Your Man (or Boy) and YOUR Period. Love Him – Love You!

Guys - Do you run away from this or do you face the reality?

Guys - Do you run away from this or do you face the reality?

As promised, I’m ecstatic to have the opportunity to write about this topic. Many of you are confused probably at the title (unless you’re my regular followers who’ve read my previous “hint” on this upcoming topic), but it’s all about men in menstruation! After all, how could I not have a topic all about that eh? As many of you know, men in general are not very well versed on the subject of menstruation. According to statistics by U By Kotex:

72% of women believe that society is more open to discussing men’s health.
And 60% of those women feel that they’re expected to keep vaginal health issues to themselves.

Well it’s a good thing that the other 28% of women believe that society is equally or more open to discussing women’s health and I’m glad to be one of those guys considered by that 28%! Also…

28% of girls wish they could talk to their boyfriend, husband or significant other about vaginal health.

And although 28% seems like a small percentage, then given those statistics world-wide, that is a tremendous number of women who wish they could talk to their boyfriend, husband or significant other about vaginal health. Although this does not necessarily mean menstruation is the only key topic about menstrual health, but certainly you can imagine that within that 28% that there must be a handful who want to be able to have such conversations with their bf, hb or s/o. To put it into perspective, assuming data from EarthTrends, the female population worldwide is approx. 3,428,196,000. Although understandably, not all these females may have reached the age of menstruation or have the necessity to talk about vaginal health – there is a potential based on the above figures that 959,894,880 of females DO want to talk about vaginal health issues with their bf, hb or s/o. Stunning isn’t it, that so many females have to keep quiet on such an important life-topic to someone they’re supposed to be with for life, for better or worse?

With statistical-mumbo-jumbo behind us, being a member of a menstrual-interested community, sharing this interest of menstruation both knowledge and fetish, I can say that there are quite a few men who are actively interested in menstruation and vaginal health. Even if they’re not part of the community, I’m sure there are many more who secretly hide their interest in the female menstrual cycle, perhaps out of shame or embarassment. Suffice to say, for the many of us guys who speak openly and passionately about periods – what is there to say about us?

If you look around the internet, you will see many discussions, particularly ones created by men – that have a very negative perception of menstruation. It’s what society is so accustomed to – being immersed in an environment where menstruation is taboo and thus, causes many men and women alike to become repulsive to something nature has given the female body. Whether you believe in a greater being or biological science, the reality is that females born with a vagina and eventually reach normal sexual maturation will menstruate. To be a man, you must hate menstruation. To be a man, you must forbid your girlfriend, wife or partner to speak to you about her period or vaginal health. To be a man, you must act disgusted every time she brings such topics up. To be a man, you should not assist her in buying her feminine hygiene items. To be a man, it is inappropriate for you to have any knowledge about menstruation other than she’s bleeding, she’s bitchy and she’s in pain. How has our definition of being a man evolved to ignorance and having no compassion and understanding for our female counterparts. Should we not love them – through understanding and nurture their positivity towards their own body and natural bodily functions?

Ouchies - Menstrual pains =( We feel bad for you and want to make you feel better!

Ouchies - Menstrual pains =( We feel bad for you and want to make you feel better!

OK, so maybe I’ve kinda run around in a circle typing this post instead of getting right to the point! So, ladies, if you ended up with a boyfriend, husband or significant other who was interested in vaginal health and menstruation, how would you take advantage of something like this? I think most women’s reaction would be of utter disgust and yes, I’ve seen it happen. Usually the thoughts of, “Why would a guy ever want to know something like that?” or “Eww, even I don’t like to know about my period, why would I want him to?” From questioning most of my girls, they have a very positive sentiment towards guys who are interested in menstruation (well after all, they know about my interest, lol) or female anatomy – so perhaps I’m getting a very biased response – yet, some great understanding on their point-of-views nonetheless!

So why should you see having a boyfriend, husband or significant other who is interested in your vaginal health and menstruation as a benefit to you? First of all, I’m a believer that knowledge is power – how often have you seen someone’s knowledge be of harm to them? Perhaps one could claim that curiousity may lead you down a bad path, but that’s only if you consider it bad. For instance, curiousity IS what led me down the road of wanting to learn even MORE about menstruation and the female body. However, is that such a bad thing? Although one’s knowledge may not have any direct impact on them, having knowledge of a broad scope only betters a person! Knowledge is only bad when it is applied with the intent to hurt. For instance, having knowledge on making a firearm is not ‘bad knowledge’ BUT using that knowledge to make a firearm and hurting someone with it IS bad!

I asked my friend Sonia about what if she had a boyfriend who was interested in vaginal health and menstruation and she was knowlegdable about his interest. How would she feel? How could she positively view such an interest? Here’s what she says (with corrections to made to her short-hand typing):

  • well i would be gladly surprise
  • but that’s because i am a very open person, i want to express myself
  • and sometimes u can only express yourself about ovaries pain with your girlfriends
  • but what if your girlfriends are not there
  • and your boyfriend is there and you need to talk to someone you trust
  • you know and also people tend to say that you should share everything with your boyfriend
  • and from experience, someone who suffers from pains caused by periods, that is a big part of your life
  • i personally like my boyfriend to know about those stuff
Sharing period-related things on your mind to a guy who's well-versed in menstruation has its benefits!

Sharing period-related things on your mind to a guy who's well-versed in menstruation has its benefits!

As you can see, there can be great positivity and appreciation from a girl to a guy if he’s knowledgeable and shows interest in her body and menstruation. I understand that menstruation and vaginal health is something that is very personal, but let’s face it… if this is someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with – IS there anything concerning one’s health so much “personal” anymore? Your health is naturally of importance to both you and your life-partner!

Although I’m not big on the idea of Whisper using boy/girl relationship as a way of promoting their products… one thing they do have right is the idea that men should be involved with their girlfriend’s period in that he should be supportive and still carry out a “every day” lifestyle whether she’s on her period or not!

Leading into what another one of my friends said about health and sexual-health in general…:

  • well, i guess its beneficial for both because it’s important to learn about human health in general. Just because I’m female doesn’t mean I’m constricted to learn about women health only. If my male partner doesn’t know something about their genital health and i do know, i can share that knowledge. So it works both ways. both being knowledgeable about each other’s genital health will be beneficial for both
  • as they can take care of each other and not get diseases
  • it’s like taking care of each other

[I mentioned whether she’s thinking about genital health particularly towards STD’s]

  • more like the opposite!
  • Yeah!
  • or even cancer
  • prostate cancer is common as well
  • on menstruation, i guess it helps men understand the hormonal thing women go through, so maybe they can understand why they get irritated at times
  • why period even happens
  • and the complexity of women menstrual cycle
  • knowing is power
  • why would you not learn something that is out there for you?
  • doesn’t help the men directly
  • but any knowledge is important
  • Well, being with a woman shows that he cares for her, meaning he must care for everything she is. and menstruation is part of it
  • i wonder what Edward Cullen does when Bella is in her period (twilight)

I proceeded to link her to this picture:

Twilight - I Drank Your Blood Last Night (Think on the theme of this blog)

Twilight - I Drank Your Blood Last Night (Think on the theme of this blog)

  • I mean, why is it important to learn about planets and the universe? If it doesn’t benefit the person directly? it’s the same as menstruation
  • if menstruation is gross, we even had to learn about why we poop, and pee
  • why we fart

It’s as important for women to know about their own vagina and menstrual-health as it is for a guy who is involved with their female counterpart! After all, heterosexual males love women so much, why is it that we don’t love them as a whole, menstruation-included? Why do we run away when we see the first drop of menstrual flow come from her vagina and feel repulsed towards her vagina when all the other 26 days of the month we’re obsessed with it? Women aren’t our tools, their existence is not to be our slaves of sexual satisfaction, but they are our love and life companions and we should start showing that kind of respect for their bodies! Menstruation is but of only ONE important component to respecting the female anatomy, so don’t perceive it that is the only thing us guys should be respecting.

Girls, you can definitely take pride in knowing that if you have a significant other who is “into” periods or female health – consider yourself a lucky gal! Maybe I should not be trumpeting myself as some kind of hero or “great guy” – but certainly, I would hope to imagine one day my girlfriend will find great appreciation with my knowledge (if she hasn’t already) and know that she’s one of the few blessed with a guy who’s “on her side” when it comes to her health and menstrual-well-being! Girls should be able to share everything with their man and as a man, we should be able to provide a support net for all their worries and help them make the best decision possible when it comes to their health!

Talking openly about your vaginal health and menstrual-cycle to your significant other is important to the relationship's well-being!

Talking openly about your vaginal health and menstrual-cycle to your significant other is important to the relationship's well-being!

Suffice to say another lucky area for a gal when their guy is into menstruation is the fact he’s going to be there for you, sexually, 365 days a year! For many guys, their natural repulsion towards menstruation means that every year, there are (based on a 5-day active menstruating average) 60 sex-less days! Menstruation often causes massive fluctuations in girls, resulting in a higher libido (aka horniness) and many women who have men who won’t even go near them during that time find themselves resorting to masturbation during her period (note: when I say “resort” – it is not meant to indicate masturbation is a bad thing). Why should a guy not fulfill his regular sexual duties just because she’s on her period? Can we not find it in our MANLINESS to ensure that our loving partner is sexually satisfied whether she’s on or off her period? Women make a shitload of sacrifices for men isn’t it about time WE do the same? A good ol’ orgasm for your female partner while she’s in cramped up and totally down is a great way of alleviating her cramps and encouraging her body’s serotonin and dopamine to get to work! Orgasms in women cause the the pelvic muscles to contract as well as repeated cervix movements help relax the muscles often affected by menstrual cramps. Orgasms help us feel relaxed due to the euphoric sensation and release of “happy hormones” which may help with the general moodiness of your girl during her PMS or menstrual phases. A happy girl is a good girl!

Here’s some random thoughts in my head associated with why having a guy who’s interested in menstruation is to your (females) advantage!

  • We don’t complain when your period comes – we are happy
  • We’ll happily pick up your feminine hygiene supplies for you
  • We’ll pick up the CORRECT pads/tampons on the first try
  • We’ll pamper you (even more) and care for you, even when you’re on your period instead of running away like little boys
  • We know HOW to make you feel good on your period!
  • We’re not afraid of the sight of menstrual blood and won’t in turn have you cleaning us up because we puked
  • If you’re horny, we’ll still have sex with you because we’re man enough
  • We’ll help you track your period, not because we’re timing when to get out of your way, but because we’re excited for your next one
  • We may very well know more about YOUR menstrual cycle than you do
  • We love you 365 days in a year
  • When PMS arrives, we know the right words to say – or say none at all (as long as you’re happy)
  • We don’t mind that your breasts may be tender, your face is having a zit-breakout or you gained a few pounds of bloatiness
  • We’ll listen to your menstrual complaints happily – because we’re learning from it while you moan and groan
  • We’ll show compassion and care because we understand the effects that menstruation has on you, hormonally, physically and emotionally
  • We know how to change your feminine hygiene if worse-comes-to-worse (a REAL man should know how to do this, lol)
  • We are more likely to be more knowledgeable about your body as a whole
  • You’re beautiful to us even when you’re not-looking-the-best due to your period
  • We may or may not look forward to the day you reach menopause (I don’t 😦 – I jokingly tell bebe that I’ll have to look for a new wife when that happens, LOL)
  • We won’t squirm when we go to take the garbage out full of your bloody pads and tampons
  • We’ll encourage you try different pads or tampons – or better yet, try reusable products better for your health and environment
  • You can openly have conversations with us about your period, vaginal health and MORE – whether at home or in the feminine hygiene aisle
  • You can rely on us to teach our sons/daughters the truth and beauty of menstruation
  • We perceive menstruation positively and won’t hassle you about it
  • We are knowledgeable enough to use proper terms, PMS is not menstruation and menstruation is not PMS
  • You can be proud of us that out of all your girlfriends, you probably own one of the few guys in this world who are interested in your menstrual and vaginal well-being (yes, I said “own” – LOL)
  • We have an inquisitive mind and like to learn things… to YOUR benefit
  • We give you the best because you DESERVE the best!

Now that’s one hell of a list! See why guys who love menstruation rock too? 😀  There certainly are positives to having a guy like this, so rather than feeling that you should be repulsed at his knowledge, take advantage of the fact that he appreciates the female body just that much! We’re a rare breed and you should love that! The next time you meet a guy who’s interested in menstruation, take the time to get to know him as a person – rather than assuming he’s a pervert or weirdo. We’re human just like anyone else – we have just learned to love the female body the way nature made them to be!

S.H.E in a Carnation 康乃馨 Pad Commercial

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  1. awesome!! too bad most guys prefer to be ignorant than knowledgeable.
    but it takes only one person to change people’s perspective on things…gradually.
    u have good writing skills. u should write for a magazine or a newspaper

    • Ohhh.. Katie, you dropped by!! 😀

      I love to learn about things, even if it doesn’t “help” me out in anyways… it just seems so much better when someone approaches you about a topic and you’re able to talk about it! I suppose that’s why I get along well with everyone from 0 to 100, because I can find topics of relevance to individuals of any age. Obviously it’s “easier” for me to associate with people my age, but I love being able to carry out conversations with everyone. Knowledge is absolutely essential when it comes to carrying out even “small talk” with people of various backgrounds, experiences and ages.

      I didn’t get a chance to ask you whether you wanted your (first) name as credits on my post since you left and also a return link if you want.

      I have written some articles and technical white-papers before, but I don’t consider my English proficiency to achieve the levels of “professional writing.” Maybe it’s just my lack of self-confidence when it comes to writing formally, because I’ve had quite a few people say the same thing that I should consider writing full-out articles and such, obviously for information technology though, haha. I wouldn’t mind having an article or two written published, but that’s of course just a dream 😛 My blog fulfills that tiny dream for me, haha.

      Thanks for your contribution in this article! Don’t forget to let me know when you need a hand to buy pads XD When Sonia comes back from CR, we’ll be shopping at Heartland for some pink clothes for her, haha.

    • You promised me a period-related post sometime, so don’t forget!! So I read your blog, I hope it’s coming soon XD Sucks that it was late last time, you’ve messed up my schedule, lol… stop getting pregnancy-scares ok? HAHA.

      Also, don’t forget to let me know how Stayfree works out for ya 😀 I’m so excited to find out! Hopefully you’ll find a pad that’ll put up with you, lol… me-thinks how such a small girl can bleed so much 😛 haha. If the Stayfree in m’sia is good, I’ll trade you… lol – or not ‘cuz the shipping expenses is crazy. I can send cheap to you, but it’ll cost you a lot to send to me unless you have connections to couriers!

      Your authorship here requires you to do some work, so get writing 😆 – I’ll cheer your period on from the sidelines here! Go PCP (Poh Ching’s Period) Go!! LOL.

  2. Thanks for both your comments… I have to jet out right now to get to my haircut (lol, going all the way to ‘sauga for it, can you imagine?!!) and then heading out to North York… so.. I’ll be back later tonight to write a more extensive reply – I just hate approving comments and the not replying in time!!

  3. I like this too! But there r lots of boys who fear blood too much to even go near us! Yur abt the only guy who’ll cm near me when I’m PMS’ing or start my M 😦 Must be some ‘mean’ vibe I give off that scares ppl away… I dun think Josh even likes to hug me when I’m M’ing… esp coz he likes to squeeze my bum when he does that – but if I wear a big pad, it scares him when he can feel my padpad when he squeezes it >.< and he gets so weirded out abt it… aii… too bad, mayb u shld "train" him xDD

    Kekeke… is yur frd Poh Ching a small girl? Small girls get big periods 😛 Mmm… yur bebe small too rite? Maybe she gets heavy period too xDD yur fav la…. lol.

    • Hrm.. that’s weird, because I don’t find you to be particularly bitchy before, during or after your period. How do guys know anyways, do you like… broadcast it to them or something or go waving your tampon around? LOL. If you don’t tell them, they wouldn’t know any better. I guess Josh might know, but why others? Don’t tell me he goes around telling his friends or random guys you know, haha.

      =O Isn’t like hugging a girl when she’s on her period and have a pad on her bum the best feeling? Smack smack, pinch pinch, squeeze squeeze – haha… And holy, your pads are big enough where they go all the way up your butt? Kotex or the Sofy overnights? The Stayfree overnights only go about half way up. The only pad as far as I know that goes all the way up is the Always Overnight Extra Heavy but I’ve never got to test it since it’s only released in the US 😦 Well if he doesn’t want to smack your butt when you’re on your period, I’ll do it on his behalf… 😆

      How am I going to train him? haha… can only tell him to love it and appreciate it – can do nothing else. I can’t force him to like it – it’s something you develop and learn to enjoy 😛 Print out all my articles for him if you want, lol. Do you ever talk to him about your period and stuff anyways? If you never do, then it makes sense why he’s not comfortable with it. Also, when guys smack butts, we want to hit the butt, not the pad – it gets in the way then lor – haha.

      Ya, PC is a small girl, not as small as bebe but her period is nuts XD I won’t go into details since she hasn’t given me permission but I have to say her period rocks – LOL. HAHAHAHa… I have thought about what you said before, I hope bebe’s period is heavy too 😛 I like to imagine that it is, lol… even if it’s not. Maybe small girls do have bigger periods 😆 I dunno though, I can’t pinpoint anything on that because out of all my girls, there seems to be no correlation between bigger/smaller girls on their lightness or heaviness of their flow. I used to imagine bigger girls would get more, but apparently that’s not the case. Unfortunately smaller girls who do get heavy periods often run into issues with lack-of-blood and stuff – not that I’m claiming medical accuracy or anything, but short-term anemia and fatigue comes to mind when “small girls” get heavy flow.

  4. After I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now every time a remark is added I get 4 emails with the same comment. Is there any means you may take away me from that service? Thanks!

    • You are able to unsubscribe yourself via the emails you get or from your WordPress blog subscription area as I cannot force-remove someone who requests email updates from this blog. If you are receiving 4 emails, you may also wish to check your settings in WordPress or your email provider as it should only render one email per comment, whether someone edits it or not.

  5. You claim to be such a big man and that you’re “not afraid” of menstruation… but if your girlfriend or wife was bedridden and she asked you to change her pad or tampon, would you really dare to do it? Think hard and honestly. Not only is it degrading but digusting that you’d have to go between her legs, rip out a soiled rag or pole, throw it out for her and put on a new one. Do you think you can truly handle that?

    • I wouldn’t need my girlfriend or wife to be bedridden to agree to change her pad and/or tampon. If she asked me to do it even when she is not ill, I would still be happy to do it. It has nothing to do with ‘daring’ to do it, this is not some kind of life-or-death risk situation, it’s just removing/replacing a used pad or tampon with a new one. If she’s my girlfriend or wife, it’s my responsibility as a man and her lover to take care of her, and there’s nothing wrong with that. When my dad reached his later stages of cancer, he often ran into problems where he could not get to the washroom in time. My mom without a word, cleaned it up and never regretted it or felt disgusted, even though my dad felt extremely guilty to subject my mom to that. When you are a couple, you are together for better or worse and the fact you love each other that things that might otherwise be unacceptable in the eyes of others. If bebe asked me to help her, I would without hesitation. Even if she wanted me to handle something that is gross in other people’s eyes, I would, because I care for her, whether it is period-related or not.

      I answer that with all honesty and with thought. I do not believe helping someone you love and care about is degrading or disgusting. It might not be the “most beautiful sight in the world” – but menstruation or menstrual flow is not really that disgusting. Men ask women to do lots of things, things I would consider more degrading than helping a woman you care about change her sanitary product if necessary. Actually it’s not a matter of me ‘thinking’ if I can handle it, I know I can handle it. A used pad or tampon is probably much cleaner than things I touch throughout the day. Of course I wouldn’t be interested in handling used pads/tampons from random women, but if it was bebe’s, it wouldn’t even cross my mind that I would reject helping her. Love helps us conquer what people naturally see as repulsive.

      Buying, changing or throwing it away – it doesn’t phase me.

      • I wuld def vouch 4 u that u’d be totally willing n’ capable of changing bebe’s pad/tampon – or well, any girl’s for tht matter but of coz u won’t touch other girls other than bebe xDD Whether she is sick or nt, I bet u wuld luv to help her out, haha. U r so sweet to bebe n’ to yur ex’s, so I’m sure u wuld nvr hv to second-think whether u wuld do smthg for sm1 u care abt!

        U’ve seen yur fair share of used pads/tampons b4, I doubt too much wuld gross u out. Esp if they were bebe’s, u’d probably b so happy n’ excited 😛 Soon she will start talking to u more abt her period, ‘coz she wants to mk u happy n’ comfortable with yur interest 😉 Bebe might be shy abt her period, but she puts a lot of effort into showing u tht she thinks yur interest is ok n’ it’ll just tk her time to warm up to u abt talking abt her period… ‘cuz u kno, it’s not a conversation we hv with guys a lot 🙂

        • LOL, I’m not sure if anything period-related would really scare me all that much 😛 I have a pretty high-tolerance for all other things – menstrual flow is just the body’s way of cleaning itself out! It’s such a beautiful thing ^__^ Other than just loving periods, I love bebe’s periods even more 😀 They make me feel oh-so-close to her and the fact that she’s extra cute when she’s “on” and that it gives me a chance to coddle her more! HAHA. I just want more opportunities to spoil her, ‘cuz I love her \(^ ^)/ this much 😛

          She’s definitely warmed up over-time to me about her period or at least talking about it with me in general. Like I said, often the less she’s “thinking” about our relationship, she tends to be much more open. When she was in Malaysia and I was in HK, we had long, wonderful and very close-conversations. Once she stops thinking about all the complexities of our relationships, we are both happy and content. When we’re not concentrating on our worries, she is also much more carefree and relaxed with me. I had some wonderful talks with her, both period and non-period related and it just shows how great we are together.

          I know bebe has put a lot of effort into helping me feel comfortable with my interest and even for herself, taking time to accept this little quirk of me 🙂 It will DEFINITELY be in her benefit though, haha! And mine of course since I get to satisfy my interest 😆

          Wo bebe hen ke ai

          XD lololol, so true!

  6. This made me cry…and in a good way. I am one of those women who isnt bitchy, cryey or naggy and people ik would totally agree with this. But some women are even worse than others and experience more pain problems due to different issues, like myself. If I could find a guy who just would be understanding and caring Id be thrilled. Believe me I didnt choose to blted for seven days a month,or be in so much pain I can barely make it to work. If more men could just be understanding it would mean the world to many women. Im not asking for them ti change my tanpon while im in pain, but just understand the tashcan maybe be full of gross stuff and maybe be alittle more cuddly with us lol

    • Hi Daisy, thanks for your comment – it makes me feel happy to know that my writings are appreciated and even capable of touching a reader! Being cuddly is what men were put on this earth to do for women, lol. Unfortunately, not all of them are sensitive/knowledgeable enough to know the realities of menstruation and the pain and inconvenience that sometimes goes with it. Suffice to say, you can always pick and choose your partner, so you’re always welcome to hunt for one who’s really comfortable with your body and is willing to love you 365 days a year (rather than fearing you for 5 days a month).

  7. Your Man (or Boy) and YOUR Period. Love Him – Love You! MEN in Menstruation I was suggested this website by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my problem. You are amazing! Thanks! your article about Your Man (or Boy) and YOUR Period. Love Him – Love You! MEN in Menstruation

    Best Regards Shane

  8. Menstruation – having periods – is part of the female reproductive cycle that starts when girls become sexually mature at the time of puberty. During a menstrual period, a woman bleeds from her uterus (womb) via the vagina. This lasts anything from three to seven days.

  9. Goodness me! You are seriously amazing. 🙂
    When I was reading this, all I could think is ‘I really want a man like him, Praise God for the gift of such men!’ Actually before reading this I had assumed that most guys are interested in a woman’s period. I was quite shocked learning that many are repulsed. This made me sad. And yes you are right: I admit I’d love it if my guy would be interested in knowing about my sexual health. 🙂

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