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eBay Pads for Women & Flow-Lovers

I spent most of my night playing Bright Shadow and talking to my BeBe… so I can’t really think of anything to post up for today. I did receive my eBay subscription feeds as usual and thought I’d just leave a link for the gals and flow-lovers out there who want to take look-see or maybe even buy the items up! I’m not “advertising” them per se, just bringing them “to light.” Nevertheless, I did mark “preferred” by the ones that I personally thought was pretty awesome. The Modess were pretty cool, a bit hefty on the shipping – but hey, after Maysea teased me about how great Modess were, can’t help but wonder… hahaha.

eBay Links Below

BodyFit Cotton Sanitary Napkin Set (Pads, Day & Night)*Preferred
$34.99 as of this posting

BodyFit Cotton Sanitary Napkin Set (Pads +Pantiliner)
$34.99 as of this posting

Always Maxi-Pads Package
$5.00 as of this posting

Modess Sanitary Day Napkin*Preferred
$4.00 as of this posting

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