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Salvation From My Noisy Computer

Well, I finally did it… I dished out the money to get a new computer case and PSU (Power Supply Unit). For those who are into computers know exactly how expensive gaming-level PSU’s and cases are so for me to afford this, I’ll have to cut back on luxuries for a while. On that note, my following 6 months of food will consist of Mr. Noodles, 3 packs a day 😆 HAHA.

Thermaltake V3 Black Series Computer Case (Airflow Design)

So for those who have been following my blog, you’ll know that I recently acquired a new video card and was quite excited. Upon trying to install it 2 days ago, I noticed my wires were extremely tight. It wasn’t that I couldn’t get the card in or even hook it up because I managed to do all that… however, there was just that little voice inside me that told me to reward myself given I was using a sub-par case/PSU for the past 5 years. I remember when I was young, I’d always ask my Dad for a new computer (or parts) and his response was usuallyWe have no money or That is too expensive and my response was to him, Dad, why are you so cheap? It isn’t until I got a job and really had to start paying for things out of my own pocket did I understand the implications of really thinking things through before buying it.

The box is already impressive enough... XD

I flipped the back to read the features... this really should be something I do BEFORE I buy things, lol.

I was so excited to see my card... but then realized there was still one more barrier!!

The treasure inside the chest revealed...

All pictures on this entry are clickable as usual for a larger display. I scaled all images down to 1440×900 (or multiple of the aspect ratio) and compressed them using JPEG to avoid overburdening my site and people’s internet connections.

XFX HD587XZNFC Radeon HD 5870 in all her glory! It's mine... ALL MINE!!

Maybe you can say that I may be “better off” than my parents were or perhaps I’m a bit of a “reckless spender”, but yesterday when I walked into my usual supplier of computer parts, I walked in and told him I wanted a nice case and a decent power supply. I rarely have the patience to look for specific models unless it is something I’ve been eyeing for a while. I got the Thermaltake V3 Black Edition case along with a 650W Seasonic PSU. OK, when I heard about the whole Seasonic brand, even the guy behind the counter was laughing his ass off. Neither of us has heard about this brand and thought it was crappy. After reading a review of their products, I was shocked to see it was some crappy off-brand that was going to explode my computer. Not only will it not blow up my computer, I also found out this brand of power supply was extremely power efficient, meaning it will save on my electricity bills!

Card requires two 6-pin Molex adapters to power it up... good lord, lol.

The back of the card really wasn't all that exciting...

Now if only I got myself a monitor that had HDMI support... hah.

I just forwarded reviews I found of them to my supplier and perhaps we’re not going to laugh at this brand anymore 😐 I went for this PSU because it was $30 cheaper than the Thermaltake equivalent. I’ve already spent a lot of money on the Case/PSU, so I wanted to save money wherever I could, lol. The one thing I wanted to ensure was a decent warranty and this particular model comes with a 36-month warranty which is more than sufficient should anything bad happen. My biggest surprize with this particular model of the PSU is the fact it’s extremely silent. My old 430W Thermaltake which I used to power this rig previously was loud and I actually need to turn up my speakers when watching a movie or something to mask out the noise. All I have to say about this PSU so far is that I’m impressed with it even though it is not a “big brand name” for gamers. I may very well start recommending this brand to my customers too if all is well 🙂

Top-down view of the case... pretty awesome vents!

The not-so-exciting side of my case.... it isn't bullet-proof titanium like the one I have in my computer room, boo.

The back of my computer... the scary thing is that once I plug all my parts in, 100% of the rear USB ports are used :S This is also my first computer case with the PSU on the bottom

The more exciting side of my case boasts a vent and a window to all me to see the yummy insides

The case has many vents, some on the top and some on the sides, allowing for optimal air-flow. The inefficient case-fan and hot PSU in my last “computer” made my room really gross. This was also another reason why I decided to buy a new case/PSU because summer weather is closing in on us fast and the last thing I want is to roast in my room when my computer is on. Oddly enough, I wouldn’t need heating in my room whenever my computer was on in the winter… ya, it is THAT hot. Only issue is with this type of heat, I don’t think it’s exactly “healthy” so I prefer something that has optimal venting to keep the computer cool while maintaining a degree of temperature-healthiness in my room.

Front view of the case... the flash worked out well because it is only then you can see the "honeycomb" design

The guys did a great job getting my wires organized and such... it'll help keep the case cool and tidy! I can't do that... that's why I pay others to, lol.

See the fan on the top? It lights up when the machine is powered on and then spinning of the fan causes a "strobe" effect... not a good idea for those who have epilepsy! I am SERIOUS.

Drive bays... plenty of extra room now for "breathing space" and future expansion.

Although I’m a “computer guy” and a “gamer”… I definitely don’t have the nack of building machines and getting hardware to ‘work’ with each other. I can do some minor parts swap, but when it comes to full systems, motherboard n’ all, I prefer to defer it to the “experts”. To me, paying someone a couple of dollars to build it means I don’t have to take the responsibility of a part blowing up. If someone messes up my computer, they pay for it… if I accidentally do something myself then I have to pay for another one or lose the part – ouch! I know where my limitations are and hardware just isn’t my specialty!

The side panels back on and system powered up!! You can already see the nice blue glow from my case-fan... sexy!

And a close-up through the window-of-magic to see the internal parts lit up by a nice blue flash! Well... it would be flashing if this was an animated picture.

There we have it folks… all I wanted was a simple video card upgrade and I ended up needing to get a new case and power supply, lol… things can never be easy, can they? I guess given the video card was given to me as a gift, I shouldn’t be complaining about having to buy a case/PSU. The only thing that totally makes me steam sometimes is that I saw this crazy pre-built system the guy was selling for $699 .. here I am spending 1/3rd of that price buying only TWO parts of a system… these prices of computers are falling like nuts. I wonder if I should buy up that unit and resell it… wow, that’s actually a good idea 😆

No more noisy GPU fan (I can now tune it down and it’s dead-silent @ 20% and still quiet at 35%).. no more noisy PSU fan… no more noisy case fan… all peace and quiet! I love it 😛

Laugh of the Day: Motherly Concerns

Today, I definitely got my kick-of-the-day! A few days ago, I had asked whether I could purchase a new video card as a “reward” for all the efforts I’ve put in at work lately. It was a fairly expensive card and before I submitted it, I was very hesitant, worried that I might be chastised for choosing that one. For me, my most expensive video card I’ve ever bought came to $260 CAD – which to me, is already at the “limit” of what I could pay for personally to buy… I seriously cannot justify to myself (or my wallet for that matter) forking out more than that to play games.

Given that I’m always the “silent one” at work and while everyone else has asked for tons of stuff all the time, I thought I’d finally try my luck! Sure enough, with a bit of ass-kissing and letting my boss borrow one of my games, he put the order in right away. I asked him at 1:20PM and he replied at 2:52PM telling me that it has been ordered and that it’ll arrive in my name in 5 days! God damn – it was a shock and I just saved myself $550! This year, I was finally planning to buy a new computer, so I’m slowly building my “collection” of parts to do over the summer. It has been many years since I’ve gotten a “new computer” and I find myself earning a lot (not “a lot” as in the actual amount, but the quantity of the act) of money and yet, not really spending it. After all, money is useless if it is not spent and ONLY saved. It isn’t until when the money is used for a product or service, that the value of the amount is actually realized, since that is what (hopefully) brings us pleasure, happiness or relief. Certainly over the past while, I have spent more money than I normally would since my girlfriend and I are eating out more often, going to more places (thus gas and maintenance) and whenever I see things she may like, I buy it. Certainly, this money hasn’t brought me joy directly, but seeing her happy sure as hell does! I digress… like I always do.. but anyways, this is my FIRST part for my new computer coming this summer!

This video card that was purchased it outrageous… yes, it really is and I went “over the top”… heck if I’m going to ask for something so rare, I mind as well make sure that it is going to last a while since it isn’t every day my boss is willing to dig into the budget and get me something, lol – although I should mention I’m extremely grateful and I will certainly put more effort into my job when he asks me to do something! Call it a bit of employee bribery sometimes 😛

This is what I got…

XFX Radeon HD 5870

Oh yes baby, I’m drooling! 😀

But this totally wasn’t the point of my post. My mom, makes me laugh a lot….. because what she said today was totally unexpected coming from MY mom in particular. As a result of getting this new video card (which I spent more than enough time talking about, LOL), I had to measure the inside of my computer tower to make sure it would actually fit. According to what I’ve been reading, the video card is 11 inches in length – holy shit and I thought the card I have now is long! The one I have now is already at the “edge” of my hard drive plug, making it a very tight squeeze so I am quite worried I will actually need to upgrade my case. Only time will tell when I actually get it out of the box!

I dismantled the side panel of my case with the intention of checking the clearance and whether the card would actually fit (based on the dimensions I have). Unfortunately, I have this really poor estimation of sizing, so I prefer to get a more accurate measurement. Nevertheless, I don’t keep a ruler in my room because… well, because I don’t have a need for one. I went out to my home-office to grab one from the drawer. Just as I was walking back into my room, my mom sees me walking into my room with a ruler. Today was fairly hot here, so I only had my boxers on.

So here I am… wandering into my room, ruler-in-hand with one piece of clothing away from being completely nude. My mom just looks at my hand and then quietly says (Oh, I should mention the conversation was completely in Cantonese, but I’ll translate it to English for the sake of most of my readers), “[My name], I heard a lot of guys your age like to measure their penis to see how long it is…. it is ok, close your room door, there is nothing to be ashamed of..” — MY MOM THOUGHT I WAS MEASURING MY OWN PENIS – holy shit, lol. The damn ruler was the measure the clearance in my computer case to see whether or not I could fit my video card in!!! 😆 I suppose grabbing a ruler, walking into my room and being 90% naked didn’t exactly appear “innocent” although I had absolutely not intentions of measuring my cock 😛

So here I am now, writing about it because it is still making my laugh. My mom, although bringing me many moments of anger and frustration, also brings me great laughter during the day. I could not help but feel weird and I’m glad it wasn’t like I was having this huge erection which would’ve made the situation even more awkward. I told her it was to check my computer and I don’t think she believed me… because when I came out of my room, she offered to wash the ruler. Oh god, LOL. 😀


Anyways, I found this blog entry pertaining to an artist who had her work-of-art censored at an art gallery as a result of her “questionable display” of used tampons. Ok sure, it isn’t the most welcome scene in every-day life, but given there often is a large variety of “grotesque” scenes in art galleries depicting worse-than-a-bloody-tampon displays that should have been “covered” rather than hers. I can imagine being an artist what she feels like, being “supressed” by a societal taboo while seeing other ones displayed openly. It is amazing that in 2010, our society still finds a used feminine hygiene so disgusting that it must be sheltered from the world. Surely, if there was any place “acceptable” to find something like this would be at a ART GALLERY.

Please feel free to read:

and also the official artist @

Please note that both the above links will take you OUT OF MY BLOG – which means you may be subject to the otherwise deemed “inappropriate” pictures (they are non-pornographic) as posted by the respective authors and I bear no responsibility henceforth.

Please drop by and show your support, especially if you happen to go to the same institution as her!

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