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Thought Du Jour – About Men and More

So today I didn’t have a particular “subject” to write about.. but rather, will just go over some random thoughts I had in my head, and perhaps some tidbits or information – whatever you want to call it.

Men… we’re pigs, we absolutely are and I’m sure there are the few true gentlemen out there, but for the most of us, including myself probably, we can get pretty vile. Our department in particular is a male-dominated one. I was just out at lunch with my coworkers the other day, mostly middle-aged men and even many being married still have a pretty disgusting mouth for women. I always thought that men would “settle down” after marriage… I mean after all, you have a woman at home, why go bother with others? Apparently I am wrong and if anything, marriage makes a man go even more rotten, lol. Just listening to what come out of guy’s mouth really made me consider how ‘bad’ we are and I’m not trying to play like I was “the nice guy” – but there’s a point where I can tolerate ‘just being a guy’ to downright perversion.

Listening to them talk about women really put a frown on my face… why do guys objectify women so much? It’s like women are just a “prize to be won” and once you win her (e.g marriage), you stick her on them shelf (metaphorically speaking), bring her out for sex once in a while and then go mess around with other women. I have friends of many ages and of different walks of life, often opening my eyes to things I would not, will not or have not experienced. Men… are very visual creatures and we are also very easy. No, women are not easy, WE are… a woman can lure us in like pitiful dogs as they see fit. Men are easy to control, women have a constant carrot (themselves) to dangle for us and we chase after it. Talking to some of my girls, younger, same age or older, the sentiment is that men are easy creatures to control and toy with, especially if you have something they want. Everything gets us horny, no matter how unattractive or whatever a girl may be (from my heterosexual point-of-view). Age is another thing… it seems like at a younger age, you tend of like older women and there comes a point where it just begins to slide backwards and you prefer younger women. I’m glad not many people I know personally read this, but I think I will always love 18 year old girls, no matter how old I get. I’ve talked to quite a few older men and yep, sure enough, most of them as they get older (into their 40’s) shift into liking the younger bodies all over again.

Stick a couple of guys together and you can hear some pretty perverse things. I can’t say I’m innocent and never said anything. I know bebe pretty sensitive about the male-oriented things I say and so I’m extra careful about what I say to her or around her. I don’t think she understands that “it’s just a guy thing” – and that sometimes it’s a strictly a gender-based thing. Suffice to say, these things don’t apply to everyone, but certainly even science has proven attributes that are associated or commonly found in a particular gender. I enjoy hanging out with a mixture of guys and girls, because I think guys are much better behaved when women are around 😛 .. it includes me too, lol!

So last night, I had a sex-dream. This one was really vivid and when I woke up, I seriously couldn’t differentiate reality for minutes. I was thinking whether this was a dream-within-a-dream, whether it truly happened or whether I was awake. I haven’t had a dream like this in ages and it was so damn sexy. I didn’t feel very horny the night before, so I’m not sure what caused it. It was just a regular day at work, didn’t see any super sexy girls or watch anything in particular that would cause it. I’m long past the hormonal puberty stage, or at least I think so, so it was totally unexpected. It wasn’t really a wet dream or anything since it wasn’t well… wet.. (good thing, LOL), but it was pretty hot. I’m not one of those guys who have sex-dreams a lot, probably because it really takes something/someone special to really rile-me-up. I guess it was just one of those nights eh?

So one of my girls who I’ve known for ages the other day finally told me about her habits of “exploring her own body” (and this conversation was not what caused the above dream, since it wasn’t of her). It was kind of funny in the sense that as she was ‘admitting’ it to me that as if I didn’t know it already… it wasn’t exactly a shocking revelation or something and even though she’s never told me so, it wasn’t like I didn’t expect she did. Given all the things that she’s vividly talked about before, there was no way a girl who’s never explored her own body would ever be able to describe certain things and feelings. I could not help but grin because she must take me for being an airhead or something 😆 … I might not be the most perceptive person, but people often say/do things that give things away, hah.

The conversation started as a result of her complaining about how society allows men to openly express their desires and fantasies, while women are suppressed from doing so. Certainly, this is a very old-fashion thing carried forward to this generation – where women were expected to be “pure” and “innocent” – or rather that is not the word I’d use – more like “naive” and “uneducated”. She commented on how unfair it is that if you hear a guy talking about masturbation or the fact that it is “normal” and almost “expected” for males, yet if a girl were to openly express such things, it would automatically turn against her as if she was some perverse girl or nympho. It’s quite unfortunate that many societies still see many natural occurrences in females are still taboo, and on the topic of this blog, menstruation and even female masturbation. So for about 2 hours she sat there and practicality lectured me on all the “inequalities” of expectations of men and women before telling me her “secret” (still makes me laugh she thinks I didn’t know :P) – it’s quite unfortunate such actions by women are stigmatized, yet almost welcomed amongst males.

I left most of the talking to her, only because discussing such a subject in a bubble tea shop didn’t seem very appropriate, haha – least I got a drink out of it! The funniest thing was that at the end she asked me, “So tell me what you do.” and I’m like, “Hell no! Why would I tell someone who’s NOT my girlfriend these things?” lol. I don’t know too many girls who want to know more about me than I know about them! I prefer to keep it where I know more about them XD One thing that I discovered was that apparently it’s quite common for men and women to continue their own habits even after marriage. Honestly, I thought it wasn’t necessary anymore because like, you have each other to have sex with, why do you need to do it yourself? 😛 Guess I was wrong, lol… that’s gotta suck when your partner is not satisfying you though, urg!

So for the past.. oh.. say.. 9 days, I’ve been working on my own business a whole lot. It was like just 2 weeks before I leave for my vacation and honestly, I just had customers literally phone me and tell me their computer was broken or needed some I.T. services. I don’t know whether “life’s like that” because just weeks ago I was complaining about how this year’s business sucked and now all of a sudden over these 9 days, I think I’ve made about 20% of this year’s income. What the hell?!! Shit I’ve been working my ass off to make sure I finish all the work before I leave! It isn’t so much that servicing is super-hard or time consuming, but rather, I’m worried about getting all the parts in before I leave and getting the work done in-time. I have stacks of “to be paid” invoices now sitting in my box and waiting for the cheques to come in so I can clear all the accounts before I leave. On a slightly separate note, the other day I thought about how I should’ve pursued an accounting career so it would be the same as bebe’s, but then Amy pointed out a good point – that it’s better couples DON’T share the same line-of-work, hah, because then you just end up in arguments about doing stuff “the right way.” I’m content with keeping the computers running and I’ll leave the accounting stuff to bebe, lol. If you both work in separate fields, then you don’t have to worry about criticizing each other’s working style, LOL. The only issue is that I know quite a bit about accounting because it was supposed to be my “backup career” in case I couldn’t make it in computing… so now I have to try to wipe my memory of it and leave all the stuff up to her XD – I don’t want to poke my nose into it, haha, as long as I can keep track of my own business stuff and taxes, I’m happy!

And… shit, it’s 2AM, I’m totally going to sleep. Night!

Manly Sunday Musings

I decided to do a male related post for once just to break the monotony of all these lady-things, haha… perhaps it’ll give my blog a “male touch” too so that everyone doesn’t think I’m a girl (or wants to be one :lol:) This isn’t going to be a full-out written post or something – just whatever passes my mind. I’m sitting around waiting for my cousin to arrive on the train, so I suppose I’d update my blog a bit and just drop my thoughts I had this morning about being a guy… can you tell this is going to be oh-so-fun listening to me talk about GUY issues? HAHA.

As much as menstruation can be such an inconvenience and painful, being a guy, we have our own issues to deal with too 😛 Ok ok, so sure, we aren’t brave enough to go through periods every month, but being a guy is not without annoyances either! 😀

  1. I just woke up this morning and looked at myself in the mirror, holy shit – I have to shave already… I think I have to shave twice a day or else by next morning I look like a bum off the street
  2. Too many guy thoughts… like seriously, can I not have sexual thoughts floating in my head every 52 seconds (or some even say every 7 seconds)?
  3. Referencing the above, it is even worse when you have a ‘reaction’ to NOTHING. That’s right, when guys wake up in the morning even without sexual implications, Big Brother is standing at salute… what the hell are you doing waking up before I do?!
  4. We have this “smell of a guy”… no matter how often we bathe ourselves and have good personal hygiene, guys have this natural smell. Maybe it is pheromones? I could take a shower right now and 10 seconds later, I already have that “man smell” coming back.
  5. Being masculine.. or at least what society defines our roles and traits should be.. for instance, I should swear, I should spit, I should howl at girls, I should suppress emotions, I should love money more than my family, I should be able to do all “heavy duty” work, I should be muscular, I should talk with a deep voice and be macho, etc. I don’t think I have gender issues, I simply don’t think that I need to follow suit with all male attributes, because I’m an individual, I am me.
  6. We have major sensitivities to our penis, like seriously… we always wonder whether it is “big enough” to satisfy girls… it seems like whether it is 5″ or 10″ – we will still worry
  7. Getting hit in the nuts… not fun.
  8. Hair loss… that’s right – for girls, unless you’ve gone through some kind of medical issue, most girls will not lose their hair enough to the point of balding. You know why we lose hair? Because WE have to produce too much testosterone -__-” My hormones are all going to waste right now until bebe and I get married? LOL – FML 😆
  9. It is common for guys to snore when we sleep, medical-problems aside, it is annoying for our partners. There’s definitely a much fewer percentage of girls who do snore when they sleep.
  10. We don’t get boobs or a vag… that sucks – LOL. Maybe we don’t really want them, but as a guy, we love them, therefore we think we want them 😀
  11. We get a male-version of menopause (andropause) – it happens and although I haven’t went through it (and hopefully won’t for quite a few years), I heard it was pretty damn nasty
  12. Insecurity – when a bunch of you and your girl-friends are together… when all you girls start giggling, we start to think whether you’re secretly making fun of us
  13. We can’t sweet-talk our way out of problems, but girls can (if they’re good at it)!
  14. We’re not supposed to cry, even if we feel really hurt, physically or emotionally
  15. We are at an extreme disadvantage when engaged in a fight… all it takes is one swift hit to the head to take us out.. I don’t mean the head above your shoulders
  16. We always are told to be the “bigger man” and it sucks sometimes… if you’re staring down my girlfriend, I’ll walk away NOW in front of her – but I’ll come back and rip your eyes out later.
  17. We’re naturally aggressive and violent
  18. We don’t get cool underwear… speaking of which, we pretty much have to wear boxers unless you constantly want your nuts smushed up against your body
  19. We have to (in general) hold it to go pee… which means we have to wash our hands. Girls, you don’t have anything to hold, so washing your hands is only optional (but highly preferred…)
  20. Our insurance premiums are rated, even with a clean record. Apparently being male automatically makes us more accident and ticket-prone.
  21. When something like rape or harassment is contested, people will always believe the girl first, especially if she’s the “victim”
  22. Wet dreams… ya, you girls think it’s funny, don’t you? It’s messy and rather disturbing….
  23. There’s no way to become “close” to your guy friends between heterosexual males before you are automatically deemed gay. Between girls, you could be holding hands or practically on top of each other and people still won’t assume you are lesbians until proven otherwise
  24. It is more degrading and unacceptable for a guy in a relationship not to have a job or be putting the food on the table. It is acceptable for girls to get away with that.
  25. Along the above note, it is frowned upon when your girlfriend/wife makes more than the guy does, it generates a lot of “bad talk”… look at Kay Tse (謝安琪) and her husband.
  26. Quoted from “When men love and care for women it is thought of as some kind of privilege for them, but something done by men is just to impress and win over affection of women. But when women do similar things, they are praised for being naturally loving, caring and affectionate.”
  27. If you get into a divorce and you’re a guy… you’re fucked, better spread your ass and prepare to be raped, financially.
  28. “Fathers Day” is a joke compared to “Mothers Day”
  29. Statistically, we live shorter life spans than females
  30. We get called upon by our girlfriend/wife when they “need” us… then we’re cast aside until they “require” our assistance us again
  31. We’re expected to be a “gentleman” to girls, even when they don’t act in a lady-like fashion

LOL, that’s all I could think for now… my cousin just sent me a text message to let me know that she’ll be probably a friggin hour late… did I not expect it? 😀 lol… well, guess I’ll go eat lunch now! Toodles.

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