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Things to-do Before My Trip

I think I check my blog more often than I check my to-do-list… so I’m going to record what I need to do before leaving here, lol… if I forget something, please let me know 😆

  • Pack iPhone and Blackberry, including chargers/case
  • Remove SIM from my iPhone before getting on the plane so I don’t incur roaming charges
  • Prepare and pack laptop with charger, mouse, external burner, external hard drive and security cable
  • Pack a few pieces of more “professional” clothing in case I need to go into an office environment or formal-dining
  • Backup and synchronize all my files
  • Move my home server to work so I have access to my files when abroad
  • Collect all outstanding payments from my customers and clear their invoices
  • Get someone to water my plants at work
  • Lower office temperature, clean my office and polish bebe’s picture frame
  • Move my storage of pads/tampons to somewhere secure and won’t be accidentally found
  • Turn off any non-essential electronics in the house and in the office
  • Lower house temperature just enough to prevent pipes from freezing
  • Turn off water-flow to most areas of the house
  • Check all windows are dead-bolted
  • Change my cards/money over to my “traveling” wallet and bring only the most necessary credentials, especially my Canadian Citizenship, HK SmartID (Proof of  Residency), Octopus card and bebe’s picture
  • Pack the 3 laptops I configured to give to my cousins
  • Unload and store all my guns, except for one kept in a secret spot
  • Send out email to family, friends and customers about my absence
  • Do online check-in 24 hours before departure and see if we can find better seats
  • Get HKD from safety deposit box and remove valuables from the house into the box until we return
  • Research which phone plan to get while I’m in HK
  • Get all my voice-mails with an away-from-the-office note
  • Transfer any data I need to bring with me onto my external hard drive and memory stick
  • Clear out my memory card in my camera and make sure I bring plenty of spare batteries
  • Clear all my payments on insurance and credit cards
  • Make sure my investments are being monitored by my broker
  • Pack my electric shaver

Hrm.. that’s all I can think of for now, I wonder if I’m missing anything 😀

Random Connections in Facebook

It wasn’t until last year around this month that I started using Facebook. I was a “late bloomer” so to speak.. I did not like the concept of FB, revealing myself to the world. However, being my first-year anniversary of using it, I have found it to be a great way to keep in touch with people. For me, FB is a pretty private place to me and I avoid adding people out of “just meeting them at a party” or something like that – unless I can see myself connecting with that person in the future again. For a long while, I resisted adding anyone from my work place or any of my external clients to Facebook, because sometimes I post work-related updates on there. However, I decided to change my own policy of that and went ahead with adding them – but with highly restrictive permissions.

There are people whom I work with who I deal more in a “personal” and “friend” basis.. those who I would spend time with outside of the office, there are only a few. Further to that, I’m nuts when it comes to ensuring all the “groups” of people I know are sorted well in categories. I do not use categories just for the fun of going so, but because I’m anal when it comes to applying privacy settings, permissions and rights to Facebook “friends”. I have 10 groups and had more at one point and all of them really do serve specific needs. Perhaps being an I.T. guy, this was one of the first things I set up when I started using Facebook. I religiously classify ANY PERSON I add to Facebook in one or more of these categories and I work through a “compounding permissions of groups” – each group granted either more/less permission to my visibility.

Can you tell I'm anal about my Facebook groups?

On that note, today, an interesting situation happened. Oh… before I continue (I blog like I talk… jumping all over the place)… I actually had 3 topics to write about today and by the time I began typing this, it has now dwindled to one… not because I don’t want to talk about the others, but because I FORGOT.. lol, I’m getting old. Anyways, today I had to go on-site to fix some issues the place was having. I have not done field work for a while as the past 3 years I’ve been working at this organization, I only did field work for 3 months before being promoted to the headquarters managing internal systems. I held that position for 2 years before moving into my current position doing I.T. project management. Anyways, my time out in the field was short and I had only met a handful of people anyways. Out of my naiveness, when today I went to a site to work, and as I walked into the office to report in (we are required to do so for security purposes) and then one of the secretaries gave me a weird look.

I was wondering if I had something on my face, my hair was disheveled (crazy winds today) or why she was giving me a weird look. As I approached her more closely, I realized she was try to take a look at my ID tag (which I have clipped onto my belt since wearing it around my neck tends to drop in between computer fans, LOL). She asked me who I was and to identify the reason why I was there. Since I’m not well-known within the organization due to my lack of time doing field work, it is pretty usual that I had to identify myself (if you’re one of the regular techs and they recognize your face, they’ll just let you through). I work in an environment where security is paramount as we deal with lots of little kids and we all know how common pedophilia is in society nowadays, so it never offends me when someone asks me to state the intention of my visit.

The secretary, being probably suspicious spoke to me in a very abrupt and crude tone. I identified myself, showed my ID and signed myself in. She looked at my name and immediately she began to smile (my immediate thought was to step back 10 feet, lol) at me and began to introduce herself. I clearly had no idea who she was, although she seemed to know me quite well. She started listing off the first names of people who knew me personally and many of my coworkers. As these names were passing through my head, I finally connected them all to one place… FACEBOOK! Finally she said one more person’s name then all the pieces came together. She was like “Ohhh… you’re _____ it is so nice to meet you in person! You know me? I thanked you last time over ______’s Facebook for all the work you did for me!” and then I finally realized who it was (or well, at least her name). We shook hands and all of a sudden, the mood completely changed, as if Facebook had some magical powers.

We had a small chat before proceeding to get some information as to what room number and person I needed to contact. I asked if it was ok if she paged the person for me just to make sure he was there and if she could help me locate the room. She was all cheerful, called the person to verify he was there, gave me directions and even walked me to the door. Is that crazy or what because just a few minutes ago, she was definitely not “very nice” until it dawned upon her that she “knew me” from Facebook. On that note, it is crazy now how we’re so interconnected to people… which can be good and bad.

This is not the first time that I found out I was so “well-known”… I have been to sites before where people somehow know me, but I don’t know them, LOL. I suppose it is very easy for them to know me since I’m the only Asian who works in I.T. (rare eh… you’d think there’d be more of us given our reputation) and probably one of the few Asians who worked in the entire organization. I suppose my name gets out there somehow… I have no idea how. When I inquired, a few people even said, “I heard your good-name through the grapevines and people speak highly of you..” and I’m like WTF… who’s speaking highly of me? LOL. Furthermore, why would any speak highly of me? Most of the time I’m a big asshole wakakakak (Doing a Poh Ching laugh) 😀

When I left the site and was driving home, I kept on wondering how people know me and I don’t know them. I try to be very personal and deal with people directly rather than phone calls, remote access and stuff like that as it helps the customer and I connect on a friendly and in-person basis. Furthermore, I did not know people actually tell others when they meet someone to “speak highly of”… I find myself only telling others when I meet someone who’s a real douche, LOL, maybe I ought to change that, haha. Nevertheless, it was kind of cool to realize that my name was out there and as if I was some kind of celebrity walking in to fix a system. It took me all of 10 minutes to do it and I was a superhero with a cape. I was thanked profusely which in all honesty, made me feel more accomplished than the pay I earned for the day!


Found a video posted by another blogger that amusingly fit into the topic of Facebook – and just in time for V-Day too!

Video found by: Author


And to end the night, something period-related for you guys to read 🙂

Want Privacy? Don’t fly!

In reference to Body Scans, Disability, Menstruation, and Security Theatre January 5th, 2010 by Elizabeth Kissling @

When I read the above article, I was shocked at how much a scan like that actually shows. It makes me edgey to imagine myself as a male, walking through a scanner which shows (according to their rules, a same-sex officer) another individual my full body layout, including my penis “hanging around” while doing a security check. I find that distrubing, in fact, I’d hate to be the guy sitting behind the scanner seeing penises all day (unless that was his thing). I would actually prefer it was a opposite sex viewing these walkthroughs. While they have the best of intentions, not allowing images to be saved, making sure that the viewing-officer never sees the person on the outside and that due encryption be used when transmitting such an image, would you want to be the one questioned as you’re walking through the scanner whether you are menstruating and to prove it? In the event she’s not menstruating at the moment does not mean she cannot have the pad on, such as preparing for her flow to begin or at the end of her period just-in-case. Imagine a male, for whatever reason (other than malicious intent) having a pad on… what business is it of security officials to see and perform questioning. What if that is the person’s fetish or medical needs? Just to fly, do we really have to justify our own personal lives nowadays?

Having seen a tampon string hanging out of a girl, I can only imagine that to a scanner, it would very much resemble a wick of a dynamite for instance. Personally, I’d probably get a kick out of asking a girl, “So… are you on your period?” – but that’s just me and my interests and all… I’m sure the average person would hate to have to be the one to say that. I love flying, I really do… especially when it’s a trip to go home. I just can’t imagine the implications of this all, especially for those who might have more private concerns of themselves showing up nude in a scanner. I’m not sure about the pat-down process since I’ve never had an issue with going through security checks. I have triggered the metal detectors a few times with my belt (and before shoes had to be removed), my shoes… but never had to be “felt up” by an officer – so I guess I can’t relate to an experience like that.

I don’t think I’m taking sides on whether a scanner like this is right or wrong – it obviously has its merits. There have been many individuals who’ve expressed that “As long as doing something like this is for our safety, we don’t care about privacy.” It’s too bad the world has to come to this just to keep its citizens safe… soon we’ll be scanned just to exit the door of our house. Crime can exist anywhere and an airplane is just one of them. For the time being, I’ve just accepted the way security checks are, I think I take on the attitude of “I don’t really care.” and “There’s nothing that I can do to change it”… after all, I like visiting home! Nevertheless, this was a great article to read and addresses concerns that many in the LGBTQ and disabled folks might have when it comes to having their bodies revealed.

Just for kicks, the next time I’m walking through one of these scanners, I’m going to try to walk through it while maintaining a large erection… whoever’s behind that scanner, ENJOY!

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