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Did Jordyn Wieber Really Need To Take Her Tampon Out?

For those particularly sensitive to a good menstrual kick, please skip this entry.

This has been a pretty big topic today with U.S. gymnast Jordyn Wieber being alleged of saying that, “I got to take out my tampon” after U.S. women gymnastics win the gold.

This entry is not about shaming menstruation or that it’s crazy to imagine the need for a tampon to be changed, but more for the amusement that it happened to be recorded/interpreted (if in fact what she said is factual). Let me tell you, I’m no lip-reader, but it sure as hell looks pretty close. Some have debated that she could also be saying she needed to, “take her tape off.” Apparently a lot of people have commented via twitter (one of which I re-tweeted) that she did indeed say that she needed to take her tampon out. Looks like we have some really detailed viewers would actually pay attention to someone’s mouth where the voice was barely audible (unless I have poor hearing or just haven’t turned up my speakers enough). If I were watching the Olympics and given the short amount of time that the camera actually panned close enough to see her mouth move, I highly doubt I would’ve caught that.

Suffice to say, it’s not like a girl having her period is any surprize. It’s just the overall “woh did she really say that?” value that attracts a lot of attention, it is JUST menstruation after all.

People have periods, don’t explode over one of those amusing face-palm moments 🙂 For the sake of sanity, I’ve disabled comments on this entry.

You can take a look at the video posted here:

Thanks for ANCHORMAN at Kayo’s forum for bringing this item to light!

Man Wearing a Maxi Pad for a Week: The Max-Pax Experiment by Sam Jordan

So through some random internet searching, I bumped into a funny article posted up by a guy who was “challenged” to know what it feels like to wear a pad. This person wasn’t approaching this from a fetish point of view, but rather, a lady had made a statement to him about, “there needs to be a rule that says you can’t make a maxi pad or tampon joke unless you’ve actually had to wear them.” The author of the comedy article was written by Sam Jordan. He took up this unsaid challenge, to wear a pad for a week so that he could talk the talk and walk the walk.

Since I don’t know about the re-posting/copyright surrounding the article, I chose not to copy & paste it here (even with due credit of course). Feel free to read the article located at this link:

There is nothing terribly graphic in the whole article and it was done in a humourous tone rather than a true “research” standpoint. Even I found it pretty amusing, without casting judgement of course (oh shit, who am I to cast judgment of all people right?!)

I did get a kick at how he “took me a good 10 minutes to figure out how to install a maxi pad” because it doesn’t seem like a very difficult contraption. Ya sure, I know I probably have some extended experience with feminine hygiene products, but I must say it isn’t all that complex given the lack of opportunity to go wrong… unpack, peel stickies, attach to garment and at most – lock down the wings. Onto page two of his article, it was interesting to note that he used boxer-briefs for his pad-wearing week… I suppose that’d work if using the wings weren’t required. Then he mentioned that, “within seconds of wearing feminine protection, I was thinking like a woman and worrying about how my butt looked.” and I always wonder how true that is because most of my girls don’t seem to worry about that. Even for my girls who wear thick pads, unless you’re wearing skin-tight pants, the likelihood of a pad showing through is low. However, the brave soul he is I suppose he’d have a right to question that and worry.

Finally, onto the last page, he describes some of the activities he goes through during the week with a pad on (I hope he changed regularly… if he didn’t – that would be REALLY uncomfortable…) and the restrictive feeling he had. He closed off with on the final night wearing the pad over his eyes for a good night’s rest! I’d be interested in knowing whether he only wore the pad actively during the day, or whether he even wore it at night. All in all, I have to admit this guy sure as hell is brave for daring to wear a pad for a week AND also talk about it online.

I’d recommend reading the article for more details and to view his funny pictures. I got a kick out of an article comment which dared him to try tampons for a week. That made my jaw drop, haha! 😆

Can You Feel My Menstrual Pain? – Esther Ku

So I was contacted by an American comedian Esther Ku about a parody video she recently made. I’m always skeptical about following people’s links – especially when the email is unsolicited, but after setting my firewall and antivirus on a super-duper-high-security-alert-mode, I decided to venture the link.  The video my made laugh, it really did – especially for the menstrual-lovers out there (and well naturally, menstruating women as well), you’ll be able to laugh at all the girly references in the video. I had one of my other guy friends check out the video and he missed out a lot of the menstrual references (and thus, failed to laugh) in there because he’s not as interested in menstruation as I am. The only thing about the video that made me roll my eyes was the colour of the menstrual flow. Yes yes, I realize that every woman has different “shades” of colour for their flow, but I think it was just a bit too orange to “be real”… unless realism was not what was sought for or to prevent any puking from occurring (but from some of the comments on the video, there are definitely some gag-worthy parts).

Of course beyond this video, there’s a story to go with it.

This is not her only video, but it’s on-topic with my blog here, but feel free to check out a bunch of other videos that I got a kick over:

  • Masturbatin’ Everday

  • Fistin’ the Night Away

  • I Get Off Alone

I have also looked up some of her stand-up material and a lot of it is quite racially-motivated and on controversial/taboo topics, they’re still funny nonetheless. I guess when it comes comedy, sometimes it can hit the wrong nerve, depending on the topic for some people, which may be a good thing if you can take a joke – or a bad thing if you’re the sensitive type.

What I do have to say is that seeing a North American Asian female doing such work really deserves merit on its own. In particular, some of the topics she uses in her videos, like masturbation, hardcore sex (such as fisting), and of course the most used jokes about Asian male penis size are definitely topics that are rarely touched upon by Asian females due to the usually, traditional and “well-behaved” upbringing. Suffice to say, not all Asians are brought up like that, however, it’s very surprizing to me to see an Asian female break so many of these “good-girl” barriers.

Beyond it all: Yes, I can feel your menstrual pain. 😆

Today, I sneezed so violently that my tampon came out. FML

Well as I was reading through my morning feeds, I could not help but snicker at this “FML”…

Today, I sneezed so violently that my tampon came out. FML

I took a picture of it in case it gets removed or something, but here’s the transcription of it:

Today, I sneezed so violently that my tampon came out. FML

That must’ve been quite a sneeze or someone didn’t put their tampon in properly (which apparently, is not that unheard of)..  Maybe I’m spending too much time thinking about this, but if this was while she was clothed (or at least had underwear on), I can’t imagine the tampon being able to go too far as it’d be constricted by a piece of undergarment (I guess the assumption is that she was wearing them). Otherwise, if this was over the toilet or something, it’d be pretty cool to be able to eject the tampon out without having to pull it – quite some talent I’ll say!

Cheers to strong vaginal muscles!

Link to the actual posting here, some of the comments are amusing.

Motherly Worries: Rogaine and Side-Effects

Just wanted to drop in to note a funny conversation with my mom today.

My mom just finished listening to a radio broadcast about rogaine which I have been taking to combat my unfortunate hereditary hair-loss (in which I thought about getting a hair transplant if it gets bad enough or I can’t get a decent cut that fits my face-shape).

Aside: Although I’m far from becoming bald, I certainly notice having “less hair” than I used to. Obviously my first approach was to seek my doctor in which he reported there were no abnormalities with my body. Phew! He recommended if I really cared that much about my hair (which I really don’t, but my girlfriend does), then to start on this topical cream. I’ll tell you, it isn’t comfortable either and causes a bunch of reactions like itchy scalp, flaking and signs of dandruff, all quite embarrassing… for the sake of her – bleh, the things us guys do for women, LOL.

Anyways, she came to me very worried, indicating to me that it would affect my ability to “have babies.” My mom is one of those people that will “half listen” to a story and “half not”… and she’ll always pick things out and turn it into a worst-case scenario. She came to me and told me after my year of using it, she wanted to me to stop because she was worried I wouldn’t be able to have kids. She knows that I “plan” to have kids and she warned that if I still wanted them, that I should stop using it. I smacked my face and I told her that using rogaine doesn’t reduce sperm count, it may (MAY – keyword) cause a reduction in sex drive as well as the inability to maintain an erection but does not necessarily cause the “inability to have kids.” My mom grew up in a very old-fashion family where sex was not a common topic and where her exposure to “facts” of about sex may not be very high. For those who do not know, it is actually possible to ejaculate without having an erection. On that note, it also means it is possible for a guy who has erection-issues to still possibly cause conception as long as his sperm-count is not an issue. Although I certainly wouldn’t want myself not to be able to maintain an erection, my mom also needs to clear up the facts as well 😛

Obviously the conversation ended there, but rest assured, I don’t appear to have any problem with my sex-drive. Speaking of which, even if it did reduce it a bit, I really wouldn’t mind, LOL. I’m a 2x-year old guy, do you really think I have a problem with a lack of sex-drive? My greater problem would be having too much versus not enough 😆 From what I recall, this is probably one of the most annoying thing about being a guy! Furthermore, I don’t appear to have a problem maintaining an erection and yes, spontaneous erections are not fun either. Getting a few less of these wouldn’t kill me, nor my to-be-kids…. Anyways, if these side-effects do become apparent one day, stopping it for 2 weeks to a month seems to clear up any sexual dysfunction issues from using rogaine.

Don’t worry mom, you’ll have grandchildren one day….. HAHA 😀 Oh mom… poor mom….

Funny Little Fridays

Fridays are always interesting at work, because everyone becomes really complacent and laid-back. Half the staff are usually gone for 1PM, lol. I walked around today after my lunch, looking for one of the other project managers to talk to about some upcoming things we’ll be handling and his office was already dark with the door closed, lol. I headed back to my office to work on some leisure stuff since there was no much to do. Work was minimal, although I did have to photocopy 3600 pieces of paper today… and yes, it is completely wasteful, so much for our “paperless” environment! What I printed off was a powerpoint, could you imagine? Wasn’t the whole point of using powerpoints to provide a method of digital visualization or presentation format? Every person in the room will have access to a computer and their email, so if we mass-mailed the powerpoint out, there would be no need to waste paper like this. There are going to be 200 or so participants, so given how many slides I have in my presentation, that’s probably a couple of trees that we just killed.

Funny things happen on Fridays, I think people become whacked-out or too excited about the weekend. I have to say, even though this week has only been 4 working-days, it feels ass long. I have to agree I find myself being a lot more relaxed and casual on Fridays… but some people are too casual… not in the way they dress, but I think their mind becomes mush or something on Fridays. As I was walking down the hall, there were some groups standing along the edges talking, which is fine, since they’re not in the way. For some reason as I was mid-way down the hall walking past a conversation (and I have NO idea what they were talking about which prompted them), one of the guys asked me non-nonchalantly, “Hey [my name], I was just wondering, do you shave your balls?” That’s the oddest question someone has asked me before… and given the environment, at work, in public, like really? Even my girlfriends have never asked that before and “WTF” was my thought, lol. As a guy, I really don’t want to know whether another guy shaves his nuts or not, lol – what concern is it of mine? Do I plan on going near it? NO. So that’s highlight number 1 of my day 😆

Highlight number 2 was the fact Ontario is experiencing some crazy temperatures. A few days ago, it was hot enough that I had the windows opened all night and even began to tone-down the heat. We set the house thermostat at 12 degrees so that the outside temperature wouldn’t trip our heater to come on and waste all the heat going out the window. I had even brought a few of the fans up from the basement just in case we need some circulation pre-air-conditioning season. The past 2 days, the temperatures decreased dramatically again and at work today, there was even an hour of flurries! Luckily it did not snow hard enough where it began to cover the roads, but traffic was slow. When I got home, realizing that the thermostat was still on 12, the house was COLD. For those who know me, I can stand the cold very well, I’m the one who will be still wearing shorts and a t-shirt when everyone has their jackets on. However, given an enclosed environment such as my house, coldness is like being in a walk-in freezer, it is trapped air which continues to circulate around. At around 4PM, I decided it was just a bit too cold in the house and turned the thermostat back up to 17 degrees Celsius (which is still below-normal temperatures for most people, but we’re just used to it).

I realized the house was beyond cold in the most amusing manner. I felt my bladder getting full, I had to pee. Yes, I knew I had to pee and I walked to the washroom. Do you know how guys can tell that they’re cold? That’s right, I had problems getting it out because it decided to go back into its “hiding spot” because of how cold it was! It took me a while to warm myself before it came out of its shell to go pee. Next time your boyfriend is cold or just comes out of the pool, ask to see his penis, I’m sure you won’t find it very impressive, LOL. This came to light because one of my friend, D, recently came back from Alberta where he worked in at the oil rigs out there. It was great money, but amazingly cold conditions. Any exposed skin could render it frost-bitten within minutes. What we experience in the more “urban” provinces is nothing compared to what he went through. I remember him telling us his experience out there. The workers (generally guys) would huddle around and go pee with each other. Why? Not because they were gay, but because that’s the only way you can stay WARM while trying to pee. He jokingly (yet in all truth) said that, “No matter how well-endowed you are, 8″, 9″ or even 10″ cock, in that kind of weather, you’re lucky if it’s even 2″ and trying to get it out to pee is near impossible. If you can manage to get it out to pee, no one will even laugh at the size because everyone else’s is like that too!” and we all laughed. Today, that is when I realized my house was too cold, I had to find my own penis to piss, lol. Suffice to say, I’m not black so I don’t have a 10″ cock, but I certainly do not under NORMAL conditions need to look for it 😆 HAHAHA – what a day.

Having found some hidden spots on my car where the paint is peeling a bit, I started thinking about buying a car after another 2-3 years. Of course I know if I really wanted to, I could hold on for this car for quite a while because of its great conditions, but I like to have a new car every 5 years – it’s nice not to be driving the same one for too long. Nevertheless, don’t think I’m not loyal or anything… we’ve had two family-cars before, both Honda’s and the first one lasted 13 years and the second one lasted 7 (because I sold it, what am I going to do with two cars?). With this new car, I’ve already used it for a solid 3 years, so if I give it another few years, 6-7 year-old car is about time to be replaced. I love my cars a lot, but not to the degree of a typical guy. I don’t spend a fortune maintaining it or adding “cool things” (but I follow regular maintenance schedules), I don’t do rust-coatings or get my car spray-painted every year and I don’t wash my car everyday until it is spotless. I’m a regular vehicle owner. I do get attached to my cars however, and dearly miss them when they depart from me!

I have been spotting two models of vehicles for my next one, although I have yet to decide what works for me. Also, I have to consider that it is possible in the future, that there might be a ‘growth’ in occupants (e.g. hopefully marriage, kids?), so I must make sure my purchase takes that into consideration. I have considered buying a smaller vehicle, but that really depends on how my love life (LOL – yes, funny) works out. Also, with the way hybrids are slowly matching the prices of regular gas-vehicles, I’m also looking at that as a potential.

HS250h - Hybrid Sedan

I’ve never driven a hybrid except for the one time my driving-instructor took me out in his. In terms of fuel economy, proper use of the hybrid-nature will definitely help slash the costs on fuel. I haven’t been doing a lot of city-driving lately, but if things begin to turn around and I end up visiting my bebe more, there’ll definitely be a need for a city-efficient car as getting to her house is 100% city-driving. It feels like ages since I’ve been over to her house >.> but I have to step-back and understand that she’s under a lot of pressure to handle her school-matters first! It is annoying she has time for her friends, but not me, but I’ve only complained about that 502942390 times by now haven’t I? Yes, jealousy and anger, never a good mix, RE: my post yesterday, lol. I’m going to take a DEEP breathe before I continue.

ES350 - Luxury Sedan

The ES350 is a larger version of my existing ES300… given that this one would also be a newer version of it, I will no longer have to worry about buying a new GPS every few years as most new cars have them built-in. Also, a lot of cars have voice-control as well for GPS and phone-handling. It’s nice not to have to pair my phone with my GPS every time I get in the car now as the in-dash bluetooth should kick in once I get within range of the vehicle. Seating is comfortable and there is sufficient rear-seating and trunk space. I always like to “future proof” my cars, rather than have to worry about buying a bigger vehicle later. It seems rather stupid, but things occur rapidly in life and you don’t want any more stress than you’ll already have!

On happy news, I’ve went down from needing to wear LARGE clothing to MEDIUM now – wow, it has been a long time since I’ve been able to do that. Although I’m not visibly thinner (some people have noticed, just not the majority), I am making progress. My stomach however, to me, has been visibly cut-back and I’m starting to feel the abs perking up from underneath. All those intense cardio sessions and abdominal-workouts have really paid off. I’m still not as slim as I’d like to be, but everything starts with the first step! In a way, I think we as love-stricken humans do stupid things, like trying to modify our body to win someone’s love. Ya, humans are stupid, lol, in most cases, we always do something “on behalf of someone” not because we should be doing it on “behalf of ourselves”. I should be healthy and slim, regardless of whether I am pursuing a girl or not, rather than ‘doing it for her’… but I suppose, any type of incentive that’ll get me going is good enough! This has been the first time I’ve ever stuck to a plan for this long when it comes to weight maintenance. I usually just slack off after a while. When the weather gets better, I’d like to begin doing some running too! My coworker is currently doing 15 (yes, FIFTEEN) kilometers every day, that’s nuts! Of course, he used to work in the military, but the fact that he’s almost 50 and still in great shape – that’s something I want to look forward to!

Last night, I had a weird dream. The dream involved both my ex-ex girlfriend and my bebe… wtf, why the hell are they both in the same dream? LOL… that’s quite weird. It’s not unusual for me to have dreams of my bebe, but why my ex-ex O_o I haven’t seen her for quite a while, so how she appeared in there, I have no idea, haha. In the morning, I woke up as if I never slept and still felt tired. Weird, I’m usually quite energized in the morning because I’m one of those regular 8-hour sleepers. I even slept-in an extra hour since there was no morning-meeting today as per usual. Probably makes sense though, my mind at night had to deal with TWO (2) women in my dreams, that’s frigging exhausting, lol. The other day I posted this article on my Facebook about how this lucky guy managed to get twins to marry him. One of my friends, Elsa, mentioned that what guy would ever want two wives, there’d be so much bitching your head would explode. Funny how I felt tired when I woke up… my ex-ex and my bebe all in a single dream? Ya, my mind probably imploded on itself – two women even in a dream world managed to make me restless 😆

So anyways, there’s my Friday in a nutshell. I’m sure you’re not overly excited about this. I’m going to go brush my teeth now, stretch on my bed and go watch some TVB series 😀 Toodles!

Life is Full of Coincidences

This is a really short post… I just had to post this because I totally LOL’ed @ it!

Check out this entry posted by on a blog I just happened to stumble upon. I’m not going to re-post it since I don’t have permission to, so I’ll simply link everyone to it! I was about to close WP, but when I caught the preview of it, I couldn’t help but wander in and come out laughing my ass off. What made this extra funny is the fact that today one of my coworkers asked me if I ever tried a prostitute before because “they are awesome” and I replied, “No – I can’t have sex with a girl I don’t love.” and then I went on to telling him about the street where I live in Hong Kong because it is FILLED with hookers/escorts at night “looking for business.” Talk about coincidence that I had a conversation with him about it this afternoon and read this before going to sleep! I’m probably going to laugh my way to ZzzZZ tonight, haha.

Hope you all enjoy!

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