Natracare Ultra Maxi Pads

by jeanne71

I tried these Ultra Pads from Natracare as the appealing thing about them is that they are organic and do not contain the harmful chemicals that your average sanitary protection is infused with and which can irritate your skin. These are made from organic cotton and are plastic free and chlorine free, so they are much better for your body and for the environment too. There is a range of sanitary towels and tampons from Natracare but as I always prefer adhesive wings to keep them in place I chose the Ultra Pads with wings with the Super absorbency factor.

These pads are slim as the name Ultra would suggest and they have an absorbent core which is supposed to draw the blood into the centre of the pad and away from the sides to prevent leaks. I felt very confident using these pads – they were comfortable and the wings helped them to stay in place securely. They did not slip during the night which is good because I am a restless sleeper. They did not leak at all although I would usually use sanitary towels together with tampons for extra security. They are not as bright in whiteness as your average sanitary towel as usually sanitary towels would be treated with chemicals to get them that white, instead they are a natural shade. They have a stay-dry top layer which does work in keeping you feeling dry. Apart from the color, these are very similar in effectiveness, comfort and absorbency to the Always Ultra that I use fairly often, except these have the environmental advantages that Always do not have. So these are a very
effective sanitary towel.

I paid £2.19 for 14 of these pads from a local health food store as I have never seen them in the supermarkets or Boots. I had expected them to be more expensive due to the organic nature of them, but this is very reasonable considering the added benefits in that they are organic. I have only used them once but I would definitely buy these again. When you actually research what kind of chemicals go into ordinary sanitary towels it does rather put you off using them, especially when they are in contact with your most intimate place on your body. Recommended!

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