the garbage” as if that would be a common occurrence 😛 But yes, for those guys and girls who don’t know… flushing sanitary napkins, a.k.a pads is NOT a good idea.

For those still interested in Tiger Woods albiet his sex scandal and fiasco, it turns out that he’s a fan of menstrual sex. Even if he wasn’t a ‘fan’ per se… at the very least he didn’t have a problem with it. Also, for those who have information on a feminine hygiene company distributing products under the name Private- Sanita, please let me know because a Malaysian girl-friend of mine asked me about it and I only had some minor knowledge about them. Hopefully someone will be able to inject some extra knowledge/background for me about this brand.

That’s all for now, gotta head to bed for one last day of this conference… and also happens to be the most challenging one! Cheers and enjoy.

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