Whisper – 護舒寶

Whisper Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins:

Whisper Ultra Thin sanitary pads are one of the thinnest pads I’ve tried in the market which is really convenient. I am so glad that technology has created thinner and better sanitary napkins because I cannot imagine how people in the past did without them! I know there is a revolutionary move towards environmentally friendly menstrual pad options such as the Mooncup or Reusable Washable Cotton Pads but I can’t really imagine using them at the moment!

Whisper Ultra pads are so thin you hardly feel them and come with the ever essential wings which prevent side leakages. The top of the pad is made out of a super absorbent and quick dry material which ensures dry comfort and minimizes any accidental leakages. In fact, thanks to the absorbent qualities of sanitary pads, I recently read that doctors in India have started using them as a form of bandages to effectively soak up blood from wounds!

Whisper pads are also marketed under the Always sanitary pad brands in the UK. They are easily available in our local supermarkets and pharmacies. Despite the wide range available, I personally find their Whisper Ultra pads the best for its slimness, wings and absorbent qualities.

To quote Whisper – “Have a Happy Period!”

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