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Winalite, Anion, Love Moon Sanitary Napkins – For Real?

Hello Again,

Today, I had been looked more in-depth into a product which had broken into the Asia market for a while before spread internationally. From the looks of it, there are quite a few sellers of a “special” maxi pad, under the brand name Winalite who make Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkins. They are an exploding company who has recently arrived internationally in North America. As a booming company, they offer “business opportunity” for both individuals and businesses who wish to be distributors for their products. This appears to work on the pyramid scheme like many cosmetic and natural health remedy resellers work under. For me, it was shocking to see that unlike cosmetics and other pyramid schemes, there are quite a few males involved in this program, literally, being a “maxi pad pusher”.

Now, I’m personally not involved with Winalite in any way, their original brand in Hong Kong about a year ago was what caught my attention since I’m always interested in researching/testing new products. The first time I saw any mention of this product was in a YouTube video, under the Chinese equivalent name of 月月愛. Having looked at both the Cantonese and English versions of their videos, I was quite impressed with what they described, however, I took most of it with a grain of salt just like any other commercial or advertisement. It was very surprizing to me when I saw it emerging in the North American market. The pads they sold were more expensive than your typical brands, however, claims to have many benefits over your regular sanitary products.

Doing a quick “Google”, I began typing the word “Winalite S…” and then before I even completed my intended word “sanitary” it was offering me the phrase “Winalite Scam” .. well, that sure as hell wasn’t what I expected. Nevertheless, I kept that thought in mind and continued my task at hand to find out more. For those who are unfamiliar with this product, this brand of maxi pad offers 7 amazing layers (in their words) that compose the Love Moon Sanitary Napkin.

Layer Love Moon Product Other Brands
1 Soft and comfortable cotton surface with twice the absorption strength Surface of artificial fiber or rough surface of soft cotton.
2 Anionic tape of world advanced standard and granted with national patent, can effectively get rid of the cause of female genital inflammation: anaerobic bacteria. No such anionic tape or are using medicated tape not recommended by experts.
3&5 Dust-free paper after strict sterilization is used for 360-degree wrapping of the absorbent agent. Paper pulp from recycled items with high level of chemical bleach is used as filling material, or chemical fiber materials are used. How dreadful it is for the sensitive skin to come into close contact with such kind of materials!
4 Adequate absorbent agents which are colourless. Low quantity of absorbent materials.
6 A base film which is permeable to air but not water. Plastic film which is not air permeable.
7 Adhesive base layer used for food products. Adhesive base layer used for industry.

Rather than me explaining the concept and details of this product, I would rather refer you to the following site that articulates all the (many) benefits. I was quite interested in acquiring this product to test it out, but the lingering thought of it being a potential scam definitely had me alert. Looking at their prices, I would say (in CAD) they were roughly a dollar more per package compared to store-purchasable pads. Unfortunately, once you tack on the shipping fee, it would already double the price just to make the purchase.

Whether this is a scam or not, there are definitely some points in which I would agree with them, such as making the pads scent-free and environmentally friendly. When it comes down to their reference to the negative ion strip in the middle of the pad, I’m unable to comment since I’m not much of a scientist, but apparently it has a variety of health benefits stretching from helping to reduce/regulate menstruation to reducing stress. Wow! I did not know a maxi pad could do so much as to:

“Reduce stress, Strengthen immunity, Enhance metabolism, Remove fatigue  and Enhance hormonal balance”

If so, I think almost every guy should start wearing maxi pads on a regular basis (har har)! Apparently the negative ion strip even goes so far as to being able to treat genital herpes… oh yes, you heard me, it treats herpes. So now, after reading the entire page, it’s starting to make me think this pad was made by God himself! Sorry if I sound a bit sarcastic, I am trying to keep a neutral stance. Before I start straying too much, I’m definitely interested in getting a pad or two of these just to see whether it is really that amazing. While I won’t be able to comment on whether it makes my (non-existent) vagina bacterial-free and fresh, I will be able to comment on the general comfort and absorbency of the item. For my readers, if any of you have had any practical experience with these pads, feel free to comment or send me an email! Obviously I don’t want this to become an advertising frenzy, so please refrain from posting any contact information.

3 Packages of the various Love Moon Pads

I will say though, that whether the pads truly fulfill all its claims, the packaging definitely look nice ^___^

Display of the 3 sizes of Love Moon Pads - Liner, Day and Night

I really wonder whether all this is a scam or not, because if it isn’t, these pads really are a miracle product, lol. If you’d like to look up information on these pads, the videos are readily available in multiple languages for you to view and listen. I honestly would’ve never expected so many guys to be trying to sell these products and looking at a few people, they have been quite successful. I’m honestly not sure how many women are actually comfortable with a male approaching them and trying to persuade them to buy maxi pads… hrm… good thing there’s not that many period-lovers out there like me eh?

Of course with any of these schemes, there will be people who actually find success in selling these products, so cheers for them! As it might strike many of you, I actually have not considered becoming a distributor of this – I would find it quite awkward for me to approach people and try to push this product. I have no problems with talking about stuff like this with girl-friends, girlfriend, or female cousins, but to actually imagine myself trying to sell maxi pads just goes “whoosh” over my head. That is odd, considering my interests and all, ain’t it?

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