What’s This About?

The great thing about the internet is that one can express themselves without fear of people knowing who they are. While this internet anonymity has led to abuse, I find great joys in being able to connect with individuals all over the world about topics and issues that are of interest to me. Part of what will hopefully make this blog great is that I am not personally identifiable, which means everything I can talk about will have no barriers and will be the truth and nothing but the truth. Praise be for internet anonymity!

So why a male and menstruation and what does it mean to me? Well, in the easiest sense, it really has no relation to me because my body doesn’t experience it. My interest in menstruation started when I was very young, perhaps because of its association with the female body. Heck, what is more cool than the female body to a young heterosexual male? Anyways menstruation was always very taboo in my family and caused me to want to learn more. I guess the easiest way to explain it is that the more something is hidden away from me, the more likely I am to want to know more. As I learned more and more about menstruation (back then, the internet was not mainstream… all info obtained was from the library), I became fascinated with it as it is a beautiful part of a female life. I can imagine what most guys think of me right now and it’s ok – I’ve never been the one to conform to gender-based standards. Why must males feel revolted to menstruation? Who has taught you at birth to feel that periods are an embarrassing thing? What has happened to you in your lifetime which caused you to view menstruation as a negative thing? All these questions I pose to people who feel that a man should not need to know or involve himself in mensuration in any way. Perhaps I do not “need” to know, but honestly, we don’t live in the dark-ages anymore where men deal with men things and women deal with women things. Knowing about the female body, physical/sexual needs and menstruation has allowed me to be integrated with my girlfriend(s). While I will never “feel what they feel” – knowledge is key to understand what a girl has to go through.

Menstruation to me is part knowledge, part interest and part fetish. This is something that is deeply rooted in me and with the exception of intimate girlfriends I’ve had, very few people know this “interest” about me. Gratefully, the internet allows me to post things anonymously, giving me the ability to express my thoughts and experiences in my interests without the fear of societal repercussions. With all that said, one would assume me to be interested in cross-dressing or perhaps having transgender-tendencies, but I don’t… I simply love menstruation and everything about it.

My goal of this blog is to shed light to men and women in two different perspectives. 1) To allow women to understand what men think of menstruation and 2) allow men to understand that menstruation is a subject worthy of understanding and discussion. Many men are truly ignorant of menstruation and keep their distance away from it. Unfortunately, this is an attitude passed by long ago that menstruation is dirty, impure, disgusting and humiliating – assigning it names such as “the curse”. Let me pose a question to you, if it were not for this wonderful thing called menstruation, would you be alive today?

Let the blogging begin!

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