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Mystery Package Has Arrived!

Yay – so I know it has been a while since I’ve made a period-post, so you should all be happy to know that there will be coming up very soon. Today I went to pick up a package I ordered from a retailer in the U.S. Therein contains some very exciting packages! I’m sure it’s pretty obvious what I ordered – given the nature of this blog, but I have yet to tell anyone the actual contents of it! I’m all excited because the item that was shipped to me isn’t available in Canada (or at least not that I know of) so it’ll be a big surprize for the Canadians! I don’t see why they can’t release the same pads in Canada as they do in the U.S.!

I really did splurge quite some money acquiring this, but I’ll use the excuse, “for the sake of my readers and blog” that I’m doing this, lol.. it’ll make me feel a bit better with how much I paid to acquire this 😆 Nevertheless, I can’t say that I’m unhappy myself, just wish it was a bit cheaper 😛 I picked it up this afternoon from work and I have yet to crack open the box – I’m trying to create a bit of suspense even for myself – but the real reason is that I need to arrange a place for me to put these items discretely. I bought these because my god-sister was asking me to get them because she’s been telling me all these great reviews/stories she’s read about how amazing they are – so of course knowing me – how could I possibly turn down such an opportunity?

I’m hope to have a review up for this item once I test it soon! I already have my new camera out so that I can start capturing high-resolution images of them versus using my iPhone camera which did less-than-stellar pictures. I’m sure Cherrie might really like this item too because of the ones she likes ^__^ I’m sure she’ll have a couple of words to say once I get the pictures and review up, haha. I’m so excited and so is my friend Sonia who I promised to give her a few to try as well!

Today after 2 weeks of running, it’s the first day where my muscles have locked up. I’m lying in my bed right now because my legs hurt. The back of my calf feels like someone is constantly pulling on it. Damn running hurts! I must say, I’m quite surprized that it took 2 weeks before signs of pain started showing up – I would’ve expected sooner. I guess this is my body’s way of telling me to “take it easy and slow down” rather than trying to push myself over the limits. I suppose I should also run a lower-grade right now, but unfortunately this cheapo-treadmill only has a fixed ramp angle and can’t be changed. Alternately, I guess I could always run out on the street which is a more standard running angle. Oh well, we’ll see where this takes me anyways.

So I’m tired now and I’m going to sleep. Don’t think I’ll even bother watching my TVB series tonight because I’m pooped. Going to call it an early night so I can get up for work tomorrow. I can’t wait ’til tomorrow anyways so I can actually open the box! Oh – the funny thing is the packing slip on the front actually showed the contents within if someone really paid attention, LOL… hope the lady who does the mail at work didn’t notice (or didn’t care :P) .. they need to be more careful when packing my damn box, haha. I’ll take a picture of it from inside-out tomorrow in preparation for my review!

Toddles for now, hope you’re all as excited as me for this (unknown) maxi pad review!

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