MEN in Menstruation Quotable Quotes

While in my journey throughout WordPress and engaging in menstrual-related discussions with other bloggers, I decided to open a section on my blog dedicated to some “great quotes” (or rather, great “comments”) exchanged between another blogger and I. I always love to hear positive responses about my involvement in trying to bring menstruation out into the open and shed light about periods to the many clueless men out there. Part of what will make this blog successful is to also rally others who feel the same or who feel strongly they want to be a part of this “change” to help beat the taboo out of menstruation.

If you find a quote on here which is exchanged between us and you do not wish to be listed here, please feel free to contact me to have it removed. Heck, if you want to be commercial, see this as a “testimony” section, haha! There have been tons of great quotes from the past, but they’re “lost in history” by now as much as I’d like to dig them up to add it here. So I guess we’ll just have to do this from here-on-in! This section may or may not contain comments that are all on-topic and certainly, I’d like to expand this page to include “just for fun” comments that I manage to get myself into. After all, I’m not all about periods!


Who knew feminine products could generate so much conversation? The way I was brought up, we women were supposed to be hush-hush about it. To heck with that!

Prexus – Daughter and I were impressed with how detailed your blog post was about the Kotex U overnight pad. Honestly, why aren’t you engineering products for one of the companies that makes them? It seems to be your calling. There should be no shame or weirdness in your interest, even though you’re a man. Ask your detractors this: How many gynecologists are men? Yeah, thought so. Not so weird in that light, huh?

When I have to use a product regularly, I like it to be both useful and stylish. Feminine product companies are forever tweaking their designs, so how much does it really cost them to offer something in bright colors or patterns? After all, there’s cost in designing the more clinical looking products too.

Glad I could brighten your day!

Hey, Jody & Clare – Thanks for your comments, too. Love the idea of Hello Kitty feminine products. The idea of feminine products as sweets (perhaps they could bundle them with chocolate!) makes menstruation more tolerable.

Prexus – For the record, my daughter is an adult, so it was no issue to have her read your post over my shoulder. Also, if we treat menstruation as a normal body function (as we do), there ought to be no shame in her reading your post, just as there should be no shame in your writing about feminine products.

I know there are lots of people who consider it an off-limits topic, especially for a guy, but let’s just start our own little club and, by example, help them get over their attitudes. :)

From the way you described the Kotex pad in your post, I take your interest seriously. The detail you’ve used (measurements, moisture wicking capability, etc.) indicates the close observation of a researcher. I think you’re a lot closer to being a feminine products designer than you think. (Intense interest is half the battle.) Why not research the companies (I bet you’ve already done some of this) and see what it takes to be a product designer? It could be a second career if you get tired of your IT gig.

And, yes, being a woman can be expensive – at least the menstruation part.

Have you ever done research on reusable cloth pads? (The ones available in natural foods stores.) How do they stack up against the disposable ones in terms of cost, absorbency and ease of use?


Menstruation happens, it has a purpose, and it shouldn’t be assumed to be something ugly or shameful. Having dealt with it for over a decade now, I can’t say it’s beautiful… ;) But I appreciate the process. I certainly don’t appreciate companies using the fears they helped cement as a way to sell product. I would very much like to speak to those old fogeys in the board rooms!

Thank you for stopping by, and leaving such an excellent comment!. We are fascinated by your blog, and really encouraged by your positive attitude and emphasis on education. We will definitely be reading.

Have you seen the Museum of Menstruation? It’s not so much a brick and mortar location, as it is one man collecting material and sharing it online. His collection is very interesting.

It’s wonderful that you can be so open and understanding about things like leaks. It’s a great fear for many women, and does make for horror stories, usually due to sheer embarrassment. As you say, men have issues with it, but women shut them out. Women are just as responsible for perpetuating the idea that it should be secretive and shameful. It’s a vicious cycle of everyone treating it poorly. I’m glad that libraries and the internet make the information available to those who are brave enough to seek it.

I hope your blog does make progress. It all starts with someone being will to speak up. :)

Hehe, the crossword was fun to do. I might make more, if I can drum up enough snarkiness.


  • alysonman // 07/11/2010 at 8:09 PM

    Yay Kanada! haha

    And is that an indirect compliment I read?
    You are normal, indeed. Smarter than the average person, but you’re definitely a guy. -.-;;

    So I showed my mom your comment and she was like, “Oh, where in Kanada is he from? Is he cute?” BWAHAHAHA. Yeah, this is where I get it from…

    Having my blog revolve around guys is nottttt good. Not good at all. :(
    They’re just my friends, jeebus! Always thinking the worst of me, Kanada Kenny!!

    -There ain’t topics on BlogTV!!!

    **Did you notice how I’m capitalizing the first letters and the proper nouns? Yeah, just for you.

    1. Your method of explaining the whole thing in this paragraph is really nice, all be capable of simply understand it, Thanks a lot.

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