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Happy Canada Day!

That’s right, it’s damn late and I already enjoyed my day off – lol. However, I just wanted to hope all of you in Canada (and Canadians abroad) had a great day!

The only thing that bugged me today is my inability (maybe my own stupidity, lol) of finding a suitable free placed to upload/generate embeddable videos for my personal blog. What a pain! I went and did some shooting today and wanted to recap some of the disagreements I had with a friend about whether I prefer using the regular sights on my gun or using green-dot optics. GAH! I proved him wrong anyways 😛 … or at least in my case.

Guess I’ll have to find some other way of getting my videos onto MSN Spaces. Yes yes, MSN Spaces suck – we all know, but at least it’s free and is bound to my email account I’ve had since Hotmail was created 😆

Happy Canada Day! (2010)

Happy Canada Day! (2010)

Minus the outrageous taxes, this country is pretty damn awesome to live in 😀

Even if you’re not Canadian or don’t celebrate today – I hope you’ve had a great Thursday and look on the bright side, tomorrow is FRIDAY and here comes the end of the week and today is our first step into July!


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