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5 Reasons to Look Forward to Having Your Next Period (via Beat the Syndrome)

I realize from a guy’s standpoint and not knowing what the pain/inconvenience of periods feel like, I assure you just as this author does, that having your period CAN be something you can learn to appreciate. Men, given that we really have little comparison to make between what girls go through during their menstrual cycle, we should be understanding and compassionate. We should be a positive support for our female counterparts. After all, if we’re negative towards a situation, that negativity will only make things worse. Likewise, being positive may influence those around us to feel positively or at the very LEAST, not feel worse. Menstruation is a blessing which nature have gifted us, the ability for our sperm to meet with the female egg to produce a new life. Without menstruation, we would not be alive today. Don’t you owe it to your girlfriend, wife and mother to have some practical knowledge of what menstruation is all about? Such, is the beauty of menstruation.

5 Reasons to Look Forward to Having Your Next Period

If you go to Google and ask it what the benefits of having a period are, the results are not as informative as you would think. Many hits lead you to sites that explain how to make the time between each cycle longer. There are many reasons why a woman would want to space out her periods (pain, mood swings, discomfort) but I wonder if this attempt to alter a cycle (if it is regular in the first place) is another method to try and make any references to menstruation disappear.

Perhaps we, as a society, need to focus on promoting the benefits of menstruation instead of always focusing on the negative.

Aside from pregnancy (and some women will argue that that is not necessarily a benefit), what else does the menstrual cycle do to a woman’s body?

  1. Guards against Cancer: the shedding of the uterine lining helps stop excess cell division so that these cells do not become malignant/cancerous.
  2. Lowers the risk for cardiovascular disease: the menstrual cycle gets rid of excess iron as well as bacteria from the reproductive tract.
  3. Slows the aging process: less iron means that there are less “free radicals” in the blood, which increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s.
  4. Could prevent other forms of disease: the color, odor, and texture of menstrual blood can reveal signs of developing illness.
  5. Improves mood and appearance: “The hormonal recipe that kicks in on or about day three or four triggers a significant improvement in how women feel and look,” says Dr Rebecca Booth, author of The Venus Week: Discover the Powerful Secret of your Cycle…at Any Age.

These are things to celebrate. Yes,  premenstrual symptoms are not always the most delightful things to experience, but the actual act of menstruation is not dirty, or unclean, or demeaning, or shameful. It is a disease-fighting, age-fighting, mood-enhancing marvel.

via Beat the Syndrome


Stayfree Secure Beltless Sanitary Napkin

Stayfree Secure Beltless Sanitary Napkin Package

Ok, so it has been a while since I’ve made a periodtastic post and after all, isn’t this why most of us read this blog anyways? … not to read about my life, but to read about the fun of menstruation and feminine hygiene 😀

I wanted to test out the Stayfree Secure that I’ve been reading so much about. According to what I’ve read, Stayfree Secure was supposed to be the “lower-end version” of the regular Stayfree which we are so accustomed to in North America. With the ones I’ve found in the Asian mart’s, they did not appear to be of lower grade, but in fact, had contours and patterns even better than the standard Stayfree. Suffice to say, I really wanted to test them out since I wanted to see how much “lower grade” that it really is, but the version in the picture above is different than the one I had expected. I had found this at a farmer’s store and these ones seemed like the ones you would imagine when maxi pads first became available. They looked like something that your mother or grandmother would have likely used. Even from the package itself, the fact it is still labeled as a “sanitary napkin” (which is rare in Canada) and that they specifically state “beltless” really makes you wonder how old this package really is, haha. The markings on the package says it was packaged in 2004 yet it says best used within 3 years of production. Suffice to say, this would make the package 6-years old. From what I understand, Stayfree Secure is a prominent line of Stayfree products in India, providing a low-cost sanitary napkin solution for women who do not have the money to buy “better grade” menstrual products.

The Stayfree Secure package I aimed for but instead, got this one in-hast... tsk tsk, my fault.

When I got home and took a closer look at the package, I then realized the minor detail, lol. However, I did not feel there were any noticeable quality degradation as a result of being older than the package recommendation. They were selling the package next to laundry detergent, so the pads had a scented smell even though they were unscented natively 😆 Having noticed the fact the package used the terms sanitary napkin and beltless really made me think what I was in-store for when I opened the package – expecting this really flimsy and unimaginable-to-use product. The shape of the pad was quite interesting, resembling a lack of creativity during the design process! All this sanitary napkin is, is seriously a rectangular wad of cotton stuffed between an adhesive bottom and a top-cover. Although I was not overly impressed with the design of the pad itself, I can definitely say that the cottony cover made it worthwhile! I’m sure Maysea and Poh Ching will agree that cottony covers rule too! 🙂

Back of the Stayfree Secure Package

The absorbency and “lock in” feature was quite amazing given the appearance of the quality. I found that this pad would even give some current-day-brand-name pads a run for their money. Their claim of the adhesive system was questionable however. There’s quite a bit of potential movement because the adhesive at the bottom of the pad was, 1) not sticky enough, and 2) did not cover enough area. Should the user be wearing tight underwear, this should not be an issue, but I think its ability to stay-put without wings, tight underwear and good adhesives under rapid activities such as sports would pose quite a leak risk. The tapered end of the pad certainly does help with any front-overflows or rear-overflows. I believe these pads would be inconvenient for use outside of the house though because they are not individually-packaged like we’re all used to, perhaps what one would call a luxury because even when I saw pads for the first time 21 years ago, the pads then were all just out-of-the-package like as shown below. Imagine having to carry a pad in your purse or bag without a separate wrapper and in full-size! Yep, this is definitely the evolution of pads since disposable/beltless pads were made available. The pad is extremely rectangular and it’s literally like a “brick in your underwear” 😆

Stayfree Secure Package opened up and sanitary napkins revealed without individual-packaging

Although the back of the package gave it away how the pad looks and how serious I was when I say it is “very rectangular” – but here it is… the real-deal.

Stayfree Secure Sanitary Napkin (Top-View)

This is your typical pad you’d find in pad dispensers that dispense “last resort” pads. It has little design and contour, but a huge wad of cotton packed in between the top and low layers. The cottony soft cover feels nice and does not feel abrasive or sticky, even when wet. The thing that seemed to bug me the most was the fact that because the cotton is not packed-tightly like modern pads, when wet, the cotton within shifts around which may cause discomfort and also a potential for menstrual flow to “come back up” or the bunching action may result in uneven distribution of flow/cotton, resulting in an accident. Because of how rectangular the pad is though, after bunching or crunching, the pad does “revert to its original shape” due to the rigidness. Given that this is supposed to be a “low-quality” pad, I certainly cannot be comparing this to brand-name products and expectations. Given that these pads were extremely inexpensive, the comfort and absorbency is definitely on-par!

Stayfree Secure Pad flipped over, revealing the adhesive strip. However, the adhesive portion is not as large as the strip itself.

I’m not quite sure whether the lack of stickiness of the adhesive is as a result of the “expiry” of the pad, but the strip itself is quite thin and would not survive well with loose underwear or rapid movements. This would be a great pad to use at-home since it does not have individual packaging and requires a more watchful eye since the quality may not be as reliable. One thing I will not undermine is the comfort of this particular version of the Stayfree Secure, although I must say this is exactly the type of pad that tampon-users would dub, “feels like wearing a diaper” since it is fairly long, thick and is in the shape of a brick! The pad is not very weighty since after all, it’s just cotton and some light cover material.

Look at the thickness of the Stayfree Secure - I think that'd scare most pad-users, lol.

Ya, those are my ugly fingers holding it up, haha. But as you can see, this is definitely not a thin pad by any means and would definitely cause a bit of a bulge through underwear (but not visible through pants of course). Let’s just wrap it up and say this pad is definitely worth the cost, but don’t expect miracles out of it. Comfort in terms of thickness is not all that great, but comfort in terms of the feel and texture is excellent. The potential moving cotton within the pad may be of concern, but the absorbency is superior for a low-grade pad. Wrapping the pad for disposal is quite hard due to the lack of adhesiveness and the thickness just compounds the difficulty. It is best just to throw it away as-is, but I’m sure that’d be an unsightly vision for some. Folding it in half also seems like a good way to “cover the mess” but make it compact enough for disposal. I suppose given that these type of pads were more of the 1980’s, early 1990’s development, “getting rid of the evidence” wasn’t on their list of top-priorities when it came to menstrual hygiene.

I can’t wait to get an opportunity to try one of the nicer Stayfree Secure’s that I can get from the Asian mart with the blue/yellow packaging. Those seem to be much closer version of modern Stayfree maxi pads that people use nowadays without the thickness, better contour/design and security through enhanced adhesive and wings.

I Wub Fan Mail – Feminine Hygiene Practices

Yay, I love receiving fan mail…. or well, maybe questions 😛 I should let everyone know, I’m actually doing an “interview” for Glockoma Blog (By: Mary Shaw) pertaining to my interest in menstruation and why it’s important for men to understand menstruation – but that’s slowly crawling along because I have too much to say (and too little time to say it all, lol). However, I’m 4 out of 6 questions done! Suffice to say, I’m not ignoring those questions and will get them to her soon. In the meantime, I received some shorter questions from someone by email which I’d like to respond to 😀

The email was signed “M.T” so given the initials, so I’m not going to risk saying “he” or “she”… but they were good questions that I’d like to answer here! Weehh…

1.How much feminine hygiene supplies do you keep in your house?

It’s hard to say, it depends on if they have been on sale or whether I’m just in the mood to experiment. Right now, I have a couple UbK Overnights left (which I’m giving to a girl-friend when she comes back from Costa Rica), some Whisper and Saba pads which I’m practically treasuring due to their rarity, and a package of Stayfree Secure which I recently bought. I do also have a pack of Kotex Overnights, Always Classic and only about 2 Incognito Overnights left at an undisclosed location 😛 I have to keep them hidden because my mom likes going through my stuff, lol. I do not actually keep a lot around, albeit what you see on my blog! I would say at most in my house ever, I’ve had two packages/boxes – discounting ones that I actually buy for my girls and haven’t given it to them yet. My mom has a bunch too, but it’s pretty obvious when things go missing from there, so I don’t bother. Also, it is my mom, which rather has an “ewww” factor 😛

2. How much a year do you spend on buying these products?

About $30 CAD – it is all about finding good deals. I’m a bargain hunter and I know the prices of feminine hygiene products well, lol. Once in a while, I might treat one of my girls to a pack or something, especially if they’ve done some favours for me 😛 (non-sexual favours!!!) or if I really catch an amazing deal. I’m sure this will go up as my girlfriend and I become steady and I start shopping more with her and when I get married 😀 That’s if she lets me buy her stuff though 😦 Haha. I’ll have to “create reasons” for it I suppose, lol. Even so, I could probably even help her cut her yearly costs by snatching good deals when they present themselves. Coupons + good deals have actually resulted in free items for me before!

3. How often do you buy your supplies?

It really depends on how often I’m experimenting and how big the packages I bought were before. Sometimes small packs are on sale, sometimes jumbo packs and there is no consistent rate-of-usage, so it’s hard for me to give any sort of estimation. The two things I do base my purchases on though is, 1) when I’m out or 2) when there is an unpassable sale. Other than that, it’s not like I can say “every month” or “every 3 months” because then I’d just be lying 😀

4. How many girls do you have working for you?

This was a cute question, thanks for making me smile 😛 None of my girls work for me. Also, someone asked me when I say “my girls” whether they are my daughters  – no, most of my girls consist of close girl-friends, ones I’ve grown up with or get along with very well, or some of my ex’s that I keep in touch with. Also, they’re the ones who may be particularly open with menstruation and willingly to share information with me. Suffice to say, there are some girls I’m close to, but who don’t feel comfortable sharing that type of information with me – so that is fine too. I don’t define my friends based on whether they are comfortable talking about their periods with me, lol. Whatever info they provide or how far they are willing to help me out is totally optional.

Try not to imagine me with these girls lined up and me grilling them, because that’s not how it is, haha. It’s just mostly casual conversations that come up on MSN, phone, text or in person and I assure you probably 20% of the conversations I do carry out are on this topic. I have many other things I talk about them with as well 😛 Just think of two (or a few) friends having a conversation together, that’s all it is and the topic is irrelevant – then it’ll put things into perspective for you! I never pressure my girls to give me more info than they’re willing and they can opt out anytime, it isn’t some kind of binding contract! I rarely had any of my girls ever decline answering or participating before though because I guess I could say I’m a decent person and I know how to stay inside each girl’s comfort-zone. Once you get to know a person well enough, you will know their limits – as some, will refuse to use tampons no matter how many times I ask – so I don’t and respect their decisions as such.

This blog and my girls’ participation is all done on a free and voluntary basis. Their reward is knowing that I appreciate their help and that I never reference their names on here (or at most, their alias) unless they explicitly say I can – such as Amy for example. I do not generate revenue off this website and it’s for my own interest and interest of my community members – which suffice to say, I love all my readers 🙂

5. How do you test your products? Do you participate in it too?

Ah yes, the question which quite a few people have asked. Yes, I do participate in the experimentation and such, but the way I test them are completely a secret 😀 Can’t tell everyone everything now, can we? However, most of my girls can give me some good feedback after a month or two of trying a product. Some only try it once, some like to do it over-time to get more accurate results. There is no “form” they will out to give their feedback and again, it’s just a casual conversation. Heck, I don’t even record the things they tell me officially or anything, I just keep it in my head as I read it. I see most of my girls anyways, so they’ll just share their information with me then.

The best is when they share it with me when they’re on their period though 😆 WOO! I must say, a few of them particularly like hanging around me during their period (because I’m one of the few who can deal with it, lol) and because they know I like to baby them once in a while. I’m not a manwhore though, I baby my girls a lot different than I’d baby my girlfriend 😛 No jealousy required! Treating them to a bubble tea or warming the tub for them while they’re sprawled on the couch in pain is the least I can do for how gracious I am for their involvement 🙂 It is quite possible for me to be friends with girls (or the opposite gender) platonically, whether we have been in a relationship or not. My eyes and heart are only reserved for one girl only anyways 😀 Having girls who will satisfy my curiosity will alleviate my girlfriend from having to answer them, because she doesn’t like telling me these things anyways, haha.

6. Does your interest in menstruation interfere with your life?

Nope, why should it? It’s an interest and hobby, just like any other. Some guys like to fix cars, some guys like to go to the strip club, and I like to learn about the female body. The female body is wonderful and it isn’t just about menstruation, it is about them as a whole. I’m sure my knowledge about the female body will come very useful one day 😛 Many of my closest friends don’t know about this interest of mine, so it doesn’t affect my lifestyle off of my blog.

The main reason why I have not posted a picture of myself is for that reason, not be be personally identifiable and especially because there are times I talk about work (negatively) on here. Although many people reading this could figure out who I am, or even if my workplace viewed it, could “make the connection” – but without a picture or 2identifiable information to prove it, they have nothing on me 😆 I think pictures of authors are important, as it helps readers connect with the writer – but in my case, it is dangerous for me to do so! If my blog was just about menstruation, I wouldn’t mind having my picture up, because the worst that could happen is that someone who knows me finds it and they get a laugh about it. I think I am reputable enough to my friends and community that being identified as having an interest in menstruation will not exactly ruin my life.

7. Do you not find periods gross or the blood from it?

No, I don’t find periods gross, if I did, this definitely would not be my blog. Blood is something that everyone has (or they’d be dead) and the only difference with period blood is that it’s menstrual flow (containing more-than-just blood). I actually dislike seeing myself bleed, because for a guy to bleed, that means he’s hurt. I hate getting nosebleeds and got quite a bit when I was younger – especially after eating fries or fried-foods. When I see someone I care about bleed, I become worried, not because I’m afraid of blood, but because I’m afraid of why they’re bleeding. My dad used to work in a hospital and sometimes I’d go there with him to see him work or my mom would take me there to pick him up. I’ve seen people come through the E.R. doors, limbs hanging, blood-smeared, disfigured, etc. but that doesn’t scare me. I have a high tolerance for “gross stuff” – and blood is the least of it.

On the other hand, menstrual blood is a normal bodily function and for a girl to menstruate is a positive sign of health. I am not a big fan of seeing menstrual blood, but it certainly doesn’t make me puke or anything. I have several guy friends who (luckily) got to roomie up with a bunch of girls. When you hang out at his house long enough, you’re bound to see piles of used pads/tampons in the trash or an accidentally-unflushed tampon. It happens, it’s not a big deal, and no one is going to die from it. The smell is worse than the sight – especially once menstrual blood contacts with air, the odour begins to emit.

Suffice to say, I find pooping to be a much more “disgusting” thing than menstruation/menstrual hygiene. Although I understand defecation is ALSO a normal bodily process, I have my limits too, lol. I’ve been in the same room/washroom of girls changing their pads/tampons or even going pee, but I have never been in one while they’re taking a crap – because honestly, I don’t want to be 😆

8. Do you regularly have sex with your girlfriend while she’s on her period?

While I’m happy to post some things on my blog about dates bebe and I go on and stuff, I would never comment on my/our sexual habits. These things are private between couples, you know? 🙂 I hope you understand, I’m just not one of those guys who will go blabbing to his friends about having sex with so-and-so and what we’ve done. To me, sex is an extremely loving and intimate activity, and it’s not something to be shared. If you’re looking for my opinion on period-sex though, it’s totally ok as long as you know you are with a healthy partner (menstrual-blood carries a huge risk of STD’s) and as long as you both consent to such activities. I actually have plans in the future (on my “to-write-about” list) on this particular topic, so stay tuned for it 😀

I love getting fan-mail (or whatever you want to call it… not sure if I actually have fans) 😆 Time to eat my lunch! Toodles.

My love/hate relationship with my “Period” (via Confession of May Suvimol Sittikraisorn)

Wooo, my first time using the “re-post” feature for this wonderful entry written by the author about how she has learned to get-along with her menstrual cycle! Cheers.

My love/hate relationship with my "Period" “A period is like your family. You love to see them sometimes until they start to annoy you and be such a pain in the arse. When they’re going away for too long, you wish they would come back soon or else you’d start to get so worried why they’re not back yet” – May S. Sittikraisorn And thats exactly how I’ve alwats felt about my period =P I still remember the first time I “met” my period. I think I was 11 which was quite early for a girl to have … Read More

via Confession of May Suvimol Sittikraisorn

Addenum to PMS/Menstruation Differences Post

I decided to plop some pictures into my previous post regarding PMS and Menstruation, added a bit more content and a bit of humour! As promised, the picture of what 9 tablespoons of menstrual flow looks like (lol, don’t worry – it’s just water) has been added. I’ve also had a spark of ingenuitiy (which rarely happens) to calculate how many tampons it would actually take to absorb one period worth of fluid! Cheers. (Updated Jun 4/10 @ 5:46PM EST)

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Be Informed: Know the Difference! PMS and Period/Menstruation

Hi Everyone,

Today, I’d like to take this opportunity to demystify the difference between PMS and menstruation. Often, both males and females use these two terms interchangeably, but not knowing that they mean a completely different thing. Rather than throw medical terminology or a dictionary definition to you, let me convey to you my understanding of PMS and menstruation, from a lay-person’s perspective. PMS is said to affect approx. 30% of menstruating women.

PMS 24/7!

PMS, or Pre-Menstrual Syndrome covers a large scope of physical or emotional disturbances in a female before the arrival of menses. Symptoms of PMS include, but aren’t limited to, depression, irritability, crying, oversensitivity, and mood swings.Insomnia, fatigue, aches, breast tenderness, bloating, cramps, constipation and headaches are common physical conditions which PMS-affected females may undergo. It should be known that not all women are affected by PMS. I should highlight that the “P” in “PMS” being pre means that these symptoms happen before menstruation, so therefore, the terms PMS and menstruation should not be used interchangeably.

PMS generally occurs after a female ovulates and ends either shortly before or when menstrual flow begins. More specifically, PMS symptoms are attributed to large fluctuations of hormones, most notably, progesterone released during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. As this phase comes to end, progesterone drops-off and the menstrual cycle comes to an end, resulting in menstruation (us flow-lover’s favourite time!!!) where endometrial blood is expelled from the body via the vagina. There is a more severe form of PMS called Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder or PMDD, affecting approx. 3-8% of women. In general, both PMS and PMDD affect a woman’s quality-of-life, however, certain nutrition consumptions, stress-levels and predisposed factors may make PMS/PMDD more severe from one woman to another.

Menstruation is used to describe the beginning of a new menstrual cycle and usually lasts from 3 to 5 days. Menstruation is considered to fall under the “normal” range anywhere from 2 to 7 days. The uterine lining is formed upon every menstrual cycle and needs to be expelled from the body when conception has not occurred. At the start of every menstrual cycle, the uterine lining and decomposed egg exits the cervix, into the vagina and out of the female body. The flow which comes out of the body is often in the visible form of blood and/or clots (may or may not indicate health-issues). The amount of menstrual flow throughout actively menstruating days vary from woman-to-woman although the average loss of blood per period is only 3 tablespoons with an average fluid loss of 6-9 tablespoons since tissue and mucus from the endometrium also comes out with menstrual blood.

This is 9 tbsp or ~133mL of liquid looks like - the "upper end" of what the average menstrual flow of one period consists

Let’s do some quick math! According to the FDA, tampons fall under 5 classifications based on absorbency. “Ultra” tampons are rated for 15-18 grams of menstrual flow. (Note: Mind you, these are VERY rough calculations since conversions between volume/weight is always a nasty thing to do, but it will give you a light concept.) 5 grams is approximately 1 teaspoon. 3 teaspoons is equivalent to 1 tablespoon. Assuming we use the “lowest end” of an Ultra-absorbency tampon absorbing 15 grams of flow, that is 3 teaspoons which is equivalent to 1 tablespoon. If the average menstrual fluid loss per period on the highest end is 9 tablespoons, 9 Ultra-absorbency tampons are enough to absorb all of your period. Please take due caution as I am not recommending this as tampons should be used according to the instructions in the leaflet as well as hygienic practices. Unfortunately, I don’t have an Ultra O.B. tampon so I can’t display the size of it, so the box will have to suffice (as shown below). Maybe I can borrow one from my ex next time I see her… HAH… hope it make her happy that I didn’t post another brand instead 😛

O.B. Tampons Ultra

Menstrual flow is not only expelled by force of gravity, but also the contraction of the uterus which helps force decomposed waste/menstrual flow out the body and thus, may results in abdominal discomfort in menstruating women commonly referred to as cramps. The menstrual cycle may not be very accurate for women who have recently reached sexual maturation, the age of menarche. Usually it takes 1-3 years before a woman reaches the stage where the menstrual cycle becomes regular. It is not unusual even for women who have had their menstrual cycle for many years who are not regular or may fall outside of their regular schedule.

I certainly hope in the future this is not the way I find out my wife is pregnant. There are much better ways of congratulations... LOL.

Most notably, sexually-active women may fear pregnancy (unless they want a child) when their period is late or perhaps may signal underlying health issues. Nevertheless, periods are rarely 100% accurate and flow will vary even from one menstrual cycle to another.

As you can see guys (and girls I suppose), PMS and menstruation are two different things and although both are “related” since PMS happens prior to menstruation, menstruation CAN exist without PMS-related symptopms. So the next time, when someone talks to you about PMS and menstruation, make sure they are using the right term to describe the right thing! Don’t you think you’d impress your significant other more when you use the right word to describe what she’s going through? I think so 😀 Hopefully this will also provide you with a working-knowledge of PMS and menstruation and to demystify misinformation that often gets injected into male minds about what-is-what!

Cheers. 🙂

[This post will be checked by one of my ex’s due to her medical expertise for accuracy :P]

Tampons are Not a Status Symbol

Thanks for modelling the display for me girl! XD (Tampax Pearl Regular's w/Bonus Always Pantiliners)

This weekend, it was a rare moment that I had a conversation with one of my guy-friends about a period-related matter or more precisely, tampons. I’m sure those who follow my site closely (or not) pretty much sees the dead giveaway that I’m a pad-lover, much more so than tampons. Hell, I don’t need to use them, so I guess it doesn’t really matter what I like more 😆 but suffice to say, I don’t hate tampons. Anyways, back to the story… my guy-friend, let’s call him “G” complained that with the summer creeping upon us, that he’s getting frustrated his girlfriend doesn’t go swimming with him whenever she’s on her period because she doesn’t use tampons. One of the remarks he made which made me think about writing this entry was, “[His girlfriend’s name] is being such a little girl. Why can’t she grow up and use tampons?

You can imagine thereafter I gave him a 25-minute lecture on the subject of tampons and that tampons is not some kind of status symbol or a way of differentiating girl from woman because that is just absurd. However, this notion was not only by him, but even some arrogant-tampon-using-girls say the same thing, they believe tampons are a sign of “being a big girl” when in fact, I can’t see how the choice of feminine hygiene products is a way of defining “being a big girl.” Perhaps my views are a bit different, only having 2 of my (ex) girlfriends who use tampons, one actively and one who tried upon my recommendation. Reading a lot of chats or forums, I have found many girls will chastise fellow-females who do not use tampons – it’s amazing rather than encouraging and being supportive, they ridicule pad-users. It is as if for guys, buying one type of condom makes you a better/lesser of a man!

Let me reiterate to guys if you’re not clear (and I suppose those arrogant girls too) on the matter, but whether your girlfriend/wife/significant other uses pads, tampons, menstrual cups, sea sponges or even rags does not define her womanhood. As much as I hate to use wikipedia as a “good source” of information, I should note that…

A woman (irregular plural: women) is a female human. The term woman is usually reserved for an adult, with the term girl being the usual term for a female child or adolescent.

and furthermore…

Womanhood is the period in a female’s life after she has transitioned from girlhood, at least physically, having passed the age of menarche.

As you can see, at no point is being a woman, grown-up or brave being attributed to the use of tampons or other forms of internal protection. As far as I understand, the use of feminine hygiene products is a matter of personal preference, although there are some women who are against/cannot use/afraid of tampons, it doesn’t make them any less of a person. I happen to think all my pad-using (ex)girlfriends are perfectly fine women, in fact, I’d be more likely to be strict pad-users as opposed to strict tampons users… although using both is a total winner 😆

I think it must be very tough for a girl to have to deal with menstruation and also having to deal with friends/classmates who place a lot of pressure in her to using tampons because it makes her a “big girl”. I swear sometimes it is like a “cult” where girls feel the need to assimilate one another. Although I recognize that tampons are an excellent feminine hygiene product due to its size, allow swimming during menstruation and discreteness when inserted, I would not use the word “superior” to describe it. Every form of menstrual hygiene has its advantages and disadvantages and I think it’s extremely obnoxious for men or women to define for one another what is “better” because after all, it is the individual him/herself that’s using it.

I advised “G” of several ways he could attempt to persuade his girlfriend to use tampons if her swimming on her period is a huge concern. Naturally, it is outside the rights of a guy to force his girlfriend to use something she doesn’t like, but it is always valid to express your opinion and see if she feels comfortable with the idea. It took me about 3 months of persuading my ex to try tampons for once and she was pleasantly surprized with her experience. Although she has discontinued using them, at least now she can make an informed decision on her choice of menstrual protection. I wish “G” best of luck in talking with your girlfriend and seeing whether she is willing to use tampons so you two can spend the summer together actively for water activities 🙂 If not, at least you got yourself an awesome pad-girl 😀 because they rock anyways, lol.

It probably does, but unfortunately I don't know anything about it 😛

Incognito (Fempro/Vania Maxi Pads)

I actually wonder how many people are going to end up on this post as a result of it being entitled Incognito while trying to search up the Google Chrome feature. Just for laughs, I’m going to stick in the description of what Google officially describes Incognito Mode to be…

Explore Google Chrome features: Incognito mode (private browsing)

For times when you want to browse in stealth mode, for example, to plan surprises like gifts or birthdays, Google Chrome offers the incognito browsing mode. Here’s how the incognito mode works:

  • Webpages that you open and files downloaded while you are incognito aren’t recorded in your browsing and download histories.
  • All new cookies are deleted after you close all incognito windows that you’ve opened.

With that said, this post about Incognito is actually referring to the Fempro line of feminine hygiene products, and not Google Chrome (sorry for the unfortunate people who ended up here looking for that :P)

Other than Giant Tiger, I currently have never seen another place stock the Incognito line of products at any other stores I know. Being the type to always be on the look-out for new products, I found this one in a small corner of the GT store in my local area. I had expected a bunch of weird no-name pads/tampons, but to my surprize, I did see an assortment of Always (even Always Infinity) and Tampax products there. However, in the mix of the shelving were Femtex Tampons and Incognito Maxi Pads. I’m skeptical of store-brand pads only because I question their quality, however, I am not the type to shoot something down before experimenting with it!

They were $2.97 for a pack of 18 Maxinight pads and unfortunately, the store did not offer the winged edition (called “Comfort Tabs” by the company). Nevertheless, both pads with and without wings have their own advantages, so no complaints on the fact the GT here didn’t have that version for the overnight pads. They did however, have the winged editions for the super pads, but that’s for a future opportunity! I actually thought that $2.97 was pretty steep, especially for a “non-brand name” product, but I was proven wrong. Pictures are clickable as usual, providing a larger depiction of the figure… however, resolution is still as crappy since I am using my iPhone camera. I know that people are wondering why I bought a new camera and don’t use it, but there are two reasons… 1) these pictures were taken before I got my new camera, and 2) I don’t want to take the risk of leaving “these type” of pictures on my camera accidentally.

Front of the Incognito Maxi Pad package

For a while, I really was trying to figure out why looking at this package gave me this massive sense of deja vu and it wasn’t until I read on their site that I found out that Incognito was actually Vania! Oh my god, did I ever get hit smack in the face by that whole thing called age! I still remember when I was 5, I remember still seeing Vania being shown on TV commercial and still seeing Vania packaged pads on the shelf. For YEARS I had thought they “ran out of business” or got “removed” by one of the larger feminine-hygiene makers but sure enough, they simply marketed their products under a different brand name! Talk about small world and what the chances of me bumping into long-lost Vania products.. or should I say, Incognito.

The side of the package shows the variety of pad sizes/absorbency

Although the list does not appear large, Incognito boasts a large line of 23 pad products and this isn’t even counting their tampon-line and cleaning cloths!

Features of the pad... yes, it is not clear

Sent all the way from Quebec! No wonder they are so expensive... Love the warnings on these damn bags.

The pad was simply wonderful! Not only did it have superior absorbency in comparison to their generic/no-name brand counterparts, it also put a “fight for their money” to the big 3 in Canada (Always, Stayfree, Kotex). I must admit, I was totally shocked at the comfort, design and absorbency offered by this particular pad (opinion pending on other version of the pad, but I would not expect any different)! The curvature of the pad reminds me of the old Kotex Curved Maxi’s which acts as a great contour to the body. The package was simple and much akin to the Stayfree maxi pad packaging. The pad simply sits in a 3-way folded pouch and when opened, the pad is revealed and the plastic used to compose the pouch is quite sturdy for what I would imagine non-name brand products to be!

Pad still inside the pouch/wrapper - very similar to Stayfree and surprizingly strong plastic material

The pad revealed within the wrapper when wrapper-sides are opened

Suffice to say, just the initial opening of the pad already had me smiling from what I could see, but it wasn’t until I fully opened the pad did I realize the glory that it held! From what I know, this has been the only pad I have seen in Canada that has “elastic sides” which really provides that flexibility a pad needs to conform to the shape of the user’s body and help prevent bunching in panties while maintaining absolute comfort! You’ll notice the picture appears to have “humps” in the pad… but that’s because of the shape the pad is formed, similar to a “U” shape which is adopted by Incognito. I considered the the picture would appear much better if I completely FLATTENED the pad, but that would completely throw off this demonstration!

Bottom of the pad, adhesive-side - single strip

Since this version of the pad is wingless, the removal/usage of the pad is very simple. The adhesives are simply covered by a single-strip of sticky material. The sticky material has an excellent composition allowing for great grip on fabric to keep the pad securely fastened to underwear and at the same time, allowing for easy removal. However, I’m not going to lie about the fact that if you’re the type easily embarrassed by the sound of ripping the pad off your panties that THIS pad in particular does make quite a bit of noise. Luckily, the pad itself is not extremely long, therefore the “ripping action” is loud, yet SHORT.

If it LOOKS comfortable... that's because it really IS comfortable!

As you can see, the design of the pad is intended to channel flow towards the centre and also has these grooves along the side, front and rear which acts as a “wall” to contain flow in the strongest area of the pad. Furthermore, the front and back also is designed as a “maze” format to act as a last defense of rear/front leakage by attempting to distribute period blood which have reached the extremity of the pad. Unlike most pads designed for menstruation, the maxinight pad in particular is also capable of dealing with light incontinence – hot damn! I suppose they kept in-mind from the Vania-days when they made products catering to post-pregnancy and maternity pads!

The elastic-type edges of the pad is one-of-a-kind and the only time I’ve ever seen this is from the Laurier (蕾妮亞) and Sofy (蘇菲) pads found in Asia or Asia-import stores. The elastic edges help support the shape of the body, especially during large movements and allow the pad to be extended to cover the body when it is in “full reach” and also when relaxed back into the original body position and “bouncing back”. I can see this being great for the changes in leg movements when standing up and sitting down. The pad is 1.2cm (or 12mm) thick and 27.5cm long. The pad top-cover is made out of very comfortable cotton, and maybe of good consideration to women who have sensitive skin. The pad itself locks wetness in well, leaving the skin relatively dry.

The only gripe I have about this pad (other than the fact I couldn’t find the damned wings version, but that’s GT’s fault, not Incognito… lol) is the fact the pad has a smell (not good nor bad, just… a smell) and that it does not have any particular feature for odour control. However, with diligent pad changing for hygienic reasons anyways, this should not be an issue. When the pad is well-saturated, it also becomes quite heavy (well.. obviously), more-so because of the cotton-composition of the pad, unlike more proprietary methods used by larger brands. However, since it is going in the garbage anyways, it doesn’t matter… and also, it acts as a great “reminder” to change when it starts to feel heavy!

If you can’t tell already, I’ve totally RAVING about this pad. Even though I found out it is Vania and therefore, not completely a “generic” or “no-name brand” – it sure as hell isn’t one of the big 3 either and to make a pad of this quality simply amazes me. I had always seen that the stock of Incognito goods had quite the number of buyers due to the gaping hole I see in the shelves all the time. I couldn’t figure out why so many women would opt to buy (this once presumed) crappy pads, but I sure as hell zipped my mouth/thoughts fast on that one! Maybe because I had assumed they were akin to dollar store pads that I was already prejudice to them! Now I fully understand why last time I saw a girl load up her cart with 4 packages of these when they were on sale! I thought she was just one of those “cheap girls” but now I know she knows her pads well and go for a pad with good quality!

I don’t particularly like advertising, but for women (or fellow flow-lovers) who are interested in testing the pad for yourself, drop by your local Giant Tiger (hopefully you have one) or another retailer which stocks this line and prepare to be amazed! I hope next time I’ll be able to test one with wings, but I was not disappointed at all with the Incognito Maxinight Maxi Pad (a bit redundant eh?) Ohh.. one more thing to mention is that the packages are male-friendly as they have something similar to what Always did a few years ago, to have symbols for each size of pad so that it is easy for them to find! 🙂 It might even help the women who don’t have the patience or time to rummage through all the different sizes/colours and to find what she wants based right off the symbol!

Lack of Updates – Soon to be Over!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates recently… my last posting was 4 days ago! I try to stay on top of things, but it has been a busy 2 days with my girlfriend and my business. Of course both of them will come first! However, in the coming few days, I’ll be happily posting a review on Incognito, a “less known” brand of generic feminine hygiene products which have made it onto my “THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING” radar! It takes a lot to impress me and this brand sure has done it. Stay tuned for a near-future update!!

Men’s Guide on Messy Menstruation

Hi Guys,

For those who are involved with a female partner/spouse or even a daughter, I’m sure at one point or another she will likely encounter period leakage, either through an unexpected start of menstruation or leakage as a result of a misplaced/overflowing feminine hygiene product. There are of course women who have a period accident and think of it as no big deal and if that’s the case, kudos! However as a guy, you have the role to ensure that your female companion or daughter is not embarrassed or ashamed at what happened. Period accidents are common whether you know it or not and women may simply not choose to share that type of intimate detail. However, as a husband/boyfriend or as a father, it is necessary for you to understand and know how to deal with such accidents when they occur. Period accidents unless it is negligence are often uncontrolled and should not be labeled as being “her fault” because IT HAPPENS. To spare you guys from throwing up, I’ll omit any pictures that I originally wanted to put up regarding period stains.

Dakota Fanning - The Runaways

To elaborate, in general, I consider a period accident to refer to a situation where a woman menstruates on an unintended area, in most cases, their panties/underwear. Accidents can often vary from small to large accidents, depending on the degree and area of saturation, which are often determined by the location of leakage, the cause of leakage, the material where the leak occurred, the amount of time before the leak is found and also the level of flow which was leaked. Leaks that have the largest impact are usually those that occur during sleeping hours since one may not notice the leak until she wakes up. Also, period accidents may not be very noticeable at first if it’s just a bit of damping (since a pad generally has a degree of dampness to it), but if it leaks in the right place it may go undetected until it “shows” out external clothing. This is often a mortifying moment for a girl, so as a partner, you should definitely provide her a way to avoid prying eyes such as giving her something to cover it up or even buy her some clean articles of clothing for her to change.

Lady Gaga - Tampon String Performance

Period stains can happen anywhere and anytime (assuming she’s menstruating). Period accidents that involve a sudden start in her period can usually be avoided by keeping an accurate track of her menstrual cycle. Most girls do this so it may not be necessary for you to be involved in that (unless you choose to), however, if she does not, help her keep track as that can prevent an unexpected start of her period where she does not have any feminine hygiene products available or already “on” to prepare for her start. However, some girls even before they start being to have ‘period symptoms’ where they experience certain feelings in their lower abdominal where they have an idea that their period is about to begin, even without doing explicit tracking. The method of tracking a girl’s menstrual cycle only works well if she is already “regular” and does not have irregular cycles. The use of pantiliners or a small pad is advisable when the beginning of menstruation nears.

Alternately, period accidents occur when a feminine hygiene product is not placed in the correct spot (or gets shifted as a result of moving) or if the product is over-saturated. In cases like these, accidents may be avoided by choosing a higher absorbency product or changing more frequently. For pad users, using tighter underwear which helps keep the pad closer to the vagina will help reduce the “space” in between the pad and vagina, preventing the flow from landing on an unintended target. Understandably, women cannot “control” how/where the flow comes out (even if the only exit-point is through the vagina). Putting a pad in the correct spot, where flow is likely to contact at the “strongest” point pad is advisable, although this takes experience over-time to figure this out. For tampons, finding one that contours to the shape of the vaginal canal is an excellent idea. However, like ANY product, over-saturation can and will occur, so knowing how long a product will last or keeping a good eye on it will prevent a period accident from occuring. Using pads with wings can be good or bad because with wings, it MAY prevent side leakage… although at times, having the wings actually CHANNELS the leak to happen – so, I shall reserve my comments on whether it is better to ues pads with or without wings. Pads are a bit more eaisly checked than tampons. The trick to knowing the saturation of tampons is to slightly tug on the string. If the tampon comes out with ease, then it has already reached a point of saturation where it will smoothly slide out. If there is resistance, the tampon is still ‘dry’ and does not need to be changed (unless it has been used for a period of 8 hours or for hygienic reasons).

There’s a few things that guys can do OR offer to a girl in regards to period accidents such as…:

  • Consider using overlapping pads for overnight to allow more protected coverage area
  • If a woman is in too much pain, learn how to change her feminine hygiene product for her – yes, it is not “pretty”, but you are a MAN
  • If she’s prone to leaking at night, lay down towels, use old sheets or plastic/vinyl padding so that a period leak doesn’t get onto the bed itself and make cleaning easier
  • Find some old pants or panties which you don’t mind getting leaked on, use them during your period
  • If you are tasked to do her laundry or she needs assistance to get out period stains, soak the garment in cold salt water and then follow it up with bleach (if appropriate for material/colour). It is important to not use the dryer when still getting out period (blood) stains. Using hot water may cause the blood to set into the fabric.
  • When it comes to period stains, it is always best to tackle it while it is still wet. The longer a stain stands for, the harder it is to get out. Avoid using chemicals to remove period stains as a good mixture of vinegar works well
  • Wear panties that are darker colour and nylon as it is the easiest material to clean
  • If you require intervention from cleaners, first try to use environmentally-friendly dishwasher liquid as it helps break-down the blood stain’s chemical bond
  • Use alternative products like menstrual cups, sea sponges or cloth pads which generally last longer than conventional pads/tampons
  • You could try using incontinence pads or underwear (Poise Pads/Tena Pads) which have an extremely large absorbency capacity
  • The last resort would be to use chemical cleaners or detergent
  • Use a combination of pad + tampon for those with extremely heavy flows… however, those who plan on sleeping more than 8 hours should be aware that they will need to get change it to prevent the increased risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)
  • Try using hydrogen peroxide

[I swear I had a few more things in my head and after dinner, I totally lost track… will fill it in once it comes to my mind]

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